Sunday, February 11, 2007

Smell Jam

Forget the ruse of spraying the hallways with "air freshener", just jam it up my nose at each breath says the orchestration manager. That might be the new perpthink du jour, who knows, but that is what is happening. All to accompany the myriad of transpositional typos that is going on, and this constant noise cycling of my PC, the latest in bringing vibration and noise to my feet, almost literally.

It is Sunday, and the power washing noise has erupted the second I opened the window after the hallway spraying erupted. The front door closure and room shake has started up as well as typo hell. (Five "attempts" (read mind controlled fuckery) to type the word "and" after 35 years of keyboarding).

The sound of power washing continues, through lunch and will likely be my accompaniment for the digestive period, possibly another hour. That there isn't any commercial reason to do this in the neighborhood does not perturb the cover story fabrication. It is a case of ignoring it, and doing it anyway.

The "touch games" keep getting played; a sensation of touching something as if I had inadvertently knocked, stepped, backed into or whatever the scenario calls for. Upon inspection, I find the "touched" body part >2" away from the supposed cause, and if I only moved 1/2" then what is the real cause of the sensation? Now that some >20 of these "happen" in any given day, an substantial increase from zero a year ago, it is clear that it is just another jerkaround in the infinite arsenal of the World Gestapo.

The same assholes also blew fresh coffee grounds on my work surface again today, which magically landed after a vertical trajectory on the outside of the coffee pot (made of glass). And a second "secret" amount also landed 180 degrees on the other side of the coffee pot which was nowhere near the spoon. Such trivialities over the perps obsession with all matter that has a brown color, and this has been every day at least for the last 4.5 years.

Now the glass bashing act has started up, and it is amazing how the supposed perpetrator can get a new supply of bottles every day, and needs to clash them together when he never did until the last two months.

The power washing mercifully ended and like I thought, covered the lunch digestion period. It is the PC noise that is carrying the assholes, as no doubt noise to noise correlation with neural energetics is the holy grail of remotely applied fuckery. And the overhead clunking and squeaking is also serving as some kind of intermediary in this eclectic game of noisestalking. The operatives had a noise flurry earlier, but I cannot recall it being too significant. The big deal is outside noise, especially as I have my window open. Never before have I had the opportunity to analyse every environmental factor (room shake, hallway tromping and overhead clunking erupt) like I do now, and I can think of better things to do when I was allowed to have a life that was nominally my own, little did I know that it wasn't.

Another irrational rant from a email correspondent erupted; why are there so many thin skinned people out there, save TI's who come by that out of no choice of their own?

I will be staying the night at my parents' place and get to watch them in their gangstalk games; one (father) who is so seemingly demented that he serves as a foil to do the dumbest things, like standing at a chair instead of sitting in it. But he seems to know when we are all going out as he puts his coat on with no direction. He must be totalled controlled; either to put on the act of dementia, or in the process of it which fits the gangstalking profile 100%. I often wonder what he got out of this save new vehicles, a house and possible remunerative jobs.

My mother is the other culprit and she seems to be able to tap into all kinds of social events and news that she never demonstrated before. I, or by way of planted thought, have facetiously wondered what medication she is on, but the real answer as far as I know is "none". It is a mystery as to where she gets her information feed, as beyond the daily newspaper, the local variant of a corporate chain, I don't know her to read much that is current. It is all about submitting to the Feral Family Gangstalk day, starting in a few hours.

As part of these weekend visits the perps test me out on red meat usually, and I have no complaint with that, but I now know this to be a total obsession of the perps. And that they have guided me off it since 1980 for the most part doesn't deter their compulsive brains one bit, it is only an objective of many hundreds it seems. All part of the relentless and depraved harassment show.

The is a namesake TI who I communicate with, and she hasn't eaten red meat for over two decades, and seems to have a similar diet to me. More coincidence of the managed kind I suspect.

Another dull blog posting for a dull day, but I don't get much opportunity to use my parents' PC as the mouse is so messed up.

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