Monday, April 07, 2008

Noise at Five Events Per Minute

A short home day yesterday, as my in-town brother supplied an earlier ride than anticipated, only to come 20 minutes late. After doing one intersection loop in pursuit of a garage sale of no consequence, he "needed" to go to a specialty grocery store I once shopped at when living in that part of town. And as the perps had injected me with a crying "need" for these delicious local specialty sausages, called Galloping Goose sausages, I went in too, as they seem to be unavailible in the nearby supermarket. And lo, if there wasn't an operative with her shopping cart placed exactly where I needed to stand and get some, even ahead of me sighting what I went in for. And lo, if in-town brother didn't "need" to buy a 3 lb roast at the same time, and after splitting apart, there he was ahead of me at the checkout with his roast, and me following with the sausages. I remarked on the oddity of us both buying meat in sequence at the checkout, but he didn't want to elaborate on that. And he didn't want to be bothered with a shopping bag, and so this roast in its shrink wrap was put in this blue plastic box that sat between the two seats of his trades van, accompanying us for the remaining 10 minute drive, he taking the long route of course.

Regular readers will know the perps are totally obsessed about meat, its ingestion and digestion, and it wasn't any surprise that it was what was served up at my parent's place for dinner last night. And the perps didn't let up; there was meat slices being cut up on TV commercials at least twice. Last week the perps designed a "coincidence" whereby I cut off a hanging piece of flesh they inflicted, on my left thumb, only minutes before they had me cutting up chicken meat from the fridge in preparation for making dinner. It was that cutting sensation/action they wanted to isolate in some bioenergetic way, and their fuckery of creating a wound was comparable to dicing chicken, an activity they relentlessly noisestalk. Just too exciting, cutting meat for dinner for six years of intense scrutiny and here is where they are. Fucking absurd, but true.

I always cut the roast into slices at my parents, and sometimes they remind me of how interesting it is for their operative pals by both of them standing around me while I do this. I just don't get it, but it is a huge deal, and the perps have manipulated my diet for decades to have me off red meat for the most part, and still now, as I buy cooked chicken. The sausages would be my first red meat purchase in at least five years, and even at that it isn't a done deal as they are still in my mother's freezer, as I had to take the bus back today.

The bus freakshow was muted today, not too many clowns, but at least three standees at the front in succession, standing when there was plenty of seats and waiting out at least two stops before they got off. I had a "thuggy buddy" on his cell phone in front of me for most of the trip; cell phones appear to be portable electromagnetic disrupting devices that the perps find very useful on a frequent basis. When I moved into the last house they had me purchase one as my only phone, and it was used for two months or so before the service was made to look bad, and then I went to a landline phone through the cablevision line. From that, it would seem that the perps found it neccessary for me to have a cell phone for the introductory habitation, but that its EMF energies were not needed after that. Many TI's report cell phoning gangstalkers and operatives, and it does get absurd at times. I have never seen so many "people" standing at an intersection corner on the cell phone, and not proceeding on a green light. They just stand there, and often a pair of operatives will split apart, one on either side of the cell phone gangstalker, and then regroup as they come toward me. In other words, the bioenergetic fields around the cell phoner are to be determined around me with other operatives as interim proxies. Something like that. I am getting beeped with vehicle horns each time I attempt to think of a better way to articulate that.

The outside noise has been heavy this afternoon since I got back; bus noise (three noise variants per episode) and loud mufflered vehicle noise ("performance" and ill maintained mufflers) have been "going by" at the rate of five or more per minute. They have a decay time of five seconds or so, which makes for 25 seconds per minute of perp generated noise. If I stand at the window and look out to find the "source" vehicles, there won't be any, and the noise level will immediately drop. Which is to say, that nearly all this noise is generated by remote means and made to sound as if it were environmental. Another word that has no meaning, "environment", as it all depends on what the perps want me to hear, feel or see at any given moment, as well as lighting levels, sky color, wind around me only and everything else.

Back to reality, as in doing mothing much save web surfing with all the added plasma displays that reiterate some of the LCD display after I have moved onto the next page. The perps particularly like high contrast banded lines, and often don't bother to "borrow" an image, but plant it in front or around the display. They were doing that last night at my parent's place, projecting lines 3' to the left side of the TV, a green 1" high horizontal band that replicated a line displayed on the TV, though another color. The TV room was full of maser and plasma action, and nothing was mentioned. The perps even fucked with the CBC feed and converted it into horizontal black and white lines and then interjected some other colors for two showings of 5 seconds each.

The noise show has lessened some since dinner time, though the same noises have moved to "remote" locations where the volume is less, and of less need to plug my ears from the annoyance.

