Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hallway Noise Excitement as I Repair This Title

An early morning get-up after two hours of forced sleeplessness with the attendant overhead noise of pounding concrete, hallway banter at 0200h, street shouting, pillow crunching noise in my ears, faked bug crawling on my face, in my hair, on the adjacent wall, endless head flippings and of course the planted notions that run all the time, though nothing of significance.

That was preceded by more bloodletting games before I got to bed; the self-erupting zit on my nose bled all over my nose, and could only be staunched by pressure of the white towel, and multiple interations thereof. This prank was identical to one a few months ago, right down to zit placement, on the right side my nose and just inside my lower peripherial vision to keep a red object there, and to then become a red "wound" of equal annoyance today. Zits with the same behavior in the identical location on my nose when I rarely get them now. How could that be coincidence?

And lo, if the perps did not fake another "shaving nick" today, two skin lesions inflicted about a quarter inch apart, and not staunchable with the steptic pencil, another only-in-perpland physicality manifestation that is consistent with their past practice.

I got sucked into, or more like cognitively dithered, into not putting a title in when I began this blog posting, and once saved, Blogger defaults to the first lines of the posting as a default. That puts the new title at odds with the file name, assigned at the first save. So..., that discrepancy is of great noisestalking interest as I repair the damage, and put a real title in, not the defaulted one. I get the Harley noise, hallway voices and whacking, fake bus whine, and a bunch of others I won't get into, as this becomes a self-fulfilling activity; blog about the noise, and more of it continues with the concept that I am blogging about the very noise as it is happening. This kind of managed synchronicity is the perp managed "normal". Ditto when swearing about another abuse stunt; very often the object/color will "happen" as I am rebuking the perps, under the cute euphenism of "vocalizing my complaints". And lo, here comes the manager and his voice in the hallway, noisetracking me it would seem some 15 minutes after a one-slice tortilla lunch.

And the manager's voice also erupted before lunch when I was putting my clothes back on after a forced shower to clean up after taking a crap, another event managed for maximum mess and inconvenience.

I think the big excitement for the perps is having me start a new bar soap color today; it is the same Lever 2000 brand, but a light powder blue color. I purchased two four-packs, so this change up is expected to be a major advance it would seem. I expect heavy gangstalking with this color when I go to the gym later, so lets see if my prediction is going to come true. In fact, the perps already started me on this color when my mother and I looked at pima cotton sweaters yesterday, one being the identical blue color as today's new bar soap. And no, I don't find much interest in these topics, but as it is the first soap color change since 2005, same brand then, it has major significance as a perp harassment and related fuckery research accomplishment.

The perps froze my vertical scroll, and while yelling at them, they played the most-loathed Harley motorcycle noise, and then began some hallway voices, the manager again. Just another harassment moment, one of many hundreds in a given day. Now more hallway clunking and bashing noise.

The perps have arranged today as the day for painting the yellow curb lines on the street they ripped up earlier this year, now fully paved after putting in two 30" green colored PVC sewage lines and burying them in 3' of poured concrete and then laying down road base gravel material and then asphalt. They tell me that the pipes were put in place to undertake analysis of my output vis a vis the PVC pipes, all to get my energetic interaction as I walk past them or over them on the sidewalk. As always, they cannot be taken at their word, but who knows, as everything is strange, including the dearth of genuine tenants in this and all the proximate (within 500') apartment buildings. At my last apartment residence there was another apartment block some 150' away, and the perps had a septic services truck come by twice for a suction job on extracting the septic contents. This was bizarre as the building would have been connected to the city services. This topic has no end of perp ramifications and stunts, and I will leave it at that for now.

Picture time; taken on 04-23-2008, it shows my sheets getting smeared and speckled at the headboard end, UNDER the pillows somehow. I have no idea how this arrives, no idea why the sheet can get smeared and the contacting pillowcase cannot, and no idea why there is a circular pattern to the smears. Usually the black spotted specks are locii for masers to emanate from or change direction, presumably a reference location.

Taken 04-23-2008. A minor near same color vehicle confluence at an intersection, this being exceedingly common.

