Friday, May 11, 2007

Soap in the Eyes - All Morning

The annoyance game has extended to having either grit like or soap sensations in my right eye today. And there wasn't the usual cover story of it "happening" to flow into my eye when showering this morning. The ever variable cover story need; something I have not figured out.

The radius of planted blunder sensations has also increased in the past few days; this is the sensation of banging or bumping into something proximate when in fact I did not. This applies to the hands and fingers, as well as legs, typically when I am moving or active. The sensation is created at the same time a characteristic noise is also fabricated, providing the momentary notion that in fact it was a genuine blundering into something. Usually one glance confirms that one's limb was nowhere near the object to warrant this sensation and coincident noise, and of late, the perps have me "blundering into" objects that are at least 12" away. Before that, it was more like 2" away, or else they wouldn't bother faking it. Again, another variable need for a cover story gets dispensed with, or diminished.

And it is back to the longer mandated sleep times of the last residence; the fuckers had me sleeping for 9 hours when I had been on a near normal 8. Funny how the doctor asked about this only a few days ago, and now it has been fucked with. This is the typical managed coincidence that occurs.

I am getting the "neighbor" invoked rumbling noise, as if they have sliding glass doors that are one order of magnitude noisier than anyone else's (including mine), but are somehow easy to push, and then they engage in hyperactive balcony access that is usually timed to me swearing at more typo sabotage, or a uncontrolled thought that passes through, usually in response to what I am currently typing. Or, when a "left-field" thought comes through, usually an associated variant of what is currently topical. One such was when I was reading about vehicle engines and green initiatives and I suddenly recalled that the perps were gangstalking me with a biofuel tanker yesterday, possibly the first one I have seen in this city. Mostly, I get gangstalked with conventional petroleum sourced gasoline and heating fuel tankers, at least six per week.

The redi-mix concrete delivery truck gangstalking has also increased; I get at least four per week, sometimes two per day. The perps have also upped the red colored cabbed dump trucks; I get the same one, or appearing to be the same, dump truck at least twice per outing, and only a half block from my apartment building, sometimes speeding in the downtown quarter, a totally absurd safety prospect unless one knows that the streets and intersection controls are being managed in advance. So far, I haven't seen any unconventional physical forces applied to vehicles, though it would not surprise me before long. By controlling gravity and the physicality of everything, they could safely stop anything in an instant.

The maser and plasma games are on full time, a now constant feature of my visual field, along with vision impairment fuckery. One stunt this morning was to blur my visual field while shaking the last of the hair conditioner out of the plastic bottle when in the shower. Totally unrelated physical events that were "somehow" joined in time. Put that in your clinical hat and explain that one for you sick minded sycophantic naysayers. And I have also mentioned the perp's fixation on plastics and their likely absorption into one's body cells, possibly neural cellular structures, and this seems to drive them nuts. I get my PVC pipe packing "irrigation services" vehicles gangstalking me at least once per day now, and if driving my parents' vehicle, they are dogging me the entire journey. My portable PVC respnance testing reference. Even placing PVC chairs out in these trendy nearby cafes is not enough it seems.

Related to the games that go on with various plastics and likely pollutants that are inside me and that cause the perps such grief, which means me as the net consequence of their games, was an interesting stunt they pulled with my shaving razor. Two days ago they launched the razor handle and its blade across the sink under the guise of being near something else that I was moving, and dumped it on the bathroom counter, and then flicked the blade from the handle and dumped it down beside the toilet onto the floor. Just another fuckover game for the sickos. But interestingly, "I" somehow managed to reassemble the blade in backwards into its mount in the razor handle, and it stayed in position, looking as if it were correctly mounted. Then yesterday, there was a siren immediately before beginning shaving, and then another one occuring as I took the razor handle and attempted my first shaving stroke. Needless to say, it did not cut any stubble, and I reversed the blade in the handle and proceeded to shave. The timing of the siren noise suggests the perps wanted to get a neural noisetrack of the immediate before and during of using the razor blade in reversed position. The big attraction for the fuckers was that there are Teflon rub strips on the razor blade housing, and they needed it reversed while putting on the noise bullshit. Like I have blogged before; there is a neural investigation component to this harassment, as determined by the selective noise assaults, as well as attempting to track the energetic effects of widely dispersed (teflon) pollutants, PFOA's. These have been found in polar bears, and no one knows how they have become so dispersed. As before, it is not my problem, so why am I being fucked over for it? (And I had something else to add, and I got fucked out of that notion, something that is "occuring" all too often of late.