I did some requested garden digging at my parent's place this morning, and had my usual accompaniment of aircraft noise, while I dug the soil, another perp obsession. They kept hampering when using the shovel, and lo, if they didn't have some poly plastic buried in the ground for me to pull up. It might have been 40 year old plastic from the house building, as I don't think it had been placed there since. And for them, that is exciting news, as they have long had an obsession over plastic of all kinds, and like me to contact various vintages of it, in varying orientations. Invariably the perps bring the plastics to me, the most obvious being the "vagrants" pushing shopping carts, often filled with tin cans or plastic bottles inside plastic bags. Recently, one vagrant wasn't enough, so now clusters of shopping cart vagrants "happen" to be proximate when I am walking downtown, and they even clustered at the recycle exchange yesterday when my brother drove me past. And of course the "plastic bag people" can be anything from a legit homebound shopper to these rubes with six or more bags loping along with their mouths hanging open, doing the guppy act.

I even got a customized bus stalking earlier, after getting off the W. bound bus, I crossed the road and walked S. bound to my place. I hadn't covered more than 100' in this direction when a bus came up beside me and stopped in mid street without benefit of a bus stop. The driver opened the front door to let someone out at the rear door presumably, all to directly expose me to the interior of the front of the bus and driver while walking on the sidewalk. Call it "bus stalking" perhaps, but in all my years of riding public buses in many cities I have never seen a city bus pull an adhoc stop in midstreet. It just isn't done, and here it was, a first. The buses have also been pulling extra long delays at bus stops for no apparent reason of late, but I think that a midstreet stop is another order of magnitude of blatant orchestrated fuckery borne of the perp's obsession over the cardinality and directionality of everything around me and that I have travelled on. That tops the drivers of passenger vehicles stopping in mid-crosswalk, another escalation of the past year, and is almost a once-per-outing frequency now.

I am still under some kind of email constraint; I don't get replies from those who I expect to, and even the spammers are getting limited. I nearly always get noisestalked when deleting spam emails, which would be from those I don't know. I reckon all the individuals that I correspond with are known quantities and there isn't anymore worth in noisestalking each time I open their email. The social isolation angle seems to be more important of late, not that they haven't laid on enough, but the assholes want more. The fuckers made sure I had few childhood friends owing to parental moving, and others moved away, collecting their payouts in the forms of a house purchase or whatever means was agreed upon. There is a long history of associated organizations and individuals getting large gifts before, during and after departure from a locale, job, school etc. It all depends how big the favor is, and that it may even be some years in advance as is my thought as to certain employers and their initiatives that seem out of character. A trail of largesse is in my wake, and rarely has benefited me.

As I wrote that, a burst of two cycle motorcycle noise erupted, and that is totally out of character for this neighborhood, and there isn't a bikers club for at least five miles, so where do all these chopped Harley's noise come from? As per above, it is projected from some kind of control room, and is it used often as it is my most abhored noise. I simply cannot stand that row, and yet they pour it on, especially when I have two hands busy making or eating lunch. And they even start that noise at 0800h or so, as if the "local" bikers would get up that early. Fucking abusive this is, being subjected to this ongoing noise affront all because of the perp's major fuckups of the pre-overt harassment days.

I couldn't but help noticing that a many of the personal perps themes are "showing up" on TV at my parent's place, and these are shows that are at least two years old. One is New Tricks, a British show that has retired detectives brought in to work on cold cases. There are three of them, and they are all a little bit eccentric, and play by the old rules. The younger career blonde woman has to keep them in check, as well as act as go-between for her ossified supervisor. And as part of it they have assisting younger negro or East Indian officers adding into the mix. If one is a regular reader of this blog, this hits on many of the perp themes; UK accents, blondes, older males, and negros, all "featured" in the daily freakshow that surrounds me when I go out. Anyhow, I don't get too cranked up over this, as it seems that there is such ubiquity in my life as to these themes that they are unavoidable for intense net of orchestration that surrounds me.

But was even more interesting from the above generalized categories of New Tricks and the apparent perp themes was the episode last night, where they got into ECT and negro child as part of the story. This was particularly germane as the perps maintain that I had recall depletion abuse up to five years of age, and still retain the traumatizations of that period, which is an obstacle to whatever their next plans are. Hence the "reminders" of the freakshow as it unfolds. Other potential past abuse during this period is said (by the perps) to relate to this site, The Indian Lake Project, which documents 1950's era organized child abuse with multi-force military personnel. One of the more interesting photographs shows children in cages, two occupants being a negro child and an blind child. And it wasn't too much of a surprise to me last night on the TV news, during the boo-hoo journalism piece, that there was a blind woman featured.

The grinch is done, and it is time to depart from these plasma beams flitting around while simultaneous overhead clunking noises occur. Chances are the perps will be keeping me from sleeping tonight, like most Mondays when back from staying at my parent's place.

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