Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday; First Feral Family Time

I don't know for sure that I will be going to my parent's place tonight, but regular readers will know that they are fully participative in the harassment activity, and hence that pejorative name they get. (Though I suspect that the perps gave me that name, as they like to plant alliterations in my speech).

It is a strange morning today; I feel fogged and clogged, and am no doubt being controlled in some greater way, though I have no idea what that is. The noisescape has been muted since 30 minutes after going online, and I have always suspected that there is a method they use to pump some kind of entraining energies from the display, an LCD is this case, but CRT's as well. Just to think, even those remote Pacific Islands have satellite TV, so who knows what is going on for what purpose. And yes, I have become much more of a sinister thinking, conspiratorial perhaps, since all this harassment began and these inordinate "designed coincidences" keep occuring all day long. Many of the "coincidences" are from one web site to another; it could be lookalike images, or using the same words in a differing context, or a reference to something that is topical. Persistent "coincidences" are what I call themes. One is the perp's obsession over the metal, copper. A few weeks ago the headlines had references to abandoned homes being stripped of copper for its recycle value. That last a few days, and then it was onto something else.

Now that I am blogging and finished getting off the phone, the noisescape has ramped up; the ripping sound of a chopped Harley is continuing as if there was some kind of nearby speedway, which there isn't. And the noise comes on each time I take my fingers off my ears to block this fucking racket, about the worst one as I have come to know by way of the perp's depredations.

One interesting news item struck me, and that was the 11 hour delay of the Eurostar train on a two hour trip. The item is here, and smacks of perp fuckery, having the passengers take three trains through the night, and even getting off the train at grade, crossing the tracks, and embarking on another one. I have taken the Eurostar from London to Lille back in 1996, and my ex and daughter travelled it last year. Anyhow, this story doesn't suggest anything subversive, but it does astound me as to how inept the entire "rescue" was, and how long it took. Perhaps the unfortuneate passengers were my surrogates for all the all-night driving I did for the perps in 2002.

All the above link copying and linking got plenty of extra noisestalking, including another round of the infernal Harley noise, as if there was a legitimate reason for this, which there isn't. (No bikers bar for over five miles, and totally the wrong city, never mind neighborhood, for that "socialogical class".) And I am getting an increase of screen display jittering, the latest affront in the ongoing panalopy of directed abuse.

And, I will be making a First Feral Family visitation later today, and as regular readers will know, this seems to set off the predictable weekly chain of gangstalking and harassment events which generally follows this format;

  • Sunday, stay over at parent's place after watching TV there and being gangstalked by them,
  • Monday, often I do extra work at their place, digging soil seems to be big deal of late (April), and then sleep deprivation Monday night,
  • Tuesday, shut-in until 1400h when I go to the gym class, and usually a full-on gangstalking,
  • Wednesday, shut-in all day unless something unexpected comes up,
  • Thursday, yoga at 1130h, followed by a short, but intense on-street gangstalking, and then head to gym class at 1400h for another round of gangstalking enroute and while there,
  • Friday, a shut-in day unless something comes up
  • Saturday, same as Friday, and then the cycle repeats.
Missing in the above is the outings for grocery shopping, errands and other demands, though there is getting to be less of late, as the shut-in time seems to be more important. I suspect that the perps cannot fully replicate the irradiative environment that is in my apartment, even if the entire city seems to have this quality. That is a precis of what a week is like while being kept by my mind-keepers, and if it sounds dull, it is meant to be, by design.

This is the post mealtime intensified noisestalking and harassment period. The tortilla leftovers from the fridge are on my plate and finished in about five minutes, and then back to online activities such as this, all to get noisestalked as much, or more, than the pre-mealtime run up. It is all very important to someone keeping me under the microscope, and it may happen that they will conduct more activity disruption later. We shall see.

The perps are making sure I know that there is nothing much to do, having awakened me at about 0800h for a rare normal 8 hours sleep. They have always liked to cast me in these situations of being bereft of engaging activity, and have had employer participation as part of the arrangement. There have been some times when I wondered if my boss was all there, formenting me and others to do squat. Now I know that it was orchestrated to be that way. The alternative is to have me scattered to the four winds with all manner of conflicting priorities and demands that seemed bogus. Never a dull moment unless it is orchestrated to be so. I have not yet figured out why, though it might be for the same reason as the reduced social circle. All to contain me, minimize interests and optimize the association of certain energetics to people, places and activities. Naturally, they like to have me repeat them in differing locations; financial transactions at my desk (writing out a check and sealing it in an envelope), or at the checkout, and then having varying gangstalkers present, all color coordinated of course with a background din and a managed electromagnetic environment (read, cell phone, or checkout phone call). All the minutae of one's existence seems to be a target to then refine and render yet more functional decomposition and to then ascribe certain brain energies to all the pieces they imagine there is.

The perps put on an hour long propaganda via telepathy this morning, telling me the end of this abusive depredation is nigh; I get at least a dozen of these events per year or more, and I have no idea why this is done and is plainly a game. They even blocked me from my usual mantra response to this, "another year at least", a relative time scale that has no fixed date, and is far more "reliable" than these mind games I get. There is simply far too much riding on this, and on me, with this entire city in on the games, empty 12 story apartment blocks in my vicinity, multi-million dollar street and sewer drain improvements, and the entire city being irradiated in some way. One only has to look outside, keeping one's head still for a few seconds, and there is this pulsating and vibratory quality to everything. And if one were to look at me, one would even see more of this. Sometimes the perps remind me when I am looking at the mirrors in the floor exercise room at gym class; there are toroidal plasma pulses coming off me, plasma beams aligning themselves with my legs, the pulsating speckled vibration of everything, especially me, plasma beams coming off the lighting and so it goes. No one says anything. Every time I visit the doctor, I "forget" to mention this to him, as it is proof positive that there is something decidedly odd about me. Just to think, he told me there was nothing odd about me that would cause others to stare at me. A sick joke, to be sure. And for some relief from the loud mufflered vehicles that are coursing by as I type this and undergo the typo sabotage, it is time to cease this journal entry for now.

Here is a "made for me" news item; Lasers used to make female flies act like males. I can personally atest to the fact that there is even better technology availible, and that is controlling the human mind by some energetic means, likely magnetic means going by the myriad of masers and plasma action around everything I do, and it is outside of a lab in a way. I am quite sure the perps are looking to have me keep a "normal like" life that is fully controlled; a typical diet, cotton clothing, ironed clothing, and the rest of the constraints they have on me.

Here is a piece on the puppet masters at work, though I cannot vouch for its authenticity, though it is plausible. It fits the pattern, and it was quite plain that the US authorities did not do anything to prevent the looting of Iraqi artifacts from the museum. It too was an arranged event, though I am not sure why, apart from the nihility of it, seeding chaos and disorder for its own sake.

An more plasma flashes in my central vision; violet, red and brown, all to temporarily confuse me as to what I saw. This is fucking tiresome; been there, done that.

More reading about Mindcontrol for Dummies; it looks to be a bit chaotic, but it has some solid information.

A rare Sunday crap, and quite the mess it was too with a "blocked" toilet and some other games I won't get into.

Time to blog off and call this dulldom done.

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