The coughstalking is back, this in concert with me visualizing some kind of thoughts in response to reading about the physical configuration of a design of a supposed free energy device. It was impeccable timing, and a precise replicate of what routinely transpired at my last residence location, the putative rooming house. Now more shaking and overhead floor whacking noises are starting up. In fairness though, there is significantly less in-house "resident" noise in this apartment building than the latter location.

There is a concerted rumbling noise, siren noise, and an entirely new stunt, "clickstalking". The perps have decided to create regular clicking sounds from the stove, even if it is off (no burners on), and don't need a cover story for this. And as it so "happens", the clicking occurs at the very same instant that I click my mouse, and more than onces. Now some kind of tapping has started up, and presumably is part of the show, as it resonates as if a pipe was being manipulated.

This is the post lunch period, where they go beserk more often than not, and for tracking the energetics of food digestion I suspect, especially since I eat brown colored tortillas every day, as per mind fuck games that are applied to me.

I mentioned this to the doctor and caseworker at Wednesday's appointment, and said how uncharacteristic it is, but they said nothing. And in hindsight, and likely planted hindsight, I realize how acquiescent they were; as it so happens, the caseworker gave me an introductory letter to take to a commercial kitchen that prepares frozen meals for low income persons, me being one. It was mighty curious that she didn't remind me of it at the time, but chances are it was one of those all too familiar scripted "dead moments", when I respond, and the fuckers I am talking to don't. This is consistent with what has happened in the long past, where I appear to have the last word, even if there is plenty more to talk about or debate. In this case, it was blatant relevant knowledge supression.

And as I typed that, the typo sabotage increased, "I" swore at the fuckers, and simultaneously, the in-house tapping noise started up. There is no time when I have freedom to say anything, assuming it is even me that is doing it, and I suspect not, and even my reactions are mind-fucked into being.

There has been the odd time in recent weeks where I have had a reaction to some perp affront, and the fuckers wouldn't allow me to say anything; I was totally incapable of vocalizing for a second or so, another never-before event. My read on this was that I had a reaction/thought they didn't plan for, and therefore weren't timely with the word insertion. There have been a few other instances of being totally frozen in what to do, and I attribute these to the same reason; wilful or unexpectedly applied moments of a cognitive impasse remotely applied, and likely to tell me that I have no volition whatsoever in what I say, do or think.

Here is a blog posting that summarizes the work of Nikolai A. Kozyrev (1908-1983), and makes reference to ether vortices, and their fundamental nature in the physical world. What I find interesting is the analogy to likening this flow of energy to that of a sponge (objects and beings) being immersed in water (the ether energy);

Though it would seem impossible to most people, Kozyrev showed that by shaking, spinning, heating, cooling, vibrating or breaking physical objects, their weight can be increased or decreased by subtle but definite amounts.
This, in a nutshell, explains why the perps are constantly causing objects to bang, collide, vibrate, and the rest of their remote manipulations. They are remotely assaying this vortex energy, though other names have been applied depending on the researcher; torsion, scalar, gravitational, zero-point, vacuum energy, etc.

And this excerpt would explain why the assholes are constantly pissing me off and having me be "ragefied" in "my" reaction to their fuckover stunts, typo sabotage being one abiding example:

Even more importantly, the fact that strong emotional energy could also cause a measurable at-a-distance reaction has been repeatedly documented not just by Dr Kozyrev but many others, and this is where our concepts of psychic phenomena and consciousness come into the picture.
And even more likely is that the perps are after some kind of "holy grail" outcome that, in their estimation would be compromised should they overtly experiment on a cooperative subject, hence the unrelenting harassment of their subjects world-wide. This excerpt hints at some kind of material matter and consciousness interaction, though the magnitude of the discovery is not apparent to me, or else (and more likely), I am not allowed to think as to what the ramifications are:

The data show that, somehow, a change in the mass consciousness of humanity affected the behaviour of electromagnetic energy in computer circuits around the world, especially those computers nearest to North America. This suggests that torsion waves and consciousness are essentially identical manifestations of intelligent energy.
This infers the capability to make objects move and reform simply by thought alone; no wonder the fuckers want to get there first, so they can repress everyone else from having such powers.

