Thursday, April 24, 2008

Reality Distortions and Other Impositions

The is the Thursday interim between yoga and gym which is to follow. Like I predicted in the last post, the gangstalking stunts have been ramped up, and other impositions have been increased. This morning, it was the derealization games, something long known to me as temporal lobe assaults, the part of the brain at the temple areas. My cursory knowledge of neuroscience is that the temporal lobes are all important to center one and know one's own reality at every given moment, and integrating this into the rest of one's thoughts. I can report that the perps are messing with my temporal lobes on a sustained basis, and not the "floaty" sensations they bring on for 20 to 60 seconds and are immediately ameliorated by rubbing my head, and temporaly changing one's electromagnetic signature. And of course that is not enough harassment; on with constant rage-ification with rovocations using the unconventional application of physicality amomalies to piss me off and have me vocalize, read, swear at the perps using the same stock phrases over the past six years. And even that isn't enough, as they will often disrupt my own syntax and vocabulary to say something nonsensical that enrages me all the more. Just another day, and then I am "readied" to be sent outside to the gangstalking hordes. And lo, if a head-down vagrant fucker didn't nearly walk into me, "forcing" another vocalization on the street. Then finally when at yoga five minutes early, the class had already begun; a pre-class meditation session was in progress, and "somehow" I wasn't allowed to be in the loop.

I am getting a constant barrage of vision impairments, and not the usual transitory ones, so there is a decided increase in harassment on all fronts, and I have another outing, gym that is, to go to. Given how they hound me there with freaks and weirds, I can hardly wait. Things are decidedly strange today, on most fronts, and I am getting extremely stressed over this, along with constant typo saboatge as I write this. Time to go.

I got my gangstalking posse around me, on the street when walking to the gym and back, as well as the gym itself. There was five dudes ringed around me when I was at the mirror doing overhead lifts, and only one was doing any exercise. The remaining four were keeping their heads down, and engaging in the usual "doing squat" routine I see everytime when there. I had three class freaks, and the same Ethnic Gut dude, this time in a black and red shirt, was hounding me to be in my view anytime I looked up.

I had my usual 500 to 1,000 mobile color coordinated gangstalking vehicles, and at least that many again in parked configurations. And I even got to see some spectacular driving idiocy; a vehicle stopped in the intersection and sat there until the light turned red, and then proceeded to get out of the way. I don't think I have ever seen something so utterly bizarre as a functional vehicle sitting in an intersection. It "happened" to be a navy blue color, which was a heavy component of the gangstalking scene. Only a block away when I was setting off, the perps arranged a cluster of five same navy blue colored vehicles for me to see at a corner where I turned 90 degrees to go to the next parallel block. Some of the most spectacular oddities occur at intersections, especially if I turn a corner.

Seagulls are squealing outside, and that just might be a perp arranged noise; funny how they start up once the curtains are closed and I cannot visually verify the source of the noise. I had an Asian contingent outside my door earlier, all to add more "voice" noise, but without me understanding any of it. It is the dusk onset time, the perp "silly season" for the day, and I am sure there will be other harassment, having rage-ified me at dinner, eating the new reduced diet, surely another perp insertion.

My lunch and dinner diet is the same, and it is just about always tortillas with chopped chicken over a tapenade or guacamole base with melted chedder cheese on top. It is the crowning achievement of mind control that I eat this same item without complaint for lunch and dinner for over five years now. This would of never of been tolerable in the pre-overt harassment days, as I always had no patience eating the same foods. And today, the perps have begun what they were telling me was coming, that being the reduction of eating half the 11" tortilla at each meal, to only a quarter of it. Which tells me that they have a long way to go to figure out the effects of diet on my bioenergetics, the seeming objective of being harassed by remotely applied means. This is the first dietary modification in five years, and it does suggest that they are sucking wind when it comes to figuring what it is that they are after. But as the perps added a few pounds onto me of late, I am not too fussed about this, and it may be for the good. Though in fact, as my environment and body and most internal body systems are manipulatable, the term "good" can only be interpreted as good for perp operations. I am getting the overhead rumbling noise as I type this, the first instance today, and I suppose that goes with the dusk onset silliness.

