Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bad Hair Dye Jobs and Other Cling-Ons

I think it was at least four bad hair dye jobs today, and it is a frequent item on the gangstalking circuit. Usually it is a brown-reddish dye, and the perps like me to catch it in the sunlight when it is at its most irksome (read, possible developmental trauma association), and then again indoors when the color contrast is less. And the wonderfully pleasant blonde cashier of 2003 to 2006 at the one store I frequented when I had my vehicle, "arrived" in 2007 as a cashier at the nearby supermarket, but without the blondeness, and instead, a fugly brown-red dye job.

The same kind of bad hair dye jobs is also done for me to see on black hair turned to a violet tinge, and grey hair given the blue-grey treatment. I have no idea why these sad and bad hair dye jobs are being "featured" wherever I go, but it is consistent enough that I could do without these fuglies being planted around me.

It has been a yoga and then a gym class day, a double event that normally the perps are all over me for, but oddly, they seemed to let up on the gangstalking at the gym today when I was expecting another round of the hordes that were all over me on Tuesday (two days ago). It was still a five freak class, with other non-freaks in it too. The Ethnic Gut freak didn't hound me as bad as he did Tuesday, but instead was standing on sentry duty as I entered the building. When I exited the building he then gangstalked me in lead-ahead mode for the first five minutes, until there was a corner in the sidewalk where I could pass him, with extra other gangstalkers around naturally. I haven't had a class member "sticking" to me outside the building before AND after class, but I suppose this made up for not heavily gangstalking me in the gym. Who knows; the process seems to be interative, more of the same colors, same individuals and same colored vehicles, constantly swarming around me in a choreographed and relentless jerkaround. Maybe the gangstalkers backed off so that today's negro gangstalker could get more "hang around me" time. It was getting to piss me off, and then he backed off; like how did he know?

It is interesting to note what is going on in yoga class, as there is much about mat placement and color that the perps are hounding me over. Then, all but me seemed to be armed with paper towels at their mats for some odd reason, possibly the same as the ambulatory gangstalkers walking around with papers and envelopes. And it was interesting that the stack of paper towels was placed in the rear door to keep it open, and were retrieved in time for me to pull one from the top of the stack when I needed one. It seems that paper, as a material, has become some kind of portable color reference material, and it is important that the perps get paper near to me (within 6') in every situation.

And at yoga, where I put my runners and socks under the chair that has my jacket on it, this benign arrangement was fucked with for no apparent reason. Someone moved my socks and runners four chairs away from my jacket, and then a supposed class member planted his black colored courier bag exactly in front of them. There wasn't any reason for anyone to move anything as there were plenty of availible chairs, as they line the walls of this room. This would be another example of where sane and rational practice is trashed with some kind of remotely applied games to move my belongings because there is some obscure reason that some asshole wanted them parted, and having them near someone else's gear. It is fucking bizarre that I am not allowed to place objects where I want, and in conformity with my habit.

I had at least four "just standing there" freaks on my 30 minute walk to the gym, and then again on my return. At this one location aka "freak stop", for whatever reason, the perps put on a freak of some kind, "just standing" around, not doing anything. This could be on the sidewalk, or the adjacent lawn of the apartment building. And why does this spot get blessed with some kind of "do-squat" freak, standing around? I have no idea, but the location and the freak featuring have been totally consistent for over three weeks now. Today's "freak stop" participant was another negro dude, standing stock still, but for no apparent reason. Then, some 60' distant, a blonde woman was standing around on the sidewalk. That fits the pattern, having an Unfavored demographic member, followed by one from the Favored class.

I had my usual 500 to 1,000 vehicles driving past me in color coordinated configurations as I walked to the gym and back, this is now routine, and isn't mentioned everytime, to save repetition. It would also seem that the fourth public works project on my walking route, which looked to be finishing up after putting in a new curb and paving next to it, was given a gratuitous extension. The perps scraped off the new ashphalt they laid down, and some of the adjoining older surface, and will likely repave it some time soon. This has to be at least the third time in this vicinity they have pulled up recent paving and then repaved again for no apparent reason, except for the possibility covert remote energetic assay activity. Regular readers will know that the perps are obsessed with the road building and construction materials concrete and ashphalt, and make every opportunity to have me walk by, or otherwise exposed to these materials in public works projects. (Or, even filling parking lot potholes outside my room, and even going beserk and adding tar splotches onto the fridge, - a photo in a past blog).

Another blatant intrusion today has been to screw with this Blogger display screen and have it jumping by "itself". They like to move blocks of text around on me, but normally this is hidden among web page refreshes they manipulate. But it seems that blogging isn't enough opportunity to play this game, so they unilaterally move the text as I am working on it. And forced keystroke "blunders" are another method they use to change the display and cursor position. There is nothing that the perps cannot fuck enough, from my keystrokes to MD-80 aircraft IMHO. And I do wonder if I am really running on my PC and the internet, and not some variant that they have created for me. There have been some strange file and computer references that I did not create.

And I see that the perps have created some Blogger errors, where this cannot be saved, and possibly causing all that I have typed to be lost. The routine is that I select all this text, and put it into a word processor, and save it there. Then, I copy and paste it back again. Fun with the juvies again, and never mind the plasma games going on over top of this text.

And I did have to save the above to Notepad to rescue my blogging, and now I am back to an unthreatened blogging session.

I listened to some of the stories on the Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance podcasts tonight; all these excruciating testimonies are familiar ground to me. One woman's mother was harassed, and once she died (or was killed), the perps laid on the overt harassment to the daughter. Nonconsensual human experimentation over generations even, which I suspect is the case for me. In another case, a woman is tortured in place even at church. Fucking outrageous to say the least. I suppose the dull life is one of the overarching objectives in my case, in which they have succeeded.

I am sure there is more I can relate in this blog about today's gangstalking and harassment events, but I am getting blocked on this, and "somehow" cannot remember anything more. Time to call this posting done and blog off.

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