Saturday, April 26, 2008

Post Mealtime Noise; vacuuming on the right, idling diesel engine on the left

At this post mealtime period, now 10 minutes after a single slice of tortilla in accordance with the new dietary imposition of only one slice per meal instead of two, the perps have put on the noises from each side, and as I write this, they also started up the tapping noise from overhead. Plus gratuitous plasma and masers as always. Why, the perps might even remove the 1/4" paper punchout chads they arranged around my door yesteday. One of them even "arrived" by itself inside my apartment. Stay tuned for the exciting perp moment of the day (so far), The Disposition of the Chads at the Victim's Door 24 Hours After Arrival. [2030h update; one chad at the corner of the hallway still remains].

For those who can take the trivia the perps routinely introduce and obsess over, here is a more detailed exposition of the tortilla and dietary modification ramifications that seems important to them. This is significant as the perps have changed the amount of my food intake by half for lunch and dinner, the single biggest change since keeping me off fruit in late 2006. As mentioned in the Essential Introductory Postings, I eat the same dish for lunch and dinner every day, now for close to five years. It is sprouted wheat tortillas, brown in color, cooked with olive oil (another perp obsession), and with a tapenade or avocado base, chopped chicken and melted cheddar cheese. They are 10" to 12" in diameter, and are cut in four after cooking. Normally, two slices were eaten at the time of making it, and two slices ar placed on a small near white colored dinner plate, stacked on top of each other (an important perp consideration), covered over with Cling Wrap (another perp obsession), and then placed in the fridge. Normally (for the past five years), the two fridge stored slices would be eaten for the next lunch or dinner. These were reheated in olive oil to warm them through until I moved into this apartment in 05-2007, when the "need" to reheat them was expunged by external means, aka mind-control, and now I eat them cold from the fridge, just separately placed on a larger white plate (perp supplied in 2001). I would eat the two leftover slices for a very short meal, and then prepare the dish anew for the next meal. The mealtime cooking arrangement for lunch and dinner was then an alternation of two slices of just cooked (warm) tortilla and then fridge cool leftover tortilla. Now, with eating only one slice at a time, the entire perp arrangement of the food storage conditions has changed.

With the recent change in eating only one slice per meal, it means that there are three slices that are stacked together on the small plate and referigerated, and then three successive dinners with cold leftovers, an incremental drawdown of a slice at a time, three in total. This means the entire mealtime cycle time has also changed; it means that there are four meals before another tortillas is cooked, a longer cycle than the above described alternate mealtime cooking. As food digestion, its color, its oil content, and whatever else about it is of extreme interest to the perps, as the above mentioned noise flurry suggests, this longer cycle time of food preparation is of huge significance. They also have a profound interest in how food, and all other things, are oriented, what they are placed on, and for how long. Naturally, this extended cycle time of leftover tortilla refrigeration means more plate and Cling Wrap tortilla contact, and more variation over time with the three per single slice incremental drawdown.

And the reason why the overhead noise flurries are continuing as I wrote the above paragraph is that they are tracking my thoughts as I analyse what "I" (read, mind-controlled me) wrote in the above paragraph. Even the sirens have come on, and some two year old noises of another apartment have been reinstated as I type this. And I am quite sure the above mentioned changes to food storage, intake and drawdown has been acutely planned to levels that are far beyond what I convey, and I suspect the perp's real test to is to remotely detect these dietary changes by external bioenergetic means, especially as it relates to digestion and nutrient uptake. Anyhow, that is all the detail I will get into on this pedantic topic, and I only do this in response to knowing that relatively small changes are long planned and exacerbate, (read, add more bioenergetic variability) the noise and gangstalking situation.

So far, it is a shut-in Saturday, but I might be scripted to get a newspaper later and read it for two hours or so; it seems that newspapers are surrogate objects to better remotely detect auric energies, almost as good as water. Yesterday, the water was in the form of the Pseudosweats, the imposed "over reaction" of sweating to undertaking anything active, even a walk downtown and back, which should be no problem, especially when it is not very hot outside.

This is the post-tea and chocolate period, some 5 minutes later, and the noise level of the prior newspaper reading has been sustained. I took out the recycle garbage to the bins on the ground floor, and lo, if a pink and white stilleto heeled and raven haired babe wasn't in the elevator to provide the click clack sounds of her heels on the pavement while I was headed to the bins, and she in the other direction. After returning to my suite to put this recyclables (carry) bag away, I headed out to the store to get a newspaper. I then got my dude with two black plastic garbage bags joining me in the elevator, taking the plastic bags to me, aka the Plastic Bag Man. (There are some of photos of these weirds packing plastic bags on the street in past blog postings). I went to the nearby convenience store, the one my apartment looks over, to acquire the newspaper, and lo, if they didn't still have the Cadbury's Creme Eggs, now a month after Easter, and so "I" bought three. I suspect these blue, red and yellow colored foil chocolate eggs with a gooey white and yellow filling convey substantial advantages for the perps, as they have increased the outside noise substantially, almost serially, since I got back from the store and ate them.

When I got to the store's checkout counter I got "walk away" service, the store assistant walking away just when I expected him to stay at the checkout. This is not too common, and is often arranged the opposite way; the store cashier "happens" to be elsewhere and then arrives to attend to my groceries. Then I departed the store, the distance from the convenience store to the apartment is about 100', but enough to plant two more shiftless loitering dudes at the entrance who then followed me inside, and then again into the elevator. The assholes were all over me for a two trip, five minute total exercise to deal with the recycling and acquiring a newspaper with chocolate confectionary.

