Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Imposed Pee On Blog Reading

The title refers to the fact that there is a pattern as to when I am forced to pee, breaking my read of blogs and the morning news. This time, two pees were scripted about 10 minutes apart, a totally unheard of frequency for me, while reading personal and lifestyle categories of blogs. Today's forced pee was when I began this list of 25 or so blogs, and then again after reading two male's personal blogs in succession, to be followed by a female's personal blog. Given the amount of noisestalking that occurs with opening, closing, reading and viewing these blogs, this forced pee game's increase in specifity does not surprise me.

And when I began the blog reading, a stream of water descended from an upper balcony past mine, and then eventually trickled down to spraying onto my balcony. A modified "pee" of a kind, just from the god-juvies.

I got my three hour Monday-special awake time in bed last night, replete with all the usual stunts; forced head flipping, pillow squeaking, outside vehicle noise (buses afer midnight- not in this city), overhead pounding as if the 12" of concrete floor/ceiling was being hammered by "someone's" lead-footed stomping, fantasical stories and imagery that were constantly interupted by other "thoughts", cold feet and other perturbations to suit this protracted bedtime harassment show. Then an early awakening to yet more noise at 0730h, and once I got up and looked outside for the "causal" road traffic, the noise stream abated as there wasn't anything out there that would cause it at this time. Then a large suck truck, a seeming civic maintainance vehicle to suck the drains out, except that they now travel the city in my proximity and "happen" anytime of the year, not just their once-per winter schtick. Past readers will know that the perps love to put on vacuum sucking in my proximity, and having a mobile source with a cover story is just the ticket. They even run this suck truck to the suburbs to "arrive" just as I am driving my parent's vehicle on the usual Monday run back to my place. Mobile suck fuckery, perhaps, and I am sure that is a planted term because the perps just love to plant alliterations and rhyming words for my script.

And as I swear over the myriad of forced typos while typing the above, I am now getting zapped in both legs; more coincidences of yet more inexpicable events, and even that revelation was "coughstalked" from the hallway by the never-get-better Coughing Corps. Even farting is getting simultaneous chair clickings of no conventional causal, or else a vehicle horn as just happened. And the perps do like me to report on all these incursions in realtime, and then script more of them as I am reporting them, so it is time to give this a rest for now.

The hallway jocularity and pounding noise has started up, and I am getting rather sleepy at this juncture. I suspect that the perps turn off certain brain regions so they can go deeper. They had me rage-ified earlier at and during tea and chocolate time. The typo sabotage is getting severed again, time to stop.

Now that dinner is done, the noise campaign will be resurrected about the time it is digesting.

I went to the organized gym class earlier, and had my usual posse of 500 to 1,000 mobile gangstalking vehicles in color and type formation. They put the red vehicles on singly with a preceding two white vehicles ahead and behind, as there is something about red that demands the usual grey scale reference colors of white, silver-grey and black or mid-greys. At one location there was six parked red vehicles and two more visible mobile vehicles in file, making a "red count" of eight at a glance, the current record.

I had my usual band of ambulatory street gangstalkers, and even some feign Cheers-ing where two operatives pretend to be long lost pals and backslap each other, touch plenty and engage in this faux conviviality, as if long-lost friends. This was a tall negro dude and a short Caucasion dude in a black fedora hat, and was comical from the outset, never mind the conversation content, which is usually banal. There are certain intersections, often the ones they worked on and rebuilt, that they go silly over me, and arrange six or more gangstalkers in a confluence, as if everyone in the nighborhood began walking about when they never did before. On my half hour journey I back I had at least 50 of them on me. And even the classic; the dishy blonde in brown clothing and packing a coffee in her hand "happened" to be at the intersection where they had their operative assault me in the fall. This seems to be the most problematic for the perps, but it is not my problem, so why am I being hounded all the time by the Unfavored freakshow, with the odd exception of the Favored, the blonde in this case.

Other dipshit games today included one of the "regular" stalkers on my walking beat when returning to downtown at 1600h, who routinely crosses paths at the 2/3 mark in his brown leather jacket with this feigned grimace on his face. Today, he "happened" to emerge from a bus at the halfway mark instead, the aforementioned intersection, Oak Bay Junction. He had his usual spaced-out countenance and was not prepared to reflect the improbability of us crossing paths again as we now do every Tues and Thurs. when I am walking back to my place. I have at least six gangstalkers who now routinely "happen" to show up on my walk into downtown and it is highly unlikely that this could be ascribed to working schedules, especially with the buses being so frequent.

