Sunday, April 13, 2008

In Brief

I have a notion to put this in point form today as it will be a "travel day" to my in-town brother's for dinner, and a stayover at my parent's place tonight. And as I type this, the street ranting and yelling has started up. I had some last night when in bed, but before sleep, and earlier this morning.

Anyhow, in point form, and to see if this is effective;
  • laundry was done earlier; ending a two week delay in getting my bedsheets laundered, likely because of the change in laundry detergent, and a minor one at that, within the Seventh Heaven line of liquid detergent,
  • the last load of laundry was "cell phone stalked" outside the laundry room by the putative apartment manager nattering away on the EMF device that it is,
  • the recent aggregation of black spatter on my pillows and sheets did not come off when laundered, which tells me these are needed reference loci for masers, as these kinds of marks have been seen to redirect a maser or a plasma beam
  • when I do the laundry, a "sudden burst of motivation" comes over me to clean the bathroom, and today it was expanded to the application of cleaning dust off this monitor, and other devices, many of them sheltered from expectable dust from overhead; this too is a perp obsession, using these statically charged dusters over my adjacent desk, furniture and devices,
  • the motivation over cleaning became the excuse for the perps to give me another case of "Pseudosweats", a condition of excess sweating, usually soaking my shirt; this is the first of 2008, and it will likely continue until October when there is enough of a "causal event" as defined by the perps, and not the conventional reality of the term,
  • it seems that the perps are telling me that I am a clean freak, and that I don't really like messes, which is news to me, as I have forever been, or made to be, a slob about household maintenance; so is the real me, or the me to be?
  • maser and plasma beam activity is everywhere I look, and plainly visible where I am about to reach or move to, they follow my hands, and the beams will loiter around me, after I finished an action.
I am getting thought blocked in adding to the above list, so I can only assume that is all that is permitted by my mind-keepers.

Regular readers will know that the perps have an obsession over laundry, and have arranged for my out-of-town brother to purchase and run a commercial laundry. I suspect there is a big difference between bedsheets and clothing from the harassment and bioenergetics perspective (that of the perps), and I have no idea as to what it can be. That I made up the bed with the new sheets today and will be leaving my place for a day is no coincidence, as the perps will get an extra day of research on the bedsheets without me having used them. I have only one set of bedsheets, and I reckon this is part of the ongoing remotely applied study that is my life. This is a big deal for the small minds that continue this assault and fuckery, and I don't find it particularly interesting.

Another new technical interest was added into the harassment scene last night, the term "cyclotronic resonance". I have not yet completed assimilating an understanding of this term, but it seems to be relevant to the harassment games, and the perp's seeming agendas. The little reading I did last night ties the contrails activity (airborne spraying) to research initiatives that have a similar basis to the ongoing harassment games I have come to know. Which suggests a huge number of individuals are being remotely assayed, and have no idea whatsoever.

My editing is getting screwed around; I could not add a specific qualifying word above, it just "popped out" and arranged itself on a new line, which makes no sense at all. I have used text editor since the days of word processors being on IBM mainframes, like 1974, and have never seen a text editor behave so bizarrely. Another "first".

Time to call this done for the day.

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