Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yoga and Gym

This being a Thursday means yoga at 1130h and gym at 1430h, and enough time between them to make lunch, eat it, and walk to the gym, a 30 minute walk/commute.

And it was a little crazy from the gangstalking today, possibly because it was set up to have both my newest pairs of jeans in the laundry from this past three day's digging projects at my parents place. That meant wearing into my black track pants upon getting up, instead of jeans, rather than the usual pattern of changing into them immediately before departing. And this might not sound like much, but for those individuals whe are running my life and are obsessed over the color of everything I see, eat or wear, it was a huge deal as it was the first time the routine was changed.

Other goings on related to laundry, getting skunked on washing my bedsheets again, and dealing with the sudden accumulation of the past three days. I was also fucked out of getting up early, being given a 10 hour sleep again, and I did not think I had enough time to complete the drying cycle before heading to yoga and was prepared to leave the clothing in the dryer until I came back. But as I was five minutes early, and the dryer cycle is less than a full hour, I checked the laundry, and it was finished. The immediate change of plan was to sort, fold and put away my laundry, and I still had enough time to make it to yoga. Again, this impromtu redirection of activities is a big deal for the perps who make huge plans over making sure that I don't have any, or am suddenly thrust into new situations without warning. I cannot recall all the times that they have fucked over routine events, to "change up" what I had intended to do. Not a big deal from the harassment perspective, and I did make it to yoga in time, although they started early.

And at yoga, an extra dude has been assigned to the class, and he and the other guy were planted in my usual spot. No big deal, there was plenty of other room. As mentioned in past blogs, the yoga instructor since 12-2007 has applied a breathing component to the class, taking away from the more active yoga method of the previous intructor. There were the usual plasma, maser and crumb inundations around me, and the class went reasonably well, save the swarm they put around me when getting supplies to clean up the mats. Anyhow, I was off, only to get more swarms and freaks around me on the way back, a 10 minute walk at best. When back at my apartement building I had three loitering dudes hanging around on the sidewalk, and then a file of four dudes led by the rotund apartment manager came out of the door as I was about to go in. The last stalker of this file put on this mock act of holding the door for me if I give him $5, all to keep him standing at the threshold for that little bit longer while I waited. The "joke" was soon over, though this same individual has held the door open for me at least once in the past. The entering and exiting of buildings is a huge deal for the perps, and I reckon that they cannot replicate all their mind-control fuckery at every location, and are attempting to attain more correlation of my bioenergetics between locations. Which is why they go all over me on Mondays after arriving from a stayover at my parent's place on Sunday nights. And with all the spine stretching at yoga, there is likely to be more remote gleanings that they wish to apply elsewhere, hence the heightened gangstalking immediately afterward.

Then onto the gym in the afternoon where the perps put on the crush of gangstalkers again, likely to keep me from undertaking anything routine, and exposing me to the many red, yellow and brown shirted individuals parading around me, or else on sentry duty, doing nothing, which is unusually common at this gym, unlike any other I have been to.

Our organized class works out on equipment, free weights and aerobic machines for the first half hour, and then does a group workout in the floor exercise room for the latter half of the hour. Past blogs have mentioned the freakshow that this class has become, all to hound me around the gym with the selected class freak of the day, though they also make sure that they are planted in my vision anytime I look around. It was a four freak count for the class, and another five or so who are non-freaks. The one "newcomer", brightly dressed in mid blue shorts and a crimson shirt, was ignored by the class coordinators, but lo, he knew how to gangstalk like my father, pacing back and forth some 10' behind me in a N. - S. direction, accomplishing absolutely nothing in the process.

Another of the freak class members, Ethnic Gut was dressed in a bright yellow shirt, and he seemed to be the major "featured freak" today, standing around for five minutes in one location, looking totally stoned, and everywhere but at me, wondering why he was loitering so much. He later followed me to some equipment, and then I "decided" (read, per mind-fuck script) to abandon that activity, this being the third time in two weeks (four sessions) where he deliberately follows me to then loiter around me again. This guy is of some indeterminate ethnic group, is short and grossly overweight, and makes his entire being appearing to be straightened out of his slouch. He makes a point of hanging around me, and "managing" to be in my vision most times when I "happen" to look up. He and I are scripted to subsecond levels so we cross paths as much as possible it seems.

