Friday, April 25, 2008

The Gangstalk Gauntlet to the ATM

Earlier, I went to drop off my checks for the next year's rent at the rental agency, visited the ATM, and then returned and bought four A9 journals, the paper kind that I also keep in addition to this blog. I had my sentry dude at the rental agency, hanging around for no seeming reason, "waiting" near the entry door and strangely not going to a counter for service. This was following being rage-ified by the perps over writing out post-dated checks for the year. The perps had me making mistakes as to the date, the amount, signing them with perversely smaller handwriting, "missing" a month, and then putting the checks away only to "find" that the assholes had mind-fucked me, and then having to retrieve the plastic checkbook from my briefcase again for the last month. Then this same check was "in error" again when the cashier at the rental agency was looking them over. This fucking jerkaround goes on everytime I engage in this exercise, and the perps made sure I was plenty pissed by the time I set off to the rental agency. Once outside, I had my lead-ahead dude gangstalker in the grey backpack, and then another walking in parallel on the other side of the street. The side I was on was in the shade, the other side was sunlit. The identical circumstances were in place when I returned, excepting it was an Asian male gangstalker.

Once out on the street and headed the one block to the ATM, I had my gangstalker freakshow in droves. All the weirds, and/or weird behaviors were on display, and plenty of lead-ahead dawdlers to pass by, and pinch points where I ended up in a swarm of the fuckers. I have never seen so many people on Fort St at 1030h, never mind the weirdness of it. The latest jerkaround is to have an ambulatory gangstalker standing in mid-sidewalk, not doing anything, or else, if at a controlled intersection, have them standing in the center of the sidewalk and not at the edge. By the time I was done at the ATM three of them were ringed around me, mouths agape in the perp standard practice. The entry into the bank was allowed after some dipshit dude stood in the doorway and didn't move; who in the world stands at a busy public entryway for no apparent reason? No one until this harassment started, now it it all the time.

Once out of the bank, I had my Cheersing parties, those that "happen" to know each other who meet in public. The other common gangstalker setup is the cluster of debating dudes, the "Socratic Debate Clubs" that "happen" around me all the time, again, only since 2002 when overt harassment invaded and has remained unabated.

The A9 journals that I use "happened" to be on sale, and I bought four instead of the usual two. I keep a written journal in addition to this blog to write down the more personal thoughts as to getting fucked over, by whom and it what manner.

My above mentioned Asian gangstalker in a black and white outfit arrived 6' away at the sidewalk while I was waiting for the traffic light. But somehow, he crossed the street and was then in a position to parallel me down the street until I arrived at my apartment lobby, with another gangstalker on duty, the cell phoning woman who "happened" to be exiting the main doors as I approached them. I attended to my mail in the lobby, and then turned to go toward the elevators, and lo, if my two gangstalking pals hadn't reprised themselves; the cell phoning woman had returned through the main doors and was loitering in the lobby, and the parallel walking Asian dude had also arrived with his hoodie now up, taking a longer loop so to time his arrival ahead of me to get in the elevator first. He and I travelled up in the elevator together, and the woman stayed behind for some reason. In operating the elevator door panel, the Asian dude draped his white plastic bag over the panel ahead of me accessing the buttons, a cute trick that, the plastic draping stunt, seen so many times now.

My mail included my Freedom of Information request to the hospital, and I got to see what the doctors were writing down as well as the test results. True to form, most of what they wrote is not legible, and it seems that they chose to selectively add information, some of it untrue, and not write down others. I gave them a copy of the SPECT scan and it is not there, the strongest evidence of having ADD, and no other conditions, save "scalloping" on the cortex. At the time, it was suggested that the scalloping condition was from smoking, pollutants or drug abuse, none of which were applicable. Now that I suspect that I was being irradiated at the time, that was the likely cause. The perps prevented any further investigation into this at the time in 2000. The gratuitoud mention of ECT by one of the doctors was not in the records most mysteriously, and another doctor made mention of it, and that was not in the records either. My health records from 19546-7 were destroyed I learned, it seems that they are not requied to keep them, which I regard as criminal. But as that happens to be the law, then it would suggest the dark hand of the perps was busy again, burying the tracks of long past nonconsensual human experimentation.

It was interesting to see what the doctors write, and it is more telling that they don't record an accurate description; they don't want the patient to know, as well as cover their asses by incrementing the deemed "severity" of the conditons. It is just another scam, and it seems that they were all prepared for me in any event. There is no smoking gun, just a morass of fuckery and misleading statements.

Another Asian confab outside my door in the hallway; this is the post tea and chocolate period; food digestion being of high interest to the perps.

Another hallway confab soutside my door; not bad for an apartment building where I seem to be the only tenant. Even at that, it did not stop my rent from going up by $24/month.

A high revving motorcycle noise (Japanese), then hallway chattering, then the horrid Harley motorcycle noise. There seems to be some consistency in mapping other noise with the hallway chat noise outside my door.

Another confab outside my door, and two Harley motorcycle noises shortly afterward. A continuing pattern it seems, with plenty of other filler noise in between.

No excitement this weekend, meaning no volunteer activities that I was hoping for. This seems to be the drift of late, continued social isolation and minimal activity, often in the form of "shut-in" days where all my supplies are here, and there is no motivation to go anywhere.

This has been a high harassment day whenever I undertake anything more complex than web-surfing; the perps pissed with me in turning the oven element on, and now the stove clock isn't working. They have spates of taking out referencing sources, e.g. calendars, clocks, radios etc., and this might be another example.

Earlier, when re-organizing my paper journals, I "discovered" a group of photos that had to be inserted by the perps; these are the 2001 black and white photos that were packed, and yet "showed up" and to be filed with two that I had extracted and kept back with the notion of scanning for then and now comparison as to age appearance regression. This is an activity that has somehow eluded me in getting done, and there are far too many similar coincidences that play into the perp's hands.

The noise assault has started up five minutes following my reduced portions dinner. Now the overhead tapping has been added to the noise from outside. I think this unfolded yesterday as well, being too "demotivated", read, mind-controlled to look in yesterday's blog posting.

I settled into some travel reading with the background noise din slowly fading out, but still continuing. I had an imposed phenomenon confluence; a sneeze, a cough, a pee, a sneeze, and an overhead pounding noise all strung together, a combination that never happened before the perps began overt harassment. I have never experienced all this at once, but it does underscore that this is not normal, but imposed for whatever reasons related to remotely applied study.

More listening to the interview with George Green, 80 minutes worth. More apocalyptic messages, which always make me curious that if there has been a conspiratorial drive to keep things largely the way they are, then why all these intended "lessons" to teach humans to cooperate and not overpopulate the Earth?

Time to call this posting done for the day and blog off.

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