Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Six Year Anniversary of Overt Harassment

I am deprived of sleep today, as predicted yesterday, but I never seem to suffer any consequences or have need to catch up, or nap. Fine by me, if I get consequentless sleep deprivation, though it was of an unsual nature. I was kept awake for a few hours before being sent into an REM sleep, where the dreaming state is vivid, and so, the transition from planted thoughts while being kept awake to REM sleep wasn't apparent, hence the perception of having no sleep when I awoke this morning. This is but one interest of the perps, and it seems that they wish to extend the "Monday factor" into Tuesday. What that entails entirely isn't fully known, but it seems that the Sunday stayover at my parent's place confers benefits for the perps, and they wish to continue in this way. Perhaps they cannot yet fully fuck with deep sleep, or that there are some neural changes during deep sleep they cannot yet emulate/control by external means. Not my problem, so why am I being hounded over this every day?

Because, I was sold into human nonconsensual experimentation from birth, and owing to some perp fuckups in my early developmental years that are subconsciously recalled and cannot yet be neurally meddled with, and the ingestion of plastic sourced pollutants that interfere with remotely assayed bioenergetics, they decided to "go overt", and make their harassment known to me, and have me at their full time disposal by running me out of a job, and having the doctor declare me as "disabled". Hence this gig, and all the time in the world to blog away, possibly to excess, though no one has told me that yet.

And I doubt that I will get any kind of cake to celebrate this macabre netherworld induction I have been subjected to, but it is six years ago today, the US IRS tax filing deadline, when they scrambled the shit out of me, and wouldn't let me submit my tax return on time. And then, they decided I should be inducted with a high tech invasion to my apartment, a weekday no less, and "spend the day at home", at the mercy of the sickos that decided to dispatch me into living hell ever since. Since then, every aspect of my life is potentially interfered with, right down to turning a lightswitch on (fingers "miss" the switch) to turning a page (pages stick together and then a forced mind controlled rage), and everyhing else. A functional decomposition of all neural energetics associated with my activities every microsecond, and other bioenergetics that maybe associated with the earth, soil, construction materials, everything, and everybody in my proximity. And I don't quite know yet the quantification of proximity; some gangstalkers feign an excuse to get very close, and it seems on other fronts, like the vehicular gangstalking of color coordinated vehicles, it is at least 500' away, though I suspect that there are greater distances being sampled of late. The perps even drove a redi-mix truck past my apartment for breakfast, adding to their fixation over this material. At the end of the day, they paraded a construction worker from a concrete building site past me. (There is no site at this immediate area, so what was the dude doing, save gangstalking his concrete energized self?).

I am back from the gym, a 30 minute walk each way, and thick with vehicular gangstalking of color coordinated formations of traffic, unusually close when transiting in file. I had plenty of ambulatory action on the street, and it was thick at the gym as well. At the latter, there was the usual 8 to 12 dudes and one blonde standing around doing nothing some 10 to 15' away, effectively ringing me while I was working out on the free weights. Then they send someone in close when I am about halfway done, which if close enough, pisses me off and I move on. It was a five freak class, and at least 12 total attending today, an extra showing for whatever reason.

I had four starings at me when out today, usually the person/operative has me lined up before I look at him, and when I do, they are staring away. I asked the shrink yesterday if there was any reason why anyone would stare at me, and he said there wasn't. (Sometimes one has to revisits the basics because one gets no objective analysis from anyone). In the gym class, when we convene for the floor exercises I noted that the skinhead (freak), aka New Bald, moved his mat much closer to mine so there was no way to miss his fugly pate, even in my peripherial vision. He has moved across (E.), and now has moved toward me (N.) over the past few weeks. Fat Fuck (freak) made his conversational debut by being totally rude, pretending to encroach on me when I was setting up the the cables, and then when I said I needed both cable pulls, he pretended he didn't hear me, forcing me to repeat what I said, (a favorite perp fuckover gambit), and then he put on the faux huffy act. Fucking bizarre, but that wasn't all.

When walking to the gym and back, I had at least four ambulatory gangstalkers at various locations do the stop-in-mid-sidewalk-for-no-reason act, and some of them adding a reversal of direction into the act as well, one pulling a double reversal of direction just to be extra obvious about it. That it the "see me" stunt, a component of the gangstalking harassment games sometimes. There was another freak at the "freak stop", a specific location where they come out and act oddly, in front of an apartment building for whatever reason. I had four cyclists on the sidewalk passing me by, or even walking their bicycle just to be extra absurd. There is no excuse on this one as there is a cycle lane, funded by the perps in their civic "improvement" games to move traffic lanes by 1' to 3'. And a fast strutting babe, dressed in the same colors as I was underneath my coat (black pants and mid-grey shirt), stepped into my path, all the while pretending to "not notice" when I was within 4' of her as she made her 90 degree turn in front of me. What woman, or man for that matter, walks around in town and doesn't take in what other pedestrians are close to them to check them out and make sure they don't collide or otherwise represent a threat? No one, and yet it is "happening" nearly every time I go out for any extended duration of 20 minutes or longer. It is getting to be a total rude show in this town, when it was anything but before the perps struck to fuck my life over, or more than they were already.

