Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gone With the Rain Showers

A short post today, it is Sunday, the day of making my way to the First Feral Family for gangstalking by kin. And by bus as well, sure to have the revolving freakshow around me. The bus is always inordinantly busy anytime I get on it, and Sundays don't make any difference.

The rain showers started while I was doing my shower, shave and dentaly hygeine after breakfast, and has kept up since then, to present. I have been baited to go onto the balcony to take photos of strange color configurations of vehicular traffic twice so far, and even while there for all of 20 seconds at a time, there were additional red and yellow vehicles parading by. Even a subsecond glance outside is orchestrated to have some kind of perp planted event; a gangstalker, plasma flash or even portions of vehicles.

As usual, the perps have been infuriating me so far, and often cranking up the outiside noise in mid rage; just another event for them, fucking my life away like this.

So far today, two fruit flies from nowhere eruptions; one I actually witnessed. It was at breakfast, and there was this greyish streak in mid-air, 2' in front of me, then a fruit fly came at me, and then averted me and headed to the kitchen. (I was eating breakfast at the time, and any eating is a big perp deal as they cannot figure out the color and energetics interactions while the food is being chewed, or that is how it seems. And it is no wonder that more food is "somehow" sticking to the roof of my mouth of late, to delay mastication while the perps play color energetics games vis a vis their neural interactions, one's brain being less than an inch away from the roof of one's mouth. Which seems to support the reason the ambulatory gangstalkers are nearly always exposing their mouth contents in some way, chewing, eating, open-mouthing (agape jaws as part of their countenance), spitting, horking, tongue wiggling and other stunts.

More head pressure, and more yelling at the assholes; running my hand through my hair gets me a minute of relief at most. The sun has just come out, and I suppose this will be timed to my bus trip to my parents and the freakshow that has become. And lo, if a bus, or noise thereof, didn't "happen" the instant I was typing in the very word, "bus". There are way too many of these minor coincidences going on of late, and it is getting fucking tiresome to say the least.

Another barrage of rage-ification games through taking a crap (toilet overflow), getting the teabags (jabbing me in the fingertips), making tea (teabag on string games), eating chocolate (flipping crumbs) doing the dishes and then waiting for the PC to boot up. Twice, I had a red plasma flash in my right side peripherial vision just before heading to the kitchen, and twice, a red object (parked vehicle below) in my right side peripherial vision immediately following. That is way too much consistency to be anything but arranged, so for all you clinical clinging quislings, explain that.

And the forehead head pressure games have been turned on, and are relievable for a minute or so after rubbing my forehead and head with my hand. Another routine piece of fuckery that is totally consistent for the clinical pretenders to adequately explain.

The perps are on a total reg-me day today; the smallest of routine actions gets sabotaged just to piss me off, and when I vocalize my complaint, invariably more outside noise is immediately cranked up. This "coincidence" is increasing in frequency of late, and goes to show that there is a progressive campaign to escalate known noises with current imposed infuriation. Nothing can be fucked enough it seems.

More overhead clunking, thumping and kerchuncking, the latter distinctive noise has followed me in all my residences from 2002 to present, save one where there was no overhead "neighbors". The forehead pressure fuckery is stil continuing, and getting annoying to say the least. It seems that "mere" infuriation all day for six years is not enough of a infliction for my mind-keepers. And from the same assholes who seemed to have poisoned the well and incurred reactions to their traumatizations that they still cannot yet undo. Not my problem, so why am I involved in someone's fuckup ameliorations?

And the only answer I got was a vehicle beeping from outside and hallway clatter of putative locks and doors. That is about the most of an answer one can expect, and as always, the abiding plasma and maser games that are endemic.

I will blog off for now, and call this done for the day. (To the sound of yet more vehicle beeping, bus noise, and more hallway clatter; I can hardly wait to venture outside for the expected gangstalking gauntlet).

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