Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bookmarking and Subsequent Noise Barrage

Funny how the topic of LSD is making it into the news these days; first, the perps tell me that the reason for the myriad games with the gangstalkerfreakshow in part, and the relentless onslaught of colored plasma and LCD display presentation games with vile reds, violets, purples and fuschias is because they dosed me with that substance in my development years of 2 to 5 y.o. and then deleted my recall of the event, save the subconscious memory, the one they are attempting to stimulate and ameliorate with their color fuckery games. And of course the perps cannot be believed, even if the harassment games support the planted supposition. And so, the inventor of LSD, Albert Hoffman died this week, and it is in the news. And when reading the news piece, and as I write this up, a noise barrage starts up; faux bus noise, a garbage truck, car alarm, faux percussive construction noise (none in this neighborhood currently) and others. Which doesn't prove anything of course. But it is interesting to note the key to spreading this substance to the masses was the CIA, and Timmothy Leary, the prime exponent has been said by himself even, that he was a CIA plant. It could well be true, and if the CIA (Crooks In Action) is the public arm of the perps as I think it is, then that suggests even more conspiratorial control in how LSD came to be widely known and used/abused. And to engage in more speculation, the perps just might be looking for yet more "psi energies" from the LSD experience as I think they are attempting to attain for harassing the hell out of my life and many other TI's. End of conspiratorial and speculative riff for today.

A shut-in day so far, even if I put in a call to volunteer first thing this morning. That being defined as a get-up time of 0900h, a forced 10 hour sleep. I slept for 8 hours max in the pre-overt harassment days, which were controlled too of course with the semblance of normality.

And the trend is to impose more shut-in days and have less permissible outside activities beyond the regular few; gym, yoga, two stores and the odd visit to the ATM/bank. Another volunteering source has also dried up since January for no apparent reason, and nothing to do with me or my performance. Just more outrageous games in-house, meaning enraging me while typing, making dinner, eating dinner, doing the dishes and other like daily activities they find so exciting. Usually I get brown crumb inundations, where these crumbs from seeming nowhere arrive when engaged in an activity that may, or may not, have any conventional causal event. The toast at breakfast is a classic; there had to have been over a hundred crumbs that "somehow" rained down, often in carefully constructed clusters where the intervening white space of the dinner plate is carefully regulated. The Dimensional Structures of Consciousness book, link on the right, has itemized the consciousness of aggregation" and it seems this is exactly what the perps are up to. Anytime I cute the tortilla in four slices, the perps break out with noisestalking everytime, now for over three years.

And another fuckover stunt of recent increase is the "spittle ejecting" fuckery where when I am ranting at the assholes over typo sabotage, say, they fly spittle out of my mouth for some 2' to cross over the keyboard and then land on my desk in front of the LCD display. Just another day among the sickos.

My tea and chocolate break is done, and with plenty of rage-ification stunts such as having the chocolate crumbs "fall" from my grasp, desynchronization of my actions and any attendant noise, foiling my grasp and other finger coordination, faked touches and a few others. Naturally, a full-on noise flurry was in place, culminating in an ambulance and accompanying siren noise. The "neighbor" noise has also ramped up for the digestion duration. It is amazing how my many apartment "neighbors" across ten residences since the harassment started have been so consistent in making the same noises. The bus noise has also been increased today, one would think it is arriving every 3 minutes, which I doubt, more like every 20 minutes without looking at the schedule. Now the tapping and hammering noise has started up, presumably for drink and food digestion noise tracking, as it seems they cannot yet understand all the associated energetics yet. The loud mufflered vehicle noise has been also prevalent, the so-called "performance" mufflers, and the Harley Davidson noise has not been heard yet. I am sure that will change, especially after yesterday's barrage.

NB: I have added some more details about yesterday's gangstalking action, as it seems I was recall depleted and not allowed to add it in yesterday. Needless to say, this also prompted more rounds of noisestalking, updating past blog postings.

Picture time again as I stretch out the recent upload from my camera. Note that I don't take my camera out very much, being mind-controlled to "forget" everytime now.

Taken 04-27-2008, 1115:50h. Two street parked same red colored vehicles outside my place, and a red, mid-grey and silver-grey trio in the adjacent parking lot, facing the opposite direction.

Taken 04-27-2008, 1115:53h. An intervening same red vehicle is passing between the parked vehicles, and is being tailed by silver-grey vehicle, likely as a reference color, as I once owned a vehicle of the same color for 15 years before I gave it up in 2006. The wet road conditions seem to facilitate more perp fuckery, and a rain shower will commonly just preced me stepping or driving outside.

Taken 04-27-2008, 1115:57h. And for the "ketchup and mustard" test, a very common color combination of late, the perps have added a yellow vehicle to pass between the parked vehicles, and again, have added a reference color vehicle in its proximity, the black colored vehicle travelling in the opposite direction.

Taken 04-27-2008, 1116:20h. (More pounding on the floor overhead as I write this one up, and everything else has gone quiet. And when I yelled at the fucker, a plasma flash went off at that same moment.) I count four silver-grey vehicles, one of which has a black plastic pod on the roof, and two white ones, though it is difficult to be sure owing to the color rendition. (This same doubt is of importance as the overhead noise pounding has started up even louder- time to scream at the assholes again and see what else erupts at the same time.) Additionally, there is one black vehicle, one light metallic blue vehicle and a navy blue vehicle, the blue vehicles also being of intense perp interest of late. And for "backup" a commercial delivery vehicle with the tailgate open (what else?) serving as a bare aluminum metallic color reference.

The overhead pounding has settled down now, and hopefully is done for the day. Clearly, the digestion of food, especially brown colored food, is of intense perp interest, as is the cutting and pasting of pictures, and flipping between the photos here, and their larger sized sources in Picasa. The perps expend a great deal of effort for me to see the same subject matter at two or more differing scales, often between differing applications or web pages, being one example where a list of book titles appears, and then if one is selected, it appears larger and in more detail singly. They cannot get enough of this scale dependent fuckery.

The overhead vacuuming noise has erupted at the same time the glass bashing noise in the hallway. The perps seem to be noisestalking me over the fact that I was contemplating a purchase of Hoagland's new book, Dark Mission at a in-town bookstore where I have a book gift card. It never ends, it really doesn't matter if I live a dull life, as this is of endless fascination to the assholes who impose this on me.

This is post-dinner, and lo, if the most loathed Harley Davidson noise hasn't started up. And inexplicable hallway clatter, possibly some kind of device, as this noise has followed me around to at least four residence locations. An Air Loom perhaps?

More overhead pounding, and me yelling at the assholes, even if my yelling volume was constrained by perp invoked constraints on availible air in my lungs.

Never to miss a harassment opportunity, the vacuum cleaning has just started up in the hallway, This is totally absurd at this time of day, never mind that it is so rarely done to accomodate all the orchestrated debris outside; an ash pile, paper punch chads, mylar candy wrappers, and other strategically placed harassment props when I am traversing the hallway.

Earlier, some light flashes on the wall behind the LCD display, to "augment" what I was viewing. It never ends.

More Camelot interview watching, this being Ralph Ring, someone I hadn't heard of before, along with his mentor, Otis T. Carr. More discoveries beckon.

Time to blog off and call this shut-in day done.

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