Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Mashup

The typos have already started even when keying in the above time, and when fixing it, the vehicle horn beep sounded, one of many contributors to the overall noisescape.

I walked to Qi Gong today and joined the shills and operatives in gently exercising myself and gathering chi. The games were all around me again, though the most prominent was placing an Asian girl next to me, and then have her following me out to and down the elevators afterward.

At the end of class they all seemed to hang back excepting her, and egress was blocked by the ever increasing obliviousness act of having shills/operatives stand in the center of the throughway and have me remind them with an "excuse me" which causes them to shift some, but not a lot. The same stunt is occuring more often and there was an earlier incident on the street by a bus stop when walking to the class. There was no bus in sight, and this navy blue coated dude was walking 30' ahead of me and then stopped in mid sidewalk beside the bus stop, constricting egress by establishing himself between the bus stop pole and the bus shelter, back facing me. Then he put on the pissed act when I gave him the requisite "excuse me", as if my request was unreasonable. More like; you dithering idiot; plugging public access on the sidewalks by beligerently stationing yourself at a constriction point and contriving ignorance by feigning to be unaware of others coming directly behind you. (And when this set up was scripted in the first place).

And it is motorized bicycle day in Victoria; this occured after passing an improbable line of gangstalkers at a bus shelter following Qi Gong, all lined up and "in color", and again constricting my egress by establishing themselves outside the bus shelter and on the sidewalk, this time deigning to notice me. And as I passed the group at the above mentioned same constriction point of the sidewalk, a motorized bicycle passed by with a deep red metallic colored pannier (box) on the back.

Only 3 minutes later in my walk at the next intersection, another shill/operative was on the same make and model of motorized bicycle on the sidewalk no less, again constricting my egress between the bicycle and the steel railing on the other side. This time the pannier was a metallic mid grey color, and the perps made sure to have me vocalizing about the stupidity of the rider in putting this thing on the sidewalk when there was adequate room on the road.

Once back at this room/cell, what shows up in the online news? Why an article on motorized bicycles.

And in this city of significant accomodation for bicycle lanes, that still does not stop them from riding them on the sidewalks which they nearly always do at least once per outing. Even if the bicycle lane is beside the sidewalk. In another variation today, and an all-time first, the perps put on an operative walking down the center of a street 60' ahead of me. This was a back street granted, though it is heavily trafficked when I am "in-residence", but somehow, no vehicles came while this deep red anoraked backpacker walked in mid-street. Fucking absurd.

For my 50 minute round trip walk mostly along thoroughfares the perps put on a constant rush hour level of traffic volumes, color grouped, vehicle type grouped, and in formations. I reckon this was 500 - 800 vehicles. Often they will have a gap in traffic and then run a cluster toward or behind me. The deep red metallic color is still playing big, and there was more ambulatory gangstalker clothing color to proximate vehicle color coordination. E.g. the lime green vehicle coming from the side street and pulling ahead of me to make a turn, followed by a grey colored vehicle with the driver wearing a lime green coat.

I also get more ambulatory gangstalkers on "just stand there" duty looking exceptionally stupid. Often these ones are wearing two tones of the same color; one of today's was two blues, shirt and vest, doing nothing but standing there, mouth open. This was preceded by an operative making a corner and spitting as he did so.

Another of these was outside the building where I take Qi Gong; a blonde woman was in a dark red anorak with black panels, standing on the sidewalk for no reason, and I passed within 6' of her as I walked by. Some 30' away, another blonde woman in a brown coat was accessing the trunk of her Nissan Altima. This might have been an incidence of attempting to capture "blonde aura" close in and somehow equate/measure it to the "blonde aura" of the woman farther away. Not a convincing rationale to be sure, and I am only adding this as speculation as to what I witness in all the improbable circumstances of behavior, juxtaposition and timing that I see or am otherwise involved in.

The new theory/method, likely supplied (a planted mind fuck notion), is to classify all the objects that I see as having favorable or unfavorable psychic associations. This might be why they add an ugly color to the aformentioned woman's clothing (brown is ugly to me for the most part,- i.e. unfavored), while she (favored) is proximate to a vehicle that I find aesthically pleasing (favored) with blonde colored hair (favored) and somehow is to be correlated that to the blonde (favored) woman who was closer in the red coat (unfavored color). This is all too theoretical, though I did find some dense theory on this from a book (detailed below) that I never purchased but "found" in my shelves at the last residence.

This might be why the Audis A6, A8 and TT which I thought looked so sharp (wholly favored aesthetic appeal) now (2007 model year) have redesigned grills that look ugly (unfavored). Again, I don't know what the perps get from this, but the degree of occurences of these type of events is too frequent to ignore. I have mentioned this particular example in past blog postings, especially in reference to Volvos.