Another gym day is done, and the usual gangstalking and "freak featuring", the Ethnic Gut dude, he of indeterminate ethnicity and with a large paunch hanging out his front. That is two Unfavored classifications, dark skin and a gut. The perps have me highly reactive to both, let alone the combination and him "popping up" where I "happen" to be looking with amazing consistency. It was a three freak class, the aforementioned Ethic Gut being one of them, and thankfully the horrendous clean pate New Bald wasn't there today, his second absence in succession, and hopefully his permanent absence. The perps had me reacting to his highly featured disgusting bald head in a near extreme sense, and it does make me wonder what early development period (to 5 y.o) traumatization is associated with that look. Could it be aliens? Many of the "wandering males" category of ambulatory gangstalkers are wearing hoodies of late, contributing in part to an alien-like head and shoulder configuration appearance.

After shopping at the nearby supermarket after walking back from the gym, the perps had a gangstalker walking ahead of me in a pseudo-hoodie; some strange black hat that differed from a touque in that it had a seam where the top joined the side panel, but it was close fitting to the head. I could go on at length about all the differing hats the gangstalkers wear, especially the colors, but the reality is that hat wearing gangstalkers are part of the Unfavored demographic groups. There has also been more emphasis on purple colored clothing, and again, the perps have me reacting to it in an abhorent way. Which begs the question, what is it about purple I don't like and how did it happen, or why am I "reacting" to it now when I never did until the past year or so?

Not that they would tell me the answer to that question directly, but the recent planting of the notion that they gave me an LSD trip in my early childhood is their "response" to why so many vivid and loathesome colors are being displayed around me. It sounds like it is a tall story, and further adds to the collective notion that they were, and are, absolutely fucking raving lunatics to give a 5 y.o. child LSD. As part of this recent inundation with loathsome vivid colors being planted around me, the perps are also playing plasma games, and creating purple or violet edges on dinner plates and furnishings as well as arranging my web page content to contain similar color combinations. There is something very annoying and disrupting when I see, even if momentarily, off-color edges of objects. And of course I don't have anyone to ask about this, and how they may react.

The record for today for the most same colored vehicles at once was six metallic same red vehicles at an intersection, headed in differing directions. This beats out the above mentioned five navy blue vehicles that were clustered in one location, arranged on a two lane street between parked and mobile vehicles. I had my usual 500 to 1,000 gangstalk vehicles while out walking 30 minutes in each direction, in color coordinated and vehicle type clusters. Normally, they put the sedans together, and then SUV's, mini-vans and pickup trucks together, though ordered within these subgroups. That is, vans, SUV's and then pickups are ordered and then these larger vehicles are clustered in a string and travel inordinantly close together.

I had my usual ambulatory gangstalkers out today, probably a 100 total, and sometimes a dozen or so up to 200' ahead of me, in varying colored clothes and demographic groups. I even had a pair of obesers in white and black, as if there was some kind of "color quality" the perps were looking for once I saw them ahead of me. As "usual", there were a few ambulatory gangstalkers who somehow knew I was moving up behind them when there was nothing they would of heard. Most often they move from one side of the sidewalk to the other, in my way, or out of my way as I am about to overtake them. This is nearly always the case, that they somehow know to move at exactly the right moment.

The perps are also doing something strange with my vision when I look at any of the gangstalkers in the face; they fuck with my visual continuity, as if there are missing time slices, or some such visual interference. An attractive blonde in a beret hat was the first instance of this never-before vision impairment stunt, and I am getting getting extremely pissed that I am not allowed to see the way I normally would.

Other gangstalking featuring today was "guitar stalking"; at least three, and I have no idea why the perps are obsessed over me seeing this instrument being packed around. I don't play one, and have no interest in doing so.

Listening to and interview with George Green on YouTube. He has some incredible information about the Pelaidians, world control, apocalyptic devastation and like catastrophic events. It is a 53 minute video, not a quick precis. After discussion about the many levels of who is who, one memorable quote is that there are "different lies at every level", meaning heiarchies of aliens, the influential, and the rest. Hard to know what to believe. He can see auras, and there was a demonstration about weakening one's strength by slashing ones hands through the auric field. This might have applicability to the perps and their harassment games, and getting their operatives in close as they can.

A knock on the door, another ruse to get me up do deal with bullshit over someone looking for someone else. Normally I call from my desk, but "for some reason" was compelled to walk to within 2' of the door and then ask. More strangeness.

Time to call this one done, and listen out with some music, the current fave being Jill Barber.

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