Saturday, February 10, 2007

Nightime & Daytime Ructions

It is a Saturday, making last night's activities Friday night material, but I fail to see why anyone would want to cluster with others in the back end of a parking lot near nothing of significance but outside my room, abeit lighted. And so it was, sometime around 0300h when I was in deep sleep, some rabble collected under my window to chat and yell, in the fashion of the past in-house male jocularity style. Later awakenings in the night included a wake up to hear the overhead squeaking and clunking, as if I don't get enough of it, and the grainy picture show in the window view and not all over my room. To explain the latter phenomenon, the ambient light is made to look like it is from a high ASA (fast film), pushed process photographic film in low light conditions. Usually I get awakened to see it all over the room or even just my pillow. Last night was a first in that it was reserved for the light outside, or that I could see through my window. Another round of fascinating games for depraved minds with God-like powers.

The follow on ructions this morning have been coughing and hacking in the bathroom next door, the same individuals since 11-2006 (?), glass bottle bashing from the recycling "resident" who has no problem recharging his glass bottle collection each day, and the idiotic noise that my PC makes, akin to an oscillating fan with about the same 3 second cycle time. The premise for this noise is that the vibrations build up, and then are released, all from the installation of two new hard drives earlier this week. Everything of mine that goes in for repair, comes back with new properties of noise, vibration or sometimes even, spits maser beams out and it and vibrating with some kind of emanative radiation, not unlike me these days.

Other games today have been the return of the 1/8" vertical lines at the edge of the LCD display that encroach on the amount of display and somehow are made to bother me, and usually there is a game involved in removing them, as it can only be done when the perps have had enough play time and the mouse properties revert to near normal.

A confab (more ructions) has been arranged in the hallway for my (indirect) benefit; that means a row, full of contention between the manager and a woman "resident", and I get one of these every five weeks or so. My lucky day, this occuring after taking the garbage out (always a big deal for the perps) and taking a pee on the way back in (another big deal for them). Prior to that, a fake-out phone call, and ditto for a phone message that "somehow" got made without benefit of the phone ringing.

The perps have been exceptionally busy placing plasma beams over my hands and fingers as I type; bright red, half second exposures, and generally parallel to the keyboard. This might have something to do with the thining skin and commensurate projecting veins on/from the back of my hands. This also might be related to the profusion of red vehicles in the outside parking lot, three reds in various shades with one silver grey embedded in them, the reverse situation from earlier this week.

Another continuation of the row going on, and more excuses to slam doors and shake this room. Been there, done that, and there have been quite a few of these to create "emotional noise", that which is processed by the amygdala part of the brain, the lastmost neural region the perps have been targetting, and where they will likely continue if Thomas Bearden is correct in postulating that it is the location of the "psi" energies, the more significant objective of the perps IMHO. This might be more important than 100% mind control which they are close to attaining, and will likely do so sometime this month. This being the result of 4.5 years of merciless overt harassment on top of 47 years of covert activity. Itis fucking depressing to spend every day in "when is it going to be over" mode, but it is the reality.

A wall rapping noise started up with concident coughing from the Coughing Corps, the operatives that hang out here with a three month long cough that erupts at the most amazing times. And the perps even forced me into it, creating a cough for no ostensible cause.

The masers are becoming busier, these trails of black "floaters" and veils as well as the fuzzy black balls flipping about in parallel. I have also been voice morphed and currently in a gravelly voice that is unlike my own, and I do not have a cold or any other reason for it. All part of the daily grind, and games that go on.

The contentious row is finally over I suspect; it went three rounds and had male and female parties to it. More noisestalking is also erupting, even as I type, select and depress the mouse button. Time to bait the bear and have some chocolate with my tea.

I am being sucked into a quiescent state, ready to nod off like yesterday when I got an scripted nap. The overhead clunking and squeaking has started up in this pre-dinnertime run up. And of note, the perps had me put this journalling in the wrong posting, switching the selected posting with the one yesterday. Nothing can be taken for granted, not even selecting a display. And that "wisdom" got me some more overhead clunking.

It is spray time again; deck the halls with shots of air freshener. And then have it instantly materialize under my nose to take in and have yet more neural locations probed by the assholes who never asked if they could do this in the first place.

An overhead thwack with a coincident zapping got me severely pissed at the perps for noisestalking me. The noise is like that of dropping 20 lb weights onto the floor above. And more dinnertime entertainment as an operative put on the "looking for something" act in the parking lot that my room overlooks. As this is one of my regular "in-house" operatives/gangstalkers, there wasn't much to guess at; he found his "object ", a piece of plastic garbage in the pitch black alleyway, and then walked out. One of his confreres also did a gangstalk below my window earlier today, walking as if on a path, but in fact it leads nowhere. All part of the show.

A coughing and hacking jag has erupted from the never-get-better operative(s), as this must be a gambit to attain greater neural depth energetics assays. In the early days when I was illegally incarcerated in hospital the "patients"/operatives would have coordinated coughing spells; the left side, then the right side, then back again. When I explained that to the doctor he blew me off as he always did. There must be some deep brain, or amydala level (emotional evaluation) reception going on when the coughing sound is heard, hence the perp's interest in keeping at least two of these fuckers going for over three months now.

A relatively quiet time for some strange reason. I was looking into IR and UV pass camera lenses/cameras as this might be a big deal for the perps as "I" go on this quest every 6 months, dreaming that I will get a camera that can see energies or images not in visible light. One of Tom Bearden's pages got me launched on this fixation, though given how tightly I am managed, I suspect this is just a game to be monitored.

I added responses to the past comments on this blog, going back to 10-2007, and will attempt to finish reviewing comments sometime tommorow.

Enough for a blog posting, even if it was a dull day.

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