When in my apartment, I ate my chocolate eggs first, and then proceeded to read the newspaper for about an hour, and that was the seeming event to then lay on the near serial procession of loud mufflered vehicle noise, bus noise, heavy duty equipment noise and a host of other seeming street sourced noise. Once finished reading the newspaper, and placing it in the above mentioned recyclables bag, I made tea, and once made, I drank it with 100g of chocolate, the perps brown colored substance they need to test me on. And when making tea, the perps rage-ified me twice with the dumbshit prank of sending me to the wrong cupboard and drawer, a "mistake" that I have never, ever made until these assholes invaded my life. Regular readers will know that the perps have a total obsession over the color brown, and they even marked my shirt with a 2" brown streak over the right nipple.

After tea, I got online and then the overhead pounding started up, not yet at "screaming" levels, but a total aberration all the same when there is a carpeted floor overhead and a 10" to12" concrete floor/ceiling. Now the street shouting has started up, as the perps are no longer shy about only putting on this noise at night. Just another afternoon in perpland. And to increase the mental angst, they are planting the notion of imminent cessation of hostilities again. Been there, done that, yesterday. This topic is remotely planted in mind, and is of increased frequency of late for whatever reason. I only got about four of these a year since 2003, but now it is nearly every day. It is fucking tiresome, just like before. Now another siren noise.

The late afternoon imposed sleepies are upon me and with a complement of Harley Davidson noise, a forced sneeze and then smell jammed up my nose. It is time to log off and eat to change the game. I have plenty of extra weight on me, and I won't starve over eating half what I did before. Somehow, I suspect my weight is as tightly managed as the rest of my life, even if it doesn't seem like it. The perps like me to look at my extra 10 pounds, especially on the gym equipment at OB Rec. Center, and then shift my attention to see a planted shill with a much larger gut spilling over his pants. Fucking disgusting it is; I don't need to see anymore large gutted bodies than I once did, but as always, I don't have a choice in that.

When it comes to the perps planting the Unfavored near me, their seeming modus operandi is to have me see a partial fat gut, often from behind exercise equipment, or else one that scrolls by or is cut off when online. The same "happens" with other Unfavored sights such as skinheads (male bald heads). Very often, the bottom of this LCD display shows the top 10% of a skinhead, or else something similar, such as the top of a soccer ball or something else spherical. This goes on every few minutes, often interspersed with other Unfavored demographic category representations, e.g. brown skinned races. And when I blog about it, like right now, I get a noise flurry of hallway door pounding and Harley Davidson motorbike noise, the most loathed noise that I know. And I have my mind-keepers that let me know what I don't like, even if there is no cover story for these kind of vehicles to be circulating in this neighborhood.

I just finished a lengthy visit to a cinematic blog roll, visiting and bookmarking if it looked interesting. The perps have an obsession whenever I undertake this activity, and hence the elevated background noise, all to finish up with a sequence of a forced fart, repetitively slamming doors in the hallway and bus noise from outside. More than once I had to plug my ears with my fingers from outside noise annoyances, and the perps just love me to do this; it is likely making their job easier in some way. In addition to the red colored web page graphics, the perps also flashed red plasma at me in my peripherial vision, no doubt in "support" of seeing some fugly red colors online at the same moment. I am getting more red flashes through the day, and it is pissing me off.

The perps seem to be exploring orange-red hues of late, bothering me with this range of colors which I don't particularly care for. As mentioned a few days ago, the perps tell me that my aversion to vivid and clashing gaudy colors is a result of a nonconsensual LSD trip they administered in my developmental years, to six y.o. I have no such traumatization recollections, and they may have applied some kind of recall deletions that were unable to erase my subconscious recall. This is said (by them) to be the same reason for the ongoing freakshow among the gangstalking community, from the Unfavored demographic groups. I have no way to verify this, and for the most part, though not always, the perp "spin" should not believed. However, they have been very consistent in presenting various themes around hospitals, medical materiel, men in white clothes, strange headgear, operatives in wheelchairs, operatives with a walker, face masked operatives, strangely behaving dudes, and a few more from this Unfavored subset. It remains unverified, though I think it is fair to pass on the consistent perp supplied assertions in case any readers can detect associations in what I am conveying that I cannot, being too close to the action, and mind & cognition controlled as well.

If one adopts the conspiratorial view on the CIA (Crooks In Action) popularizing LSD, which seems to be the case, the perps maybe attempting a correlative tie-in with the above "experimentation" on me and the larger community who were taking this substance and being covertly monitored by the same agency. In my readings, it is clear that the CIA wilfully made LSD availible to the unknowing public, as the original manufacturers, Sandoz, were extremely reluctant to sell them large quantities. (And plenty of overhead rumbling noise while reading the contents of that last link).

And another round of planted thoughts over an imminent cessation of hostilities again today; it is getting tiresome, as this particular specious notion has been wrong for over four years, an example of not believing what they say. The only answer to repeated inculcation of speculative information is to yell at the perps and invariably they back off, if only for five minutes.

A fascinating interview with Richad Hoagland, author of Dark Mission, elucidating NASA's devious behaviors with repect to findings on Mars and the moon. He has encapsulated what I suspect is the dark reality; there are many governments, and it the case of NASA, there are three hidden groups feuding for control. At 58 minutes, it is an investment of time, but one that leaves me awaiting to see part 2, of three in total. One statement that he abides by is that "there are different lies at each level of these nested entities".

Time to call this one done for the day, doing my time.

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