As mentioned in past blogs, I have no or minimal ideas as to why I (or the perps) favor some colors over others, and the best reason that I can supply, based on one incident that I know happened, was when I was two years old (the brown one). The associaton is that there seems to be some early childhood traumatizations in deep neural structures, likely related to the perps' fuckery, that they are attempting to unravel.

And these long ago color-traumatization associations the perps seem to be hunting for (or are eliciting) are getting in the way of what they want to do next. What that is exactly I don't know, but remediation isn't out of charity as they could leave me alone and not play these games as I am fine like how I am and don't need any intrusive psychopathic white knight to play fuckover games. I have been fucked with enough; pass the dough and stay out of my life, as the perps have fucked it enough.

The above mentioned reference to a book that might explain a significant amount of the perps' behavior and set ups is titled; "The Dimensional Structure of Consciousness" by Samuel Avery. It is the book that "somehow" arrived on my shelf and I don't know how. Anyone who can figure out his descriptions of physical and quantum screens, dilations in time, space and mass etc. is welcome to help me out, as his few examples are relevant to what the perps do.

One of the perps' games is to noisestalk me everytime I spread (and I am being noisestalked now as I write this), the contents onto tortilla while in the fry pan; tapenade or guacamole, cooked chicken and cheese on top. Likewise, another round of noisestalking is scripted when I cut the tortilla into four (more of same noisestalking noise as I type this- identical loud mufflered sports cars), as the noisestalking is greatest when the sections are physically separated. There was a reference in Avery's book about aggregation and de-aggregation and that there are associated quantum energies with the represenations of physicality. Anyhow, I don't understand it, and in keeping with past perp "gimmes", where they lead or give me an explanatory reference, it is too densely written for me to grasp. And this learning disability is a perp created one that is documented in 1960 from grade-wide testing, and my parents never told me. Fucking sick and depressing.

I am getting extremely pissed at the typo fuckery that is going on, never mind the syntactical "mistakes" that are happening in substantially more profusion than ever before.

Another choice mindfuck stunt is to have me select a Firefox (within application) tab instead of an open application box from the horizontal bar at the bottom of the Windows display. Until a few months ago this was never perturbed, if I wanted a tab, that is what I selected. Now, the perps routinely mindfuck me into selecting a tab instead of a new application or vice versa and it goes on all the time. This is yet another mental ability that is now remotely fuckable which wasn't before. It is difficult to fit that in a clinical model but I am waiting to hear should they actually read this, and that would be a first.

More hallway tromping noise outside my door, at least two passes. This occured in concert with my LCD display going blank (totally black) while at the very same instant, "I" was clicking the mouse and the fridge also sounded off with a concurrent clicking noise.

I was bookmarking some movies to see if I ever am allowed out of purgatory, which includes a never-before typo mindfuck assault as I attempt to key this in. The noise flurries are on again, as this is the pre-dinner run-up for noise to then re-associate (correlate) while digesting my food after dinner. This is the stuff that turns on the perps for whatever reason, though there are about a hundred others or more, this one is three or more times per day.

And I got a phone message from my caseworker to say that she tried to call me earlier this week but the messaging service wasn't working. Why does she pump out this bullshit, or at least that is how I see it as it was working two days later. She is responding to a phone message I left a week ago, and when I returned the call, she is not working today (she claims, but in fact phoned me as part of her work). And she has the amazing timing to phone during the 1.5 hours I wasn't here, but at Qi Gong. And also the amazing ability to not catch me answering the phone during the remainder of the week in person as I am here most of the time. It is this constant stream of utter bullshit that makes me wonder if the perps aren't losing it, as in gone organizationally nuts, aka, gone to Abilene. (That is, making a group decision that makes no sense, and a decision that most rational individuals would discard as absurd or irrelevant).

And as it "happens", the aforementioned caseworker phoned while above paragraph was being composed, right in the middle of capturing the link address.

Time to make dinner as premptive move to shut down the noisestalking for awhile.

The noisescape is increasing, especially the human voice noise, and it seems this blogging is meant to be noisestalked especially. Time to give this one a rest.

A [missing text for some reason, 12-2007], with an overhead tapping, but the first noise in quite some time. In fact, this past hour has almost been normal, without the noisescape, save the PC and its vibrational noise, like that of an oscillating fan. The noise/planted intrusion is attributed to the PC's case panel, the section that will slide off. Another job to do; remove all the connections and pull the side off and look at the connection/fittings to attempt to dampen it down. This seems like another "regular project", an introduced hassle every few months. All one does is take away the excuses every so often.

Time to blog off and call it a day, and like most days, it is sufferance for the unaccountable gutless assholes running my existence.

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