Taken 04-24-2008, 1818h 04sec. Just the usual, though I am sure that it was arranged to be precisely what it appears. Three parked vehicles, two silver grey and a white vehicle and another silver grey (pickup) passing by, exactly lined up with that infernal white plastic bag still stuck in the tree as it has done for over six months now. No fluke that, lining vehicles up with garbage at the precise moment I take the photo.

Taken 04-24-2008, 1818h 09sec. A silver grey vehicle is now passing in the opposite direction, and a navy blue vehicle (a common gangstalker color), is passing by after the above siver grey vehicle. Then it was time to get off the deck to avoid any more "coincidences" of orchestrated vehicle colors.

It is time to head to the gym and see what the gangstalking intensity is today.

I am back from the gym, and then a stop-by "Chicken Run" shopping at the local supermarket. In the latter case it was a full-on freakshow, aided by a checkout obstruction stunt where there were many "customers" ahead of me in various hues of brown clothing, and finally a big suited lug in front of me buying two brown colored packages of cookies. The story didn't add up in his case, all these suits "off work" at 1600h when I was there. At least three chinless males were loitering around me while I was in the lineup at the checkout, and there was the usual other Unfavoreds; big hat acts, shiftless middle aged males and other fuglies. And lo, if one of the freaks from gym class that ended at 1530h "somehow happened" to be in the supermarket at 1600h. To pull that off he would have to have taken the bus or teleported, and more likely the latter. A woman in the gym class pulled this same stunt in the same circumstances about four months ago. Today's reprising class member is also the same freak dude who "happened" to be passing through the waiting area at the doctor's office about three weeks ago, another astonishing stunt of timing/managed coincidence.

The 6'8" hulking suit, dark grey in color, in front of me at the supermarket checkout line was purchasing two brown color packaged rolls of cookies, presumably with chocolate on them, being of the Pimm's line. Incredibly, the lining of his suit jacket was hanging below the hem by some 1" for 4" of length. Once the checkout obstruction was done, he departed, and it was my turn to have my groceries rung up. When the hulking suit should of been long gone, there he was at his black monster SUV in the outside parking lot with the rear door open, (very common perp arrangement) and he was taking off his suit jacket. I often get the operatives and their shills removing or adding garments on in public, and here was the same dude from the checkout lineup. He had somehow delayed his departure to show me his suit jacket removal games. It is fucking tiresome, as I have seen this act so many times, the reprising gangstalker in differing locations, garment configuration and/or lighting conditions.

The gangstalk show at the gym was on the moderate side today, I actually had some seeming freedom to pick and chose what equipment I was going to work on, save one non class dude who kept hounding me just so he could do nothing close by. The regular class freak who constantly stalks me, Ethnic Gut, was in his bright yellow shirt again, and in position at the stairwell when I entered, just as he was last week. The other featured class stalker, New Bald, was absent as he was all last week, so hopefully I have seen the last of that disgusting skinhead act. Curiously there wasn't other skinheads in his place.

When walking to the gym today, I had a party of five operatives coming toward me on the sidewalk, some 40' in front of me. This is bizarre enough, as this is a residential neighborhood, and it is extremely rare to find that many individuals together. Anyhow, they somehow jointly decided to reverse direction, and it was the most amazing event; they all turned at the identical moment, in a precision drill as if it were a military parade. They then walked some 12', and then somehow decided that they would all jaywalk across the street at the same time. When does it ever happen that a party that large agrees to jaywalk together? Entertaining if nothing else.

And another new dude in the gym class today, he of an armfull of tatoos on each side, yet another loathed Unfavored feature, but he wasn't positioned in my face at all thankfully. Perhaps his turn will come later.

I got my regular tail whe returning from the gym; a redheaded woman class member tails me for about 15 minutes of walking time, first in lead-ahead mode, then I pass by her, and then she catches up to me again at this certain intersection. Today's gangstalking leapfrog was absolutely identical in timing to last Thursday's by the same woman. This would be another never-before in having a tail that is on me with identical timing in two successive gym class days.

