Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Zits Morphing in the Night

Today's imposed exasperating event is something that "arrived" on my nose overnight. A zit that erupted two days ago and self popped, and with no intervention by me, somehow transformed itself from an inocuous zit into a bloodied one, which is perfectly situated in my lower right side peripherial vision. And as my peripherial vision can be manipulated, guess what, the zit's new incarnation is placed there to constantly piss me off with this "red thing" in it. And if you didn't follow all that, don't worry, as I routinely get vexations planted on me, but rarely one that is so persistent and vexacious as this.

In the same location on my nose as this offensive and reformed zit is, I had a spontaneous bleeding that started late evening when I was in the bathroom. It was nothing I did, but this blood flow was placed exactly in my peripherial vision until I kept pressure on it to prevent any more bleeding. That took 20 minutes of keeping a towel on my face as the steptic penci did not work for "some reason".

This was a primer to get me ready for a downtown gang stalk walk with my mother as it later unfolded. She makes these vague promised to come downtown on Wednesdays, and doesn't come through, but today she did. The litany of feints and fuckery could go on for pages, but I will spare most of the details unless someone really wants to know. Regular readers will know that anytime I go out anywhere in public with my parents it is a HUGE gangstalk event as the assholes can make comparisons between us in near identical circumstances, seeing the same things.

This outing had more stops, but wasn't any less encumbered with the gangstalk vermin. There was four stops in all, the last being a lunch at a restaurant that gradually filled in around us. These are always interesting scenes as they can parade people past me legitimately for the entire duration of the meal. Sure enough, the "browns" came to settle at a table next to us; these are gangstalkers either dressed in brown clothing, have brown colored skin, or a combination. Again, regular readers will know that the perps are totally obsessed over this color, and have engaged in endless games to expose me to this in all forms, the most basic being to have a blonde dressed in brown clothing. And this was the case among the food serving staff.

There was one fugly curly haired waitress and she seemed to be "featured" often, "happening" to be in my vision whenever I looked around, save the occasions where I pointedly looked down at the table to avoid her visage standing about. So, what do the perps do? Why the have the blondes, and the other attractive waitresses walk beside her, cross paths with her, or otherwise mingle so the "auric goodness" of the attractive one can somehow be compared that the of fugly one. This is a very common perp setup, to have the Favored associate with the Unfavored, and this was no different except that I was immobile, sitting as a patron of the restaurant. This way they can have more time to arrange differing skits and games.

The downtown parkade was arranged with five floors of color coordinated parked vehicles, and well as ordered by outline and profile. The vehicle ahead put on the "incapable" act, twice having the front seat passenger to get out of the vehicle to get a ticket at the machine at the entrance; "somehow", the instruction, "press for ticket" escaped them and the passenger had to make two trips to the machine before he "succeeded" in getting a ticket from the dispenser. I haven't seen anything quite so pathetic as this, but here it was, and at at least 10 vehicles were lined up behind me while the pair attempted to enter the parkade.

Then they had to do this obstructing one more time, waiting on an equally impaired couple to get into their vehicle to free up a parking stall. And this pair also kept up the putzing, putting her handbag in the trunk and then retrieving it again a minute later was one such example. All this was to have all the vehicles that were held up at the entrance to then be held up again inside and in the shade and in the concrete parkade building.

Anyhow, there is at least some entertainment value from this, as the perps did not have me cranked up over this ineptitude that they normally do. Had I been driving alone, the perps would of had me yelling at these obstructing assholes, with the windows closed though. And at least the entire morning's activity was some relief of a shut-in day, the usual nonevent the perps like me to participate in.

Topics at lunch that my mother mentioned for no seeming reason were;
  • me travelling to the US (like what for, all to get the border guards to point their guns at me again, like last time?),
  • getting a passport (like, I have no money to travel, so why would I need to expend money on such an item?).
This entire involvement of family in keeping this bullshit show going makes them seem as if they are totally deranged at times, bringing up topics only to drop particular keywords or concepts. Perhaps the perps are still baiting me for my logical incongruity detection abilities as they cannot yet totally fuck them.

And the biggest jerkaround of when the INS pulled their guns on me for no reason (I wanted to clean out my apartment in Seattle), was my mother later suggesting I cross into the US on the Port Angeles ferry, and lo, if I wasn't turned back there for no fucking reason, save the hypothetical one that I "might become a ward of the state". In this latter inspection port (Victoria), the INS border official looked terribly scared when he gave me the rejection reason document.

This is the post tea and chocolate time, the perps attempting to leverage something, whatever they pursue me for, with respect to eating a brown colored substance, and has been a procession of noises since. The neighborhood takes on a profile of being next to drag strips and that everyone in their hotrod or otherwise muffler compromised vehicle is into a race. That is not the case of course, there is traffic lights at every corner, and there is no high speed traffic. Anyhow, in lieu of that, then the overhead pounding starts up again something I haven't quite determined as to its associations.

This is the first sunny and warm day this week, as there has been much temperature fluctuation of late; yesterday the perps sucked me into going out dressed for a warm day, and then installed the mini-wind around me. This refers to their capability to create a localized wind around me wherever I go in public. There maybe no other items blowing around anywhere, save blowing around me in a 6' radius or so. When others enter my "windsphere" then their hair and clothes start blowing about, and then when further away, they experience no wind. This game goes on at least in one direction of my walks to the gym, 30 minutes away.

For the past two hours there has been a procession of loud mufflered vehicles in the distance, at least four per minute. This sustained noise parade will "somehow" get through my ear protection, making it useless. The big attraction might be the fact that I did my monthly bookeeping, which is always of intense perp interest. And in fact, my brother joined the fray by phoning me over some pointless topic that was totally unneccessary. I have always known the timing of my phone calls to be arranged to be at key moments in service to the perps. The phone cord doesn't stop wiggling when on the phone, and I have long thought that recievers and other electronic devices can be co-opted by the perps for their own agenda. I was living in Seattle when the Nisqually Earthquake struck Feb. 28, 2001, and by coincidence, I was on the phone at the time with my dentist's receptionist further north in Everett. I didn't consider it to be coincidence once I found that my life was highly regulated by abusers who have me involuntarily conscripted in their human research agenda.

More typo sabotage of the blatant kind, with voice noise outside my door while I yell at the assholes because they won't let me insert text into a specific location. Never in my life have I had such errant browser/editor software "glitches", which covers some 30 years of using computers, including suffering Microsoft's pre-Windows 3.1 days.

One trip to take a piss, and then a siren cascade comes on. This is about the tenth one today, surely a record as it beats out my experiences when I lived in Seattle.

Time to call this one done and blog off.

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