Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Start Vacuuming Outside My Door

Just after finishing a harassed and rage-ified lunch, the perps start the vacuum cleaner outside my door. Unlike my last apartment where it was twice per week event, this is twice in 12 months. Perhaps the perps are attempting to merge the vacuum cleaner based "discoveries" of a past apartment, to this one. Unusual use of adjacent vacuum cleaners of all kinds have "followed" me in most of my residences, and even when driving. The street maintenance "suck trucks" would be unusually common, and still are. I only knew them to be used in the fall to suck up leaves from the drains, but now, it is all season in this city for some curious reason.

The perps got me rage-ified because they wouldn't let me use my own vocabulary to describe the harassment fuckery they were putting on; olive oil inundation on the counter and stove, foiling my grasp, adding new crumbs from "nowhere", and a few others all to turn a routine event of cooking the same recipie of the last five years into an extremely adverse event. And while this was going on, the outside noises were ramped up; air brake pressure releases are nearly always going on in the daytime, heavy duty vehicles, bus noise, brake squealing for extended durations, seagull mewing, diesel engines, and as I type this, why, a garbage truck has arrived outside to go through the routine of clanging bins, hydraulic actuation noise, air pressure release noise, diesel engine noise etc. Another coincidence, of the designed kind.

This might be a shut-in day, as sunny as it looks; this is a typical Wednesday with no scheduled events, though I do attempt to do volunteer activity but it doesn't "happen" much of late.

More noise excitement from outside while I look at blog postings, many of them personal ones, not the mainstream news commentators. The celebrity floowing blog postings also get plenty of noise attention along with the vision impairment fuckery.

And there is more emphasis on skin color of people in pictures in my web trovings; Caucasian faces in reddish tones, then later, purplish, then pink, and into brown tones. Change the race, and then repeat, per perp standard operating procedure. It would seem they are attempting to separate skin tones from facial features, and create a map of these associations, and then attempt to determine which I find to be Unfavored in this matrix. Other related games are freezing my Windows and mouse scrolling capability to keep me viewing their chosen images, often foreheads and bald head in varying skin tones fractionally longer. And if a negro is suddenly displayed in the next down scroll, why, a noise from outside suddently erupts. Not my problem, so why am I in virtual jail because of it, and not having some rapacious fuck defend himself in front of me?

There won't be an answer to that, as the surrepticiousness is nearly paramount, no matter how fucking stupid it seems, as that doesn't bother them. After yesterday's freakish public behavior repeating among the gangstalkers at differing locations, keeping up the pretense of normality doesn't seem to matter as much.

Anyhow, all the bald heads are getting more facetime of late, yesterday's action at the gym being a case in point. If I don't like the skinhead look, and even utterly abhor it, why am I getting no end of skinheaded gangstalkers and like images on my web pages? Why is it anyone's business but my own? The entire city must know about it, never mind waiting for the call to be a freakish gangstalker of some kind. It is fucking bizarre that my own predilections are constantly hounded to elicit a response of some kind.

It is a shut-in day so far, and it likely to stay that way. These de-motivated experiences are too convenient to be anything else but imposed. This is the post-teatime noise assault; having brown chocolate with tea is a ripe opportunity for the perps to lay on their brown color remote assay activity, as that seems to be the most problematic color for them. I haven't been allowed to wear anything brown since 2003 when gaping holes "showed up" in my shirts. The accelerated "wear" stunts again.

And the perps have put me through a number of forced coughing jags during the above teabreak fuckery; twice while having tea, and then 20 minutes later, with some kind of throat sensation still being applied that threatens more coughing to come. The clicking of no ostensible cause is also going on outside my door. I noted that when I purchased the chocolate yesterday, the perps put on the chatting loitering dudes beside the chocolate, and all the time I was picking it up and placing it in my shopping basket. I usually get gangstalkers around me at that store location, only one though, and not something so unlikely as two same aged dudes shopping during weekday working hours. My assumption that dude-speak has some kind of brown color related associations the perps are attempting to remotely assay, though I cannot imagine why they engage in such specialized stalking. Then it was onto the tortillas, also brown colored items I consistently purchase, and I had only two gangstalkers; a male with his 3 y.o. kid, the latest demographic of gangstalkers. Ordinarily for tortilla aquisition the perps put on four or more, sometimes as many as ten gangstalkers around me, so I am always relieved when there are less than expected, though I prefer none.

Yesterday when in the floor exercise room with my class members and the instructor, the perps put on their usual floor pounding and room shaking that "happens" because someone dropped lifting weights on the floor, outside the classroom. This time, the perps made the noise and vibration bigger, and on the second time it happened, I was just placing my hands on my black track pants in the classroom when the sudden noise and vibration erupted. A few minutes later, there was yet a third instance of this same disturbance. I can only assume it is part of the harassment fuckery, as the staff never seem to get pissed about this blatant equipment abuse, and it is so consistent. Anyhow, I also noticed that my floor mat was "thinned out"; I got one that looked like all the others except that some of the enclosed padding had been removed from the mat. That is quite the trick, as these mats had always been identical before that.

A contradiction; I had a forced nap for the lasr 1.5 hours and am still pulling myself out of it over the past 10 minutes. And it is a perfect moment to screw me over and create vision impairments with a barely plausible cover story. And of course, the much hated noises were played for the awake-but-not-fully-functional state of the last 20 minutes napping; loud mufflered vehicles, Harley motorcycle noise etc. Then these same noises are going on currently, presumably to map my neural energetics of the horizontal state to that of the vertical at dusk onset time, surely one of the perps' biggest silly times of the day.

More travel reading about Indonesia, and then a forced two-keys-at-once jerkaround and then the Windows start page magically appears, a visual imposition of increasing frequency. Time to blog off for this shut-in day.

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