Tuesday, February 06, 2007

PC Rebuild Again

It has been a busy day with my "gardening" activity which earns me a rent subsidy, yet to come, and then off to the computer repair shop with my parents supplying their vehicle for me to get my PC back. Another $200 bill for a problem that no one can explain; how two dissimilar hard drives of widely differing age failed at the same time. The new one is a faster SATA and the other is a warranty replacement for the 10 month old Seagate that has a 5 year warranty. It is like both of the family vehicles going kaput on the same day, while still in the garage. As I said before, blatant sabotage, and with some kind of purposeful PC take out for 5 days. And of course there are "new" noises coming from the PC, a kind of snoring sound unbelievably.

A family gangstalk at the PC repair depot; my mother came in to gangstalk with the usual personnel that I deal with. She had to get a router to block spyware as her Norton didn't quite do the job.

And the perps get onto one of their favorite jerkarounds, surveillance/monitoring while I am loading new software (my sink gurgled over that one for the very first time). Needless to say, it has taken the entire afternoon, loading from the web and CD as well as configuring Firefox and the Adplus Blocker extension, a godsend.

And the overhead pounding has started up again, as whatever I am doing, saying or thinking is of profound interest as I type this very line. With the exception of updating my financial records, always of huge interest to the perps and their signature noisestalking (plus excessive farts, plasma activity, smells up the nose, vision impairments etc.) which I assume they are ready to unload upon me in a long exercise of vexation in thwarting me in keystroking the correct entry. Another battle looms, and this was only the warm up.


The perps have kept me from reading the regular news sites that I view each day, and much of the graphics on these sites is visible for the first time. Even the Amazon.com site, usually stripped of graphics alltogether, is now relatively complete. Though they have been known to remove the graphics again and slowly permit incremental additions over months.

There are some very strong emanations coming off my PC tonight, the sensation of looking into bright light when it is at a normal setting. The usual masers and plasma action on the side or sometimes in central vision, and nothing has changed. It has been relatively quiet on the noise front tonight; a car alarm when I logged into my email and some forced coughing, something my mother is into these days (past weekend).

Time to blog off; I have been very busy today in restoring all my defaults, profiles, list of ad blocking sites, thwarting the incursions of the wretched Adobe Flash which "I" downloaded to create hyperactive ads which I cannot stand whatsoever, and then when after the uninstall the ads still ran. Then I manually clobbered the Flash files, and the assholes put them back to keep the frenetic ads going. And they have also corrupted Adblocker now so it won't always pick the ad up and allow for manual blocking. Fucking exasperating to say the least.

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