At the gym I got fucked out of using the treadmills when they had just allowed me to start using them again after a 10 month forced hiatus. Back to the stationary bicycles for aerobic exercise again, where a new situation presented itself beside me. I had wore a teal blue fleece vest to the gym and then stowed it in a locker before begining my exercises. When using the bicycle, a woman in a shirt of the identical teal blue color "happened" to start working out beside me. Anyhow, it is just another example as to how I am gangstalked; for clothing color that I was formerly wearing, not only what I am wearing. ( And while putting this together, the garbage truck came to "visit" and put on the noise of the engine and the chirping of its brakes at least a dozen times, totally at the wrong time of day).

After being hounded by Ethnic Gut and his loud yellow shirt for the first half of gym, the class floor exercise "freak" stalking was shared by two more; the supposed "newcomer" who the class coordinators ignored, made sure to hang around me in his loud red and blue outfit, and then New Bald emeged from the shadows to hang around me and dip his head and otherwise show off his disgusting pate for the perp controlled attention I was forced to do. I cannot understand that why I am not allowed to not look at something, especially if it is Unfavored and find it aestheically unpleasant. This fucking scene with this freakshow is getting out of control, and I am fed up with being hounded by all these freaks and the loud clashing clothing they put on for my benefit it seems. The big deal was to have one of the loud colored clothed gangstalkers on each side, and ensure that their gaudy shirts were in my peripherial vision, yellow on my right, and red on my left. A class coordinator dressed in black and white also closed in on me. If I moved ahead to get them out my sight, they would each move up as well, staying in my peripherial vision. It seems this is a method to incrementally introduce these fucking ugly colors into my vision, and continuously create more opportunities to "feature" them more, especially if I don't have as much choice to evade them in a small classroom. If I don't like yellow, red and other loud or disgusting colors, I don't see why it is anyone's business but my own, and why I have to be subjected to constant hounding by those dressed in fugly colors and persist in doing so by some orchestrated means which can detect what I see in my peripherial vision in realtime.

Other gangstalking highlights of my 30 minute walk each way to the gym and back were the 500 to 1,000 vehicles organized by color, vehicle type in formations; this time they put on a one lane slowdown opposite me after exiting the gym for the following ten minutes. Another stunt was to arrange three gangstalking dudes within 40', all purportedly independent of each other, all wearing navy blue (pants or jackets), the lastmost wearing blue and white, and lo, if it wan't across the street from the hospital, and facing an access street where the emergency services blue and white helicopter was landing at the heliport some 500' away. It is simply amazing that the assholes organize this level of fuckery around me, and it is all the time.

More video listening to Project Camelot's guests, David Wilcox and Sgt Clifford Stone. And I am getting hammered with typos so that will be it, every correction gets noisestlked from pounding overhead.

[04-11-2008 addition]
Clifford Stone conveyed in the interview that there are 57 kinds of aliens, and that there is a US military manual that has all of them listed and illustrated. He also conveyed that a 100 million light year distant planet has aliens who visit Earth in one hour and forty minutes via a "traversable worm hole" in their craft. It does make me wonder what is going on that we don't know about, and it seems the answer is "plenty", some of it of profound significance. Enough of the conspiratorial content for now, something I usually refrain from engaging in, even if I see a huge number of "coincidences" that indicate yet more "designed coincidences". If one reads the book, "The Air Loom Gang", linked to the right, carefully, it would seem that these events have been orchestrated for over 200 years.

But no, I "forgot" to add this gem; the statistics developed from stalking surveys suggests that there is a 1% to 3% likelihood that it is organized stalking, not by obsessive or deranged individuals. Instead, we have deranged covert agencies hounding the shit out of their lifelong subjects (me) attempting to remediate the fuckups of their past depredations. Not my problem, and I don't need to be remediated from anything, I need to be left alone.

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