Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Laundry and Other Adversity

A same 0740h get-up time as yesterday, except that it was cloudy outside and no sun angle games in directing the sunlight to the N. side of the opposite residential tower when having breakfast, and then in its shadow when dealing with the shower shave and dental hygeine routine. The sun angle, the shading objects, degree of direct sunlight are all vital variables in the perp's harassment games I have come to know. This is an E. facing apartment, so any direct sun is going to come in the morning. Other sunlight games are in the evening when the W. setting sun "happens" to reflect off a window of the opposite tower, or even the two towers that are a block away. (See past postings for pictures of my view). Until yesterday, these designed eveningtime reflectance games were blockable by pulling the curtains across the sliding glass balcony door, but now, the perps have increased this annoyance such that the "reflectance" (plasma beam) can now penetrate the curtains and appear as a bright spot in my peripherial vision. Yet more technicalities over the mundane; who knew this was so fascinating to a third party invading my mindspace all my life until they went into overt harassment in 2002>

As it was a laundry day today, more perp harassment obsessions came to play, as regular readers will know that they perps have an obsession over this function. The hallway to the laundry room was duly littered with paper chads, grey powder, mylar cand y wrappers, and soap powder in addition to the now regular strobing light over the laundry room door. It was the alternate week to wash the bedsheets, and lo, if more of the seeming blood stains weren't applied to the sheets, and couldn't be laundered out. This is "normal"; I don't know whose blood it is, as I have no cuts or other evidence, and the putative blood can also "arrive" under the pillow somehow. And to add to the fuckery, the new pillow cases are getting spattered with black dots along a 4" band. Again, there is no apparent causal, and past experience suggests these are localized metallic dots that the perps use to redirect plasma and maser beams, in this case, right beside my head while I sleep.

Onto doing more dull things, this being the post tea and chocolate break. Regular readers will know that the perps have a fascination over tea, and all things brown. In this case, it is more of a green tea, so it is more likely they want to keep these same-time digested items differentiated for some reason. And that wasn't enough, as two flat 1/8" black "crumbs" arrived underneath my 100g chocolate bar, presumably to aid the perps as a colore reference, black meaning no reflected light. And I predict that the perps will eventually add white crumbs to the underside of my chocolate, just as they currently add "salt and pepper" crumbs to my brown breakfast cereal. That is, the cereal has been modified and incorporates small white and black grains/crumbs/whatever it is into the matrix of the cereal flakes. They have done this for at least two years, and it is the same cereal.

The perps also put "salt and pepper" crumbs on my bed today after the sheets had been removed for laundering. No such crumbs could ever naturally get in between the bottom sheet and the matress cover by any expectable means. Conventional reality doesn't perturb the perps if they need to add their "salt and pepper" color referencing on surfaces as they cannot fully determine the color and energy range from their remote location. Crumb inundation is a regular part of the day, and more has been "happening" of late, even blatant no-ostensible-cause crumbs, e.g. the above mentioned ones that accompanied my chocolate today. And yes, there are at least 20 chocolate crumbs that "happen" to come off the bar each time I have one. At breakfast, it was at least 60 crumbs on the plate that "dropped off" the one slice of gluten free bread I had.

The overhead vacuuming started up, this being my online session following dinner, another adversarial event with the perps. They added extra street noise, kitchen sink running water noise, and even slammed the stack of dinner plates by way of unseen forces, and jangled me as my "reaction". I was fucking pissed, and I suspect they know how I respond to some noises worse than others. Though glass and crockery bashing has been a regular event around me; "neighbors", gangstalkers outside, and others. This would suggest that these objects provide a longer ringing time after being banged, and that this ringing is of vital importance to the perps in their ongoing remote energetics assay of my neural activity. Regular readers will know that the post-mealtime, i.e. when food is digesting, is of considerable interest to the perps. They just finished enraging me over more typo sabotage, and then a siren has started up. A regular mealtime.

Another event of late is the perps planting the notion that I should cut down my food consumption, which might be doable. They started this about two weeks ago, and "oddly", it never "occured" to me to do so when serving up lunch and dinner. Fine. Then they seem to have added some extra body weight/girth to me in the last week (same diet as always), and today, they start up this bullshit over reducing my food intake. So when serving up my dinner tonight, was there any recollecton of halving the portion? No, totally "forgotten" again. This only serves as an example of the mind-fuck games that go on, and how trivial and utterly pointless it is.

The dusk onset period is happening, another perp "silly season", just every day. They have at least four parked red and burgundy colored vehicles on different streets outside, ensconced with black and white vehicles, the seeming color reference colors. (Technically, not colors, absence of color, and all colors combined). And more LCD display flickering, usually anytime I am thinking of a word, likely because my vocabulary choice is being obstructed, something known to "happen" from a long way back.

It is door closing noise tonight; ceaseless clunking and thudding, reminiscient of the activity flurries of my last residental location, the putative rooming house.

A fuckover "forget" again in not posting this last night. The perps put me on a 10.5 hour sleep last night, all to give me minimal time before I head out to yoga. It seemed that they wanted a direct change from the shower, shave and dental hygeine routine into my yoga clothes, without lounging in my jeans first. That is an exciting prospect for them, and I will get to find out how much so by the gangstalk density once I head out. And they got me "readied" by rage-ifying me through breakfast, shaving and showering with provocations related to crumb inundation, faked noises, faked touches, manipulations of my physical environment, forced "forgets" and a few others that get the immediate rage "reaction", also controlled. They are still big on crumb inundation games, planting coffee grounds 3' from where the coffee pot was, behind the sink on the splashboard and the rest of the juvenile incursions. An infuriating morning, and that is just the way they want me. Fucking insane they are.

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