The gym class was a full five freak event, and another non-freak five in the class. Ethnic Gut and New Bald made great pains to "feature" themselves in my view or anytime I looked up. The New Bald act came out to cross paths with me when I arrived, after crossing paths with another skinhead in the change room, the same one who followed me in from the street. Then for the remainder of the unorganized first half hour of volitional exercise New Bald disappeared and left the skinhead gangstalking duties to his doppelganger. Then when in th floor exercise room New Bald suddenly arrived late and then made a point of planting his fugly head in my view as much as possible.

The perps also pulled a red plasma show on me when facing the yellow wall during one exercise; they put red colored plasma on the surface of the wall, my entire view, and started to crank my anxiousness up as a "reaction", or else I was truly reacting, as I am not allowed to know the difference anymore. Anhyhow, I was about the leave the room when the exercise was over, and I could look elsewhere. Because they control my intention and recall to such a degree, they didn't provide any alternatives and kept me looking at this fugly wall they had colored in. Yesterday they pulled a similar stunt with the grass lawn at my parent's place, infilling it with red plasma. It is highly disorienting to say the least.

At the gym it is always interesting to watch the gangstalking show as it is nearly always consistent for them to line up like bowling pins at some point and align themselves in one direction, all doing utterly nothing in the gym. There was a high Asian male content among the gym club members today, and about 20 minutes into my workout they aligned themselves E. to W., with all their backs facing N. and they were nearly all in black colored T shirts. Yet again, I have never seen so many loafing dudes in a gym before, and there they were, putting on their regular show, and pretending that they all independently "happened" to cluster together, align themselves on a single cardinal direction and face the same way, and all doing nothing exercise related. It is as amusing as it it fucking stupid. Invariably a red-shirted fucker will set forth from the line of dudes and hang around me and then wander back to the line up. Then another red-shirted fucker does the same thing. First it was the loathsome Ethnic Gut, ("oily" is a recently acquired term that best fits him) in his red and navy blue stripped shirt, and then the coordinator in his red shirt came for a "wander" to stand in my view, or at least until I started looking at the floor, and then they come in closer to at least make it into my peripherial vision.

Later, a doppelganger for the coordinator in the same colored workout clothing and the same height and build "happened" to come into my peripherial vision, and at first, "I" (as in mind controlled me), thought it was the instructor, but it wasn't. This is the second gym class in succession where the perps have planted a same gender, height, build and clothed doppelganger who, at some point, I "happen" to see in my peripherial vision and who gets assigned the planted thought as to being a class member whom I know, only to find out that it isn't. It was a total setup for me to "make a mistake", per planted thought, and later find out it wasn't. And of course I am not allowed to confirm this fleeting peripherial vision assignment by actually looking at the person, but am forced to make this cognitive errror. I suspect that more of this bullshit is going to unfold for the next vew months, maybe longer, and it won't be confined to the gym either.

I suppose the perps were all excited about today's gym class as they prepared me in their usual depraved way; another forced crap and a shower to clean up "happened" about 20 minutes before I was set to leave. And in the minds of the depraved assholes who run and ruin my life, this is the best thing going, as I have showered all of me except my hair, which I suspect is its own energetic problem set for the perps if all the fuckery over shampoo, conditioner and their respective availibilities and quantity of use games is anything to go by. I had extra sidewalk cycling operatives on me today, and never do they "think" that their cover story is blown as there are plenty of cycling lanes in this city. All it takes is a change in my travel direction, even 20 degrees, and poof, another sidewalk cyclist.operative is on me, along with some ambulatories.

Another new public behavior that reprised today was the operative squatting on his haunches, this time backed up to an outside wall, and on his cell phone making a call, some 20' from the pedestrian crossing. Last week a similar operative was doing this in mid-sidewalk without the benefit of a wall or cell phone, but it seems that they are taking this perverse behavior up a notch and adding in the element of localized EM fields off the cell phone. Yesterday they covered me with a cell phoning operative one seat away on most of the bus ride, as they did last week. There are too many commonalities of strange public behavior "happening" to be anything other than organized. I get to tell the doctor this next week, my second visit with him, and I am sure it will be as unproductive as the last shill who cashed in and split town.

