Monday, April 21, 2008

Predictable Income Tax Jerkaround

I got my income tax results back, and lo, if the same fuckup didn't "happen" as last year. Somehow, my income was doubled, and now I am said to owe some $2,400 in income tax payments. Been there, done that, last year. The identical "mistake" on the government's end, as my prinout of my statements was correct. I cannot image how any agency can presume to unilaterally double my income for the year without first evaluating the tax return to note that there are two identical sources of income, and how possible could that be? No, I suspect there is a branch office of the income tax that is run by the perps, and loves to jerk specifically harassed, and probably others, by making up this bullshit to contend with. And when the poor schmuck is dealing with the problem, then crank up the "environmental" noise.

On this topic, I have railed before; four income tax re-assessments in four years, all over the same details, and the same documentation was provided in each instance. Not one of my letters of complaint was answered. Now that I am on the most simplest of income sources, a single disability source, they "decide" that enough fuckery hasn't gone down, so lets play games like doubling his income and then pissing him off, along with the typo sabotage that is going on while this is being written. That makes six years of income tax return jerkarounds out of six years of being harassed by gangstalkers, noise and extra-conventional application of physical forces, and related mind control games. It is time the fucking assholes jerking with my life got one of their own and paid me out, just like the quislings and operatives.

Another stayover at my parent's place and some gardening activity in the morning. Instead of the neighbors cranking up their chainsaws, the lawn cutting outfit arrived outside after I had finished, and was inside. Such a fluke, these strange dudes arriving immediately afterward, while I was in the house. This would suggest that they are attempting to neurally map my brain energetics when outside, to that of being inside to the same noise, chainsaw, or other small 2 cycle engine noise.

The income tax fuckery has gone two more rounds before having dinner, and it isn't over yet. I logged in to my online tax account, rectified the "error" and then the display kept cycling, indicating there was an error when there wasn't. It would not accept the corrected amount, and lo, if that didn't then morph into a phone call that had a busy signal, and still does, a half hour later. More fucking games to extend this banality all the more, and to no doubt have the papers from my file box, my printer, and the income tax people get placed into a stack to be later dealt with. The sickos cannot get enough of having papers from differing sources intermingle. And when I was attempting to rectify the problem, the glass bottle bashing started up in the hallway. Such a fluke that. There was a big run-up in noise flurries beforehand, and it is still continuing. The perps also rage-ified me when making dinner, sending me to the wrong drawer twice, planting the wrong syntax while I was complaining (subverting my word choice), and are still keeping up the noise from outside.

And Mondays are becoming the big Fuckover days of the week, and are extended to Tuesdays I learned last week by keeping me in a light REM sleep for the night, if allowed sleep at all. Then on with a full force of gangstalkers on Tuesday, especially at the gym if it is going to be like last week. It was totally nuts, and they kept obstructing me at every turn, and even planted their operatives to create a scene. (It was the Fatfuck attempting to usurp the equipment I was on).

Back to doing squat again with the noise games.

It is the day to be antagonized it seems; more games of turning text into a creeping bug onscreen, overpound pounding, albeit gently applied (concrete ceiling floor, recall), more of the plasma "reflectance" off the opposite tower, this time penetrating the curtains, the "red men" (clothed) outside when making a very brief glance out, plenty of red colors on the web pages, tapping overhead (carpeted floors in this building), and a host of other perturbations, the latest being cooling me and this apartment down. The last time they pulled this, the heater "somehow" didn't work, even if the thermostat appeared to be.

A fleeting planted look of red colored text on this page when it is always black colored. The perps are on a red color "surge" today, and there has been many instances of the noises occuring the instant a new web page containing red colored images displays. Other related harassment has been jabbing me in the back at that same instant of red color display.

I have been listening to some more of the early Mike Wallace interviews, this one of Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe of UFO research fame. And interesting man, and very credible; Wallace assailed him, and began to look foolish, and then backed off. And while listening, the outside noises continued, overhead pounding, and the headphones clicked all by themselves, physically, not through the transducers. The perps like magnets to be around my head at times, and if one to witness the plethora of headphone wearing gangstalkers in public, it would seem that this offers some advantages to the assholes.

Time to blog off and call this day done. And one prediction; at least two hours of being kept awake before getting to sleep, and maybe a light REM sleep only like last week with an onslaught of gangstalking to follow.

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