Another game of the perps, having vehicles course around me, turning corners in various colors and directions, is alluded to in the description of the importance of spin:

The Einstein-Cartan theory, which in 1913 established a theoretical basis for the existence of torsion fields, predicts that there is either right-handed or left-handed torsion in space, depending on the location. Subsequent discoveries in quantum physics related to the notion of "spin" confirmed that "electrons" have "right-handed" or "left-handed" spin, meaning that movement will be detected that is either clockwise or counterclockwise. All atoms and molecules maintain varying degrees of balance between right- and left-handed spin. Kozyrev determined that strongly right-handed molecules such as sugar can shield torsion effects, whereas strongly left-handed molecules such as turpentine strengthen them.
And as fructose has a reverse spin, that might explain why the perp assholes have stopped me from having fruit for the past 10 months. The mention of plastic also confering spin properties also explains why their operatives are gangstalking me constantly with plastic bags, as well as fucking over every application of Cling Wrap that I have attempted in the past five years.

And that also would explain why after I cleaned up the tar on the fridge (with paint solvent, a turpentine derivative), that mysteriously erupted at the last residence location, why they gangstalked me so heavily when I went out afterward to the grocery store.

And could it be that this article on Kozyrev was written for me to make many references? I have never encountered any web information that had so many "hits" to it in terms of explaining the harassment methods and objectives. Anyhow, no matter how this link was concocted, if the contents are largely true, then it ties substantially more of these perp games together in a neat bundle.

This is the post-dinner period, one usually noisestalked. Tonight the street screamers and whistlers are on duty, although other noise is added into the mix. It is still light out, and the reflections that "happen" to beam into my apartment have yet to begin.

The perps pulled another late afternoon nap on me, the third in succession when I get plenty of nightime sleep to begin with. They start this napping bullshit at about 1630h, and tonight I recieved over 1.5 hours of naptime. It is fucking absurd, as was the in-nap setup of a woman calling out in with some dude attempting to help her. The street whistling is still going on, and I find it totally implausible that I would hear it in such detail at six stories up. There is also some in-house (conrete construction) overhead pounding as well, another manufactured event as no one could physically shake concrete by walking over it in a conventionally constructed building.

After reading more about torsion energy, the 2 cycle motorcycle noise has been sustained, and for near hilarity, "someone" has started up the glass bottle bashing noise in the hallway, a "feature" of the last residence location, the putative rooming house. It is most strange that these identical noises follow me here, as well as ones that are unique to the concrete constructed apartments of the past. As mentioned in a previous blog, there is some kind of floor whacking noise with a soft object, such as cable, that causes a backbeat noise. This same sound has followed me to four locations over two cities. Funny how "I" didn't recall this at the doctor's office when he was asking me about any surprises as to this new location. I told him that the degree of noise was unexpected in that it should be largely dissapated at six floors up, based on personal experience from long ago. Giving him the full rundown on the anomalous noises was not allowed by the perps, whose ability to fuck with my recall has been increased over the past year.

More vision impairing fuckery as I attempt to read about zero-point energy, remote viewing and the rest of the phenomenon that go with it, including telepathy, reincarnation etc. This is obviously a perp "hot spot", but why they continue to harass me over what I read is beyond me, and isn't my problem. Yet they make another instance for pissing me off, and keeping up their concurrent noise assault. Some kind of in-house tapping keeps on, well past any maintenance activity.

Today has been a shut-in day, where somehow "I" lacked the ability to head outside and get a few errands done, one being the acquisition of omega-3 per doctor's request. Some more thought on this one suggests that the perps cannot distinguish the energetics of the body's fatty acids, so they want me to take a supplement that is a subset of this important compound.

This is almost another case of "been there, done that". Back in 2000 and 2001 they had be load up on omega fatty acids as part of a ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) amelioration, and for two weeks or so there was a positive improvement for at least my vision. Then, like nearly all supplements and medications which prove effective, the benefits drop off, and are no more. To me, that suggests the perps are manipulating some of the body's responses, and governing them downward. With this upcoming omega 3 fatty acids supplement, I wonder what the perps have done to the contents. Things like radioactive tracers are not all that difficult for the fuckers to plant in these compounds in advance of my purchase. They regularly screw with my drinking water, as it seems some kind of electrolysis is going on, for all the bubbles that form in the bottle when I bring it home.

More clunking overhead, some being of the patented perp noises from past apartment buildings. Though, the rumbling of "neighbors sliding glass doors" has also had hyperactive occurences as well. A dull day and evening, and time to call this one done.

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