I had three VW New Beetles cross my walking path in succession; as I was walking, one would come from, or want to enter a side street, and pass behind me, or in front of me, those being the only vehicles that did so for that five minute interval.

And I am getting some fierce emanations off this LCD display after my outing, which tells me that they are having to accelerate their irradiation games to keep me at their prefered level. This routinely happened everytime I came back from my 2 to 3 hour hikes, as I assume they couldn't get enough of a read on me to know how much to cook me at any given moment, even for all the trailhead parking lot gangstalking stunts that went down. It would seem that exercise causes the irradiation to dissapate, and therefore, when returning to confined quarters, they apply more irradiation to top me up and get me to their current operating level. That is the way it seems, at any rate. I haven't made a gaussmeter reading since late 2002, and I am sure they took out my three instruments for that very reason; they don't want me to know.

Some relief after an overhead pounding and a seeming zap.

Here is a picture taken from inside my apartment, likely to expedite image capture, though I am sure it was all arranged to the subsecond level. Three same mid-grey vehicles outside my apartment, six floors down, two are parked and one is waiting at the traffic light. Also, an arranged crew of shiftless dweebes walking by. Note white plastic bag in tree, it has been there for months, as some kind of plastic interaction stunt, especially if a parked vehicle is behind it to act as a color reference which seems to be the case.

Here we have total photo bait; four red vehicles, originally parked in file, all the same shade of red no less, and a shadow situation as part of the mix. A black pickup has been added to the array of red vehicles, presumably for color reference reasons, and of note, the driver is wearing the same color of red shirt with his arm visible through the open window. As the four red vehicles were purposely arranged for photography, one could be certain that all other parties are as well. Two women ambulatory gangstalkers are on the left side of the street, one in a red jacket, the other in black walking between the red vehicles, and both are W. bound. And yes, this is how we align ourselves at a traffic control in this town in my proximity; skewed, over top of the stopline, and into the crosswalk if possible, a perfect arrangement for a perp.

Only seconds later, the traffic light has turned to green, and the skewed red colored vehicle is proceeding. As part of the red and black symmetry, there are the parked vehicles on the right side of the street; red pickup with a black canopy, then behind it, white, black and white vehicles in file. The ambulatory gangstalkers have aligned themselves in file on the left side of the street, again, the lead one in red and black clothing and the following one in black. Also note the pronounced arm swing of the lead ambulatory gangstalker; they nearly all do this absurd walking action. A mid-grey vehicle is visible at the right top corner, presumably acting as a mid-grey scale reference. And, at the street corner in the lower part of the picture against the green wall, a not-so-secret-agent on the cell phone, doing the EM signal games at that location, identical to another operative at this same location who was pictured. And lo, if there isn't another white plastic bag stuck in a neighbouring tree, over the crosswalk. Do we have enough symmetry and oddities here?

This is my right foot, and this "brown streak" that has been somehow embedded into my big toe nail has been there for at least 8 months. I assume this is a color reference for the perps that is to be detected through my socks and runners when I am outside. The camera's macro feature won't work, and this is as close as I can take the photo; convenient.

Here is an interesting site on contrails, the overflight spraying of chemicals, with the interesting statements that it can change electron spin in the air, the "cyclotronics resonance", or in more general terms, the electromagnetic properties. It would seem that we, and I have seen contrails here, are being sprayed to be further sampled for our bioenergetic responses to the contrail contents. From this site, I suspect there are many differing kinds of contrails, so who knows what is coming down for what purpose. Barium is one element that they use, and it changes radar reflectivity.

Reading is getting to be difficult with shimmery plasma shapes emanating from the text off the LCD display, all in my central vision. I was reading a travel piece, here, and it is an interesting journey the author is having, travelling alone. I never got that opportunity as an adult, I had a significant other that made travelling significantly chaotic and high maintenance. But with a wife as a perp shill, it was arranged that the new circumstances encountered in travelling would be extra arduous, crowded and prone to constant dumbshit ideas of my wife that had to be parrried.

I wonder if anyone else will muse on the coincidence of an MD-80 aircraft crashing in the Congo yesterday after some 2,000 flight cancellations for American Airline's MD-80 aircraft inspections this past week. It seems there is something the perps want to know about the human energetic experience of flying in aircraft, and it is very possible that the forced inspections of this normally reliable aircraft were aiding whatever the gain might be from crashing one. I have remarked in past blog postings about the uncommon coincidences that have gone on with respect to natural and man-made disasters, but it seems that someone wanted a number of the MD-80's to be grounded in advance of taking one down. Pure speculation on my part, but I am sure I am not the only conspiracist, though I have a unique perspective in seeing so many of these world events to have a possible tie-in with my puppet masters.

And to feed my conspiratorial notions, I "chanced" on a piece about Jimi Hendrix' death not being the cause that the media provided to all us schumcks that didn't look any further. I had no idea that the mafia was so big into the music business as the author indicates. Clearly, my conspiratorial credentials are wanting. I say that almost thankfully, though the perps made sure that the 9/11 events got much discovery time, as I didn't want to got there back in 2003, as I had plain enough of seeing way too many "coincidences" in my life that the perps wanted me to know about. It is most odd that they have led me to these unresolved events, which unfortuneately includes school shootings and like massacre events.

Enough of the macabre, and time to call this one done for the day.

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