The perps only let me run four minutes on the treadmill today, "causing me" to feel whacked out when I had been doing 11 minute runs with some included warmup time. So, back on the stationary bicycle again, and lo, if a redheaded seen-before operative didn't need to take the bicycle next to me instead any of the four others. He was in a olive drab colored shirt with fugly orange detail, and lo, if I didn't "happen" to wear the same colored jacket today, having put it in the locker. It is very plain that the perps work off clothing colors of items I had been previously wearing, only 25 minutes prior in this case.

At the supermarket, and now on this reduced food intake, I had every expectation that all I needed to purchase was a half cooked chicken. And lo, if there were only whole chickens, no partial cuts in all of the three lines that they carry. Another fluke to have me throw out spoiling meat, a stunt they have been doing of late, even if the fridge temperature has been increased even for half cuts of chicken. It is outrageous that I am forced to purchase quantities of food that I don't need, and I am not allowed to purchase less.

Another managed food item was breakfast cereal, which I thought I had been depleted faster than I was using it, meaning the perps were incrementally stealing food to cause it to finish sooner. Well, there was a reason for it, as the packaging now comes with this way fugly red printing on it, one of those disgusting reds that I cannot stand. I suspect this is to get me to put the new bag contents in the old bag to avoid seeing this fucking outrage every day.

The street freaks were out, and at one location I was in a confluence of three skateboarders, which are not supposed to be on the sidewalks. And lo, if a fourth skateboarder wasn't on my tail after I left the supermarket. It is fucking tiresome seeing the bylaws violated every day at the behest of some sick minded assholes who have chosen the most difficult objective; learning how to screw over an innocent citizen from a remote location instead of summoning the gumption to confront me directly.

A jab in the back while seated in my chair as some outside bus noise erupted. I am also getting "the beam", the dusk time "reflection" off the opposite residental tower, one that has increased in intensity and can now punch through the curtains and sit in my left side peripherial vision. There are some pictures of this; look for recent "pictures" keyworded postings.

The Harley Davidson noise has been used extensively today; at least thirty times begining at 0800h this morning, long before that crowd is ever awake. No matter, projected noise or real noise, these burst of loud motorcycles are timed with the usual efficiency; when cleaning the dishes (always a perp fascination), web page changes, when putting the first piece of chocolate in my mouth in the morning or at tea time, and so on. It is the most loathed noise of all, and I have no idea what long ago subconscious associations there maybe with such a noise, and the perps make sure I now loathe it all the more these days. There is a significant story behind this particular aversion, and I have no recollections as to why.

Speaking of recall decimation by remote means; on the Camelot series of interviews, Richard Hoagland is quite sure the US astronauts, save Neil Armstrong, are getting remotely applied recall deletion as to what they saw on the moon. Hoagland claims they saw glass structures which are very clear in his untouched photos. It is in part 2, and I hope to see part 3 tonight. He is an extremely fascinating individual, one of the pioneers in holding NASA's feet to the fire. And speaking of covert groups pulling the strings behind the scenes, he indicates that there are three power groups in conflict within NASA; the masons, the wizards and the Nazis who are in constant conflict.

I have the headphones on and the perps have taken to planting creaking noise "attributable" to them, and yet the headphone components are not being flexed or moved in any way. Then came the overhead pounding, so it is time to give them a rest. I listened to part 3 of the Camelot Hoagland interview, and lo, if he isn't coming to understand torsional energies that permeate plasma, space, gravitics and consciousness and of course, it being something near and dear to the cretins that have me in a hole by way of these same technologies. It was affirming that an esteemed researcher as he is coming round to understand the big picture, vis a vis the "torsion waves" and how this significant realm of science has been subverted and kept from publication for over 150 years, save the Soviet Union ironically. I did send Camelot an email about offering myself as a subject, but they never replied. If there are any TI's reading this, perhaps you can send your own email to them if you want to offer yourself as an interview subject, and perhaps create a critical mass of awareness.

I just got a simultaneous zapping with an overhead pounding while listening to music, the same Jill Barber tracks of the past week. Therefore, another screaming rant at the psychopathic assholes who pulled this off yet again. Then a mini-zap in my left arm when on the armrest. No doubt the fuckers will want to undertake some correlative zappings when I am in bed tonight, before I get to sleep.

Time to call this one done for the day, being so utterly pissed at these scurilous assholes, who are still at it, flashing plasma at me.

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