My email continues to be slow, not even spammers today. I don't know if anyone is attempting to contact me, as I am not getting much through. Post a comment in my blog if this is happening, which has also had very little commentary. And of course there are no blog traffic tools in this version of Blogger I am using, and I suspect that is also part of this "freezeout" of communications that is going on. My ex and my daughter went to Florida on a cruise, and neither one of them has phoned in the following two weeks. This must be an important perp fuckover time in managing my social contacts down to a near zero level.

The Olympic torch protests in London brought some familiar harassment themes back to me; it was the respective colors of the protester and the Asian torch "attendants", actually special forces accompanying the torch bearer. In this case the protester was dressed in a mid brown color of clothing, and the Asian "thugs" as they have been called, were in white and light blue. Regular readers will know that the perps are obsessed over the color of brown, especially as it relates to skin tone and clothing color. Once when I was hiking, they arranged for a set of adult Asian twins to be dressed in the identical garments, except one was in light blue and the other in a mid to dark brown. It was hilarious in many ways, this World Gestapo sending out faux hikers, twins no less, and attempting some kind of covert experiment/remote determination. So here we have Tibetan (Asian) protesters, and one Caucasian male dressed in mid brown tussling with special forces Asians in light blue. It is a speculative call, but if it is true that there are no coincidences for the amount of intense orchestration that goes on around me with respect to colors, materials, race, field of vision, object size, timing and all possible combinations thereof, then I suggest that the London Olympic torch dustup was staged as another brown/light blue skin and clothing color interaction test for my mindkeepers. Nothing is what it seems, especially some of the more grisly events such as the Iraq war, and so many other news events.

More fuckery over this LCD display; each time I come back from a short break from the PC, they have turned down the brightness, more at the edges, and take some five minutes or more to bring it back to the original setting. This folows a pee break where the perps would not let me grasp my underwear, and made sure that the waitband was doubled over, which is what they do all the time now. Fucking sick that I cannot be allowed to take a forced piss at my own volition; the assholes have taken it upon themselves to fuck with every aspect of my life, down to the simplest of things.

Countless screen freezes tonight, and the perps have just froze up the Mike Wallace interview, after the commercial of course. Totally stopped the video in its tracks, just to make sure I know I am being fucked with.

I was listening to a MKULTRA video by Marshall Thomas, and the perps froze that too. I suppose they didn't want me to learn anything more, as the video had real child experimentation footage, presumably consensual. The perps have been total sick assholes tonight, which might be the theme for the week, as Tuesdays seem to be the day they get more abusive and intrusive.

Heavy duty plasma interference tonight while watching a video interview with Duncan O’Finioan, a member of the CIA Ultimate Warrior program. So, just the audio instead. A very interesting tale, and he had cranial implants that was unknown to him until a MRI went wrong. This was a program to train children to be both psychic and superior warrriors. One stunning story is that the specially trained children were helicoptered into Cambodia in 1972 in an active war zone where US special forces were pinned down by Cambodian troops. The children joined hands and psychically killed every Cambodian enemy within 20 miles. This is simply astounding, and makes me wonder why I am being hounded for psychic energy related interactions when it was controllable then. I am stunned as to what is going on is this realm three decades ago. Another gem I learned is why the "torture training"; it is to create split personalities. Even more stunning is that he levitated someone in the circumstances of duress of a fight by apparent mental powers. (Assuming the perps weren't running him).

I got fucked out of posting this last night, and with the coincidental garbage truck activity as I write this, it seems to be the plan.

A ten hour sleep with no interuptions, unlike Monday night which went for some hours before they let me sleep. Then gravity defying toast this morning, where a mid bread section separated and lifted "itself" up, hinged over and planted the applied peanut butter an jam together, face to face. This is at least the second time in three days that the perps have had the bread erupt into 50 or more crumbs and then a mid-slice section lifts up and behaves as if bidden by a unique gravitational force.

So I will post this now, and I am sure that the timing is all important, as it representsundertaking this activity in daylight conditions, always a huge concern for my mindkeepers.

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