Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Activity Complexity

The typo sabotage has just begun, they wouldn't let me type the title even.

Anyhow, Mondays are the day where I wake up at my parent's place, sometimes do chores, and then get back to my place to then "do time" as the perps need me to be doing nothing it seems. Today, I had a doctor's appointment in the afternoon and got a ride to his office, and waited there as gangstalking bait for 20 minutes. He is an East Indian, Ghandi like even, and is actually reasonable to talk to. This time I was "prepared" with a perspective that he has to do some homework; if he wants to call this "delusional", then the onus is on him to determine that all these harassment and fuckover events aren't happening. And I gave him this blog for his edification, and he was reasonable about my request. We had a chat for 20 minutes, which is double the length of any visits to the last impostor, now moved on to his gifted new job. Funny how I had never been this assertive before, and also wasn't inclined to research the necessity of the clinician to prove that all this harassment isn't happening when it is identical for at least 600 others on Mindcontrolforums for the most part. And I did learn that no two truly psychotics will have the same delusion, otherwise it is very likely a real event.

All these players, such as doctors, in my life have a theme for their scripting, and if they are reasonable, then a more moderate script will be arranged. If they are an asshole, that is what I get; the shill then, has no complaint, especially when they get paid out at the end. As the shrink is the fount of all benefits in this current arrangement, I have to continue with this game, even if the red vehicle gangstalking is proceeding right behind the doctor's head, as I look past him through the window. The shrink was at least respectful enough to take down this URL address and said he would look into my testimony as to what is going on and its likelihood of being clinical. Believe it or not, that is progress, though I am not expecting much, as no one, even those with whom I have spoken to on the phone save one, has exhibited any degree of having read this blog. I might be wrong, or maybe I got just a short summary when I expected more deeper insights and dialog, but it always seems to happen that way.

I got 20 minutes of facetime with the East Indian doctor (think, perp brown color fixation), but I didn't expect the gangstalking hordes that unfolded for my 30 minute walk back to my place. But they were out in force, and even on the freakish side with the wheelchair acts, the running pedestrians, the fat fucker tailing me for 15 minutes, a lead-ahead posse of five for a section of road they ordinarily leave me alone, and two independent lead-ahead gangstalkers knew that I was in close range, less than 8', when I was walking noiselessly. Which supports my contention that I am surveilled as to my precise movements down to the millimetre, along with all thoughts and body functions. I even got the "red flag" ambulatory gangstalker; one in a large red coat, totally absurd for such a sunny a warm day, doing the shoelace tying act, (bent over, a common perp position), with a substantial amount of their coat hanging down, acting as a red flag for my 40' away approach, pass by, and then departure. And most of them were wearing shades today, even the seeming high school dudes. I also got one of my confreres from the hospital incarceration days of 2003, "happening" to be "hanging around" by standing on the street, 4' from the curb in bare feet for absolutely no fucking reason, and then crossing my path again before I passed by. This suggests an energetics sampling of the asphalt and the concrete surfaces, another perp fixation, and that they want to be able to determine each on me, via the operative doing this dumbfuck routine. She knows who I am, we once chatted, but neither of us bother to say hello. This particular location outside an apartment has become the scene where weird people do weird things; over the last two weeks this same woman has just stood there beside the sidewalk, another dude was squatting down for no seeming purpose, another dude was smoking in a PVC chair when I passed by in each direction, 1.5 hours apart, and so it goes. This must be the "freak stop" or some such, where no end of ambulatory behavior weirdness is now exhibited.

Another perp fixation that regular readers will know about is contact with soil, walking me by excavations and planning for me to be proximate to soil spreading, handling, turf laying etc. One reason for the above gangstalking hordes, including the vehicular ones, likely some 500 or so, is that I was digging at my parents' place, creating a raised bed from lumber, and then filling it with sieved soil. Of course it got on my jeans, shirt, and some mysteriously was applied to my face, and I suppose this could of been the reason for the close-in gangstalking today, and the odd "landscaping job" on the way back, which begat the "need" to park their vehicle on the sidewalk, at a street corner where I turned direction, so the vehicle was visible from two directions.

As part of the "show" that comes with working in my parents' backyard was the chainsaw noise again, then later muted sounds of gasoline lawnmowers, overhead aircraft, extra vehicle noise, and even a neighbor on "pop up" duty, standing on a step ladder so he could be seen over the 10' hedge, he in his mid-grey sweatshirt. And like last time, the perps kept my nose running for the two hours I was working, all to have me wipe it off with my gloved hands, and there was the game of planting yet more plastics around me. This happened last week; after digging out a few square yards of black plastic that had been under the soil for decades, all manner of other scraps of plastic of varying kinds kept "arriving" so they too could be added into the pile for some kind of remotely applied energetics interaction assay reasons. The dug out plastic of last week was still there today, and lo, if two pieces hadn't wrapped themselves at orthogonal angles around the wood raised bed frame that I had started. Amazing, how so many things, even sidewalk cigarette butt litter, brown colored of course, take on this same directional behavior.

The noise run up tonight, and another new advent on staunching this invasion. There is a noise ascribed to buses, as heard, never when seen, that they make a whistling sound, as if it was some kind of erratic turbocharger. No turbocharged heavy duty vehicle to my knowledge has ever sounded like this, and that is some 53 years of living in making that statement, and yet this noise "happens" more some days, or evenings, than others. As if the "turbocharged noise" shift was running, even if the noise is a total invention and remotely projected in some way. Anyhow, all the relentless stream of outside noise can be abated by plugging my ears with my fingers if I don't like it, or am controlled not to like it. Except now, that being this turbocharge whistling noise nonsense, as it "somehow" persists through my tightly applied fingers and cannot be abated for the first time, some 11 months at this location. And no, the noise did not get louder, and no, the window has not been opened. This, or the over-revved bus engine noise, will also get louder when I am first in bed, before being allowed to sleep. And one can be sure that as I write this up, why, some more bus noise was scripted.

As this is a Monday, I predict yet another two hour minimum of thrashing in bed before being allowed to sleep, I will report tomorrow if that regular event continues like I think it will.

Another regular Monday event is taking a crap, and that was duly accomplished earlier, and follows the pattern of most weeks; crapping permitted on Monday through Wednesday, and then nothing for the remainder of the week. It is another scheduled performance that has been consistent for some four months or longer, as I am not allowed to keep track of this as I once was.

I am also getting the buzzy feet games tonight; a vibrational sensation has "arrived" at each foot and sending up this sensation, which will likely persist well into the night, if past Mondays are a guide, which they have been.

Some good travel reading here; and for noisestalking as well. Time to blog off.

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