Saturday, April 05, 2008

Forced Sleepiness

It is the time of day I read blogs, and with all the noisestalking that goes on while reading them it is very clear that the perps see some kind of gain from me viewing them. And to further extend the perp's intrusions they now schedule a "sleepytime", a barely awake duration while reading them. I don't take mid-day naps, and I have no need for them, so I can assume that this in not a coincidence, and is one more coincident imposition for their objectives.

It has been a dull day; after breakfast at any rate. The perps got into their peanut butter and jam flicking games again, this time breaking up the bread before my very eyes with no ostensible cause. It was amazing to see a slice of bread "self destruct" on the plate, but it did, all to dump some peanut butter and jam directly on the plate. This is consistent the the food games that are going on, and have been in overt form since 2002. Normally they don't let me watch these extra-conventional application of forces at a distance, but today they did, though I suspect they blank me out to some extent while watching. Anyhow, that plate was taken to the kitchen and I got another cup of coffee while there. Then my breakfast chocolate was eaten, and this is always a big perp moment, having more brown food enter my mouth with brown colored beverage. After I finished the coffee I went to the kitchen for a last half cup, and there was a bright red new jam smear on the plate I had left on the counter. This is fuckery of the unabashed blatant kind, and not something the perps normally do. Anyhow, I was then scripted to take it off the plate with my fingers and then run them under the faucet to clean them up, and then dry my hands. Given the extensive amount of hand cleaning and drying that goes on as the behest of the perps, this wasn't too much of a surprise.

What was a surprise is that this flagrant sabotage was conducted without any semblance of a cover story. Typically the perps would cause some jam to spill in some way to get extra "jam exposure time", but this was without any pretense. The perps also pulled this twice yesterday; they took out a 1.5" notch out of the tortilla I had readied, and then put a piece of chopped chicken next to the knife at the blade and handle joint. Normally the chopped chicken is about 4" away from th knife in a neat pile on the same cutting board. When I returned to the kitchen after awaiting the frypan to heat up, these blatant food fucking intrusions were obviously apparent. This seems to be a new trend, possibly to test my very short term recall, and/or place everyday items in new situations for their remote bioenergetics assay work as it seems to be. Other recent games have been flicking some black substance on my new pillows, which in the past have been seen to re-emit masers, serving as a loci to redirect them, likely into my head while sleeping on them I suspect. The perps also put a brown seed in my bed, and made sure that I saw and ealt with it before getting up. Once there was a 20" long black hair in the bed, and I have no idea how that got there, as I am the only one who sleeps in it. Though, the perps have reminded me that I sleep one day a week at my parents' place, and theoretically they could place an operative sleep in my bed so I would be none the wiser, especially when they could defeat my sense of smell. Where I sleep and how has been an abiding interest from the perps since they went into overt harassment mode, and that includes sleeplessness over three days. All that vehicle sleeping too, when they drove me out my apartment with intense headpains. So who knows, and as always, I am the last to know.

The perps let me out in the morning to go to the grocery store as the olive oil had been mysteriously depleted to time its completion for today, and open the new bottle tommorrow before I set off to visit my parents. This was at 0930h, and for once they laid off the intense gangstalking, though there was someone at every aisle crossing. They had a file of three red colored vehicles parked on the street with one intervening light blue color, and that was 30' away at the closest. There was another two mobile red colored vehicles at orthogonal angles. It would seem that the perps are attempting some kind of red color registry with the aid of more preferred color, blue. Though it was the same metallic blue color of my parents' former vehicle that they had for over 15 years, a diesel Peugot.

And for more games, the perps put on a commercial delivery truck immediately outside the entrance when there is a commercial loading bay at the back. On the tailgate of this 5 tonne truck was a palette load of bread, sitting about 5' off the ground. When I returned 5 minutes later, the tailgate had been lowered to the ground with the bread palette still in place. There wasn't any loading activity around, so I can assume this was another case of "bread stalking", where they post bread at various locations, or in someone's groceries, for me to pass by. That the bread was on a red plastic palette might have been part of the game, as that was in proximity of the above mentioned three read vehicles. Regular readers will know that one of the many perp obsessions is bread; they plant it in my proximity and will even place a whole loaf at a street corner for some kind of diagnotic purpose related to color, substance, and plastic interaction. I have eaten plenty of bread in all kinds of packaging in my 53 years, and I don't see why the assholes can't get themselves out the closet to figure it out, rather than "bread stalking" me for close to six years. The perps have me eating a gluten free bread, and I suspect there is some kind of gluten interaction they are attempting to model, again, using their cowardly action-at-a-distance methods. Not my problem, so why am I being contained in some timourous assholes' bread interaction research?

