Friday, April 11, 2008

No Tea Break

One of the regular events the perps script is an afternoon tea break, usually with a 100g of chocolate, more brown colored food they like me to have for their remote assay reasons.

But today, after screwing my recall of what I needed to shop for, they choked down the usual chocolate, (read, manipulated the shelf stocking), and instead, settled for brown dressed gangstalkers instead. At the location where I pick up the brown sprouted wheet tortillas they had posted a sentry, a long coated brown male standing around dumbstruck, and who usued this countenance to remain in place after I moved on. Another brown dressed gangstalker also swooped by, about 6' distant. This is an exciting moment for the perps, putting on less than eight gangstalkers around me when acquiring a brown colored food staple, and no less, having them posted wearing brown clothing. Next they will post two tone brown sentries, and who knows, even more brown color variants, and then only one sentry after that.

I was full measure for being gangstalked when I set off for a 10 minute round trip shopping, having run out of my daily staple this morning, peanut butter. For some reason, they did not want me to stock up in advance of depleting the current jar of it. This happens often; backup supplies are not always allowed, and then I am forced to run out and get the item within the day.

My brief shopping trip and the rest of the orchestrated cast on the street would take more blogging time, and for "some reason" I don't want to go through the details, except to say that the lead-ahead gangstalkers are now "accompanying me for a city block before they head into the very same grocery store, putting on the head spins in their black hats, the not-so-secret agents that have this town bought and paid for.

Another case of "bread stalking" erupted when I made the short trip to the grocery store. This strange steel box leaning against a wall had a plastic bag full of buns inside, and a gangstalker came by to pick them up and manipulate them as I walked by.

And as I write this I am getting severe amounts of vision impairment along with plasma flashes on screen. They like to have yellow flashes from this LCD display, usually aligned with text or sometimes the vertical scroll bar. And I suppose it wasn't any surprise that they parked a white trades van outside of my apartment, on the street, with bright yellow stringered ladders on the roof as the first vehicle to seen upon opening up my curtains at 0900h. This was a forced 10 hour sleep, but for no apparent reason, save starting my day later than I like. In other words, no sleep disruption games that I can recall.

A glass bashing noise has erupted in the hallway, which is totally absurd, as the recycled garbage is dealt with on the ground floor. Simultaneously, electronic chirping noises erupted, all the more to keep me under the perps microscope of realtime neural energetics research.

I am still being wrung out as to the disruption of my long standing routine to have a tea break with chocolate, and just might settle for tea alone. The perps make sure my "reactions" are controlled and suit some kind of agenda, often to annoy me as it is totally out of character. The masers are also busy flitting and drifting around in front of my eyes, and sometimes are too thick to see properly.

Tea without chocolate after being forced into "dilemma" about the chocolate accompaniment. And the outside noise was ramped up for at least 20 minutes beforehand, and for at least that long when drinking tea an doing the dishes. I don't have both hands free to plug my ears during these activities, and this is the very time they crank up the noise. And for my benefit (IMHO), the perps laid down a coat on the sidewalk, black mostly, with a slash of red going through it. This suggests that they need some kind of energetic reading from the sidewalk and ground, through this coat, and hope to distinguish the black (no color technically) and red color energetics. And it suggests that they need a long time horizon to have this occur, and hence, the jacket only, no vagrant or other bullshit act sitting in mid-sidewalk. Yesterday's back and forthing supposed "newbie" gym class member dressed in a red shirt suggests something similar; the perps need extended durations of red color exposure, and from live beings, or their garments. Not my problem, so why am I being hounded all over this city for it?

The masers are getting annoying today; the fuzzy ball kind are flitting all about, usually in pairs. And for mentioning that, I got three loud outside noises; a faux bus over-revving, squealing brakes and a hotrod "performance" muffler noise. The perps like me to comment on their own fuckery more than anything. More faux seagull noise, and they do not roost around here, so where is all this noise comng from? The answer will be the same as in the above paragraph; as in NOT, for the cowards of the juvie-gods do not like to show their face and front from this ongoing abuse they have inflicted upon me. On with more noisestalking.

I note there is a new crosswalk in mid-street where I have a view from my apartment. This is the location where a mysterious myriad of jaywalkers frequent, and now, they get to cross the street legally. Where all these people come from is the central curiousity; any moment I look up, even for subsecond durations, one or more individuals is crossing the street. They now get to walk over the twinned 30" sewer pipes that were installed about a month ago, and I suspect they might have some bearing on the perps' study of its contents. And the contents may well be only coming from me if the dearth of authentic tenants in this apartment is an accurate appraisal, same as the last apartment block.

The overhead pounding has started up for the first time today, all to accompany my dinner digestion it would seem. I rarely read past blog postings to determine consistency, as I cannot rely on what I recall, as it is all too often compromised or manipulated. The sunshine games are also on; the apartment tower opposite gets unusually bright and fills this E. facing apartment, even at this time of day, with bright light.

I had more obvious masers with me at dinner tonight; for the first time I was allowed, or it was modified, for me to see the fuzzy object with depth perception. This is a strange first, as these fuzzy ball masers, aka "zingers", have never been seen as anything more than two dimensions. I don't find any excitement in that, and it likely portends much more of the same while this absurd game of constant abuse continues, all without the perps declaring themselves. I cannot see any end soon, even if they pump with such suggestions all day long, day after day. Which might be their method of communicating and detecting the last remants of my brain stem they cannot yet manipulate. I have also been getting some red flashes of late, and often it will follow viewing something red on my LCD display, or arise from a dark corner. And I have no idea if my reaction to them is my own, or them planting it on me. They have surrounded me with red plasma on occasion, and I didn't like it one bit. I passed those neurological tests where they flash lights at one, twice. The latter test was scheduled after the harassment and abuse began in 2002, and there must of been something that went wrong, because after that, they deluged me with headlights, or any other kind of light for the next two weeks. And all the time I would avoid these directed beams, and finally they set me up with a vehicle that pulled out in front of me, and with its rear windows darkened down, they fired a red laser pulse at my eyes, and from then on, they backed off on this extreme harassment. For those two weeks the perps went totally rabid, all because of a medical test they scheduled for me caused some kind of change to my eyes, or else to their remote bioenergetics activity.

I am not allowed to pee in a toilet about 20% of the time without the pee stream being re-directed by some unseen force. Yet another imposition that increased in significant frequency once the perps made themselves overt to me in 2002.

I am listening to late 1950's Mike Wallace interviews; these become grist for the perps messing with the sound by adding reverberations, and similarly with the video, adding color into black and white imagery, pixellation changes, and changing skin tones. The latter is a huge deal for the perps, adding greyed or darkened faces on Caucasians in print, online or for real, and there seems to be boundless fuckery on that front.

I watched the Mike Wallace interview with Jean Seberg, all of 19 y.o in 1958; a class act and a very intelligent person, but I couldn't help but wince when Mike Wallace predicted a very promising career ahead of her. Little did he know that J. Edgar Hoover would later hound her and drive her to suicide, all because he didn't like her later support of the Black Panthers. On publicly released documents, his handwriting stated, "she must be neutralized". Fucking outrageous, and no mark of a free and democratic country, though for me, I am done with that notion.

Time to call another day in captivity done, and ponder the next one, though I don't expect any excitement, as the theme of late has been to exercise more social interaction. That is, they haven't got to bottom on that one yet. Lucky me.

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