The only answer to that question is by way of increased noisestalking, which means that it was totally scripted, and they want some kind of result by repeating the same words all the time. This is what they do to me all day long as a consequence of them infuriating me with their fuckery.

Now that I was awakened some to write the above, another round of outside sourced noises started up, and is still continuing; the so called "perfomance" mufflers and two cycle engine motorcycle noise, (like Harleys) the most loathed of all, are cycling at about five per minute, with a five to ten second trail-off noise as if retreating in the distance. As always, the noises are projected by some means as there isn't the street capacity or the frequency of such vehicles to be in so great number. There isn't even a commuting "reason" to support this noise bullshit, culminating before dinner, as it nearly always does.

The vision impairment games are also getting out of hand, so it is time to call this journalling done for now.

This is the post-dinner digestion time, and it seems to be getting plenty of attention. At least two male jocularity events outside my door in the apartment hallway have erupted in the past 10 minutes. I also note that the streets were devoid of parked vehicles at dinner time, and are now nearly full with the color coordinated parked vehicles, on a Saturday no less. Extra clunking and squeaking from the "neighbor" noise has also been added into the mix, as also the outside lights of the neighboring apartment even if there is plenty of daylight out. The forced burps and farts also count in the "phenomenon" mix as it should be called, though I rarely think to add them into this blog posting. And now a siren, at least the third cascade today.

There has also been an increase in plasma and masers today, sometimes rendering this display unreadable, and I have to prematurely terminate web page reading. And now, the third male jocularity bullshit stunt has erupted, surely an exciting moment for a perp for whatever reason they have in mind.

All of the above was a run-up prior to taking a crap at the dusk onset. Regular readers will know that I am constantly besieged with "toilet games", and there is no question that taking a crap has to be the highlight of the perp's fuckover games. It is the essence of what their brown color games are all about, and as a rule, I don't go into a lot of detail about it. I have a sense that certain developmental incursions have given the perps more "brown color problems" than they planned for, and fifty years later, they are hounding the fuck out of me to unravel it. Not my problem, so why am I contained in this infliction of experimental madness?

The only answer I will likely get tonight is extra wind howls that have been put to be coincident at this time. They have a game whereby they create a wind noise that "somehow" creates a reed-like bleat as it comes through the sill of the sliding glass door.

I suppose that I was annoyed enough to seal the sliding door with drafting tape while an outside vehicle kept its brake lights on was all part of the arrangements. And not to forget, the drafting tape is a light brown color, and perhaps that was the big attraction for the perps. Just more jerking around as far as I can tell.

I am getting sacked reading blogs; I am allowed to read the first few paragrphs to find if it is an interesting post, and then the perps dither my reading should I want to continue. After some 20 or more blog reading attempts in succession, I gave up. What am I allowed to do, and why don't the assholes give me the script in advance?

This exercise is getting severe typo sabotage and it is time to post this without further ado.

The outside wind is continuing and "refreshing" the air in this apartment more than I would like, keeping it too cool for me. But somehow, the heater is not working and the thermostat reads 24C which is totally absurd, mid-70F. But I was allowed to find a recent comment and respond, this time without the comment disappearing. I am still getting some annoying visual lines at a 45 degree criss-cross pattern over the LCD display tonight. Even being disrupted while doing nothing much is grist for the perps' mill it seems.

More noisestalking of hallway squeaking and outside "performance" mufflered vehicles on an improbable run all while I am updating the template to add in the film script story to the list at the right. Notice in the above paragraph the perps had me mention the word "degrees" in two differing contexts? It seems that they are getting more specific as to what they are fishing for. I have also been noisestalked with a rare (tonight) overhead thud at the moment I read some commonplace words. Time to give this a rest, and before I do so, the sirens have come on. I have already posted this twice in the past hour, and it seems that they are getting me tuned up, noise invasion-wise.

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