Sunday, February 18, 2007

More Room Shaking

The combination noisescape has been building; room shaking every minute or two for the past 10 minutes, hallway banter, glass bottle bashing, key jingling, front door closure noise (funny how everyone slams it hard, the putative cause of room shaking), and a phone call from my mother/shill in the mix. Even ships whistles are being added, and that is over two miles away, but today, the noise suddenly comes through.

A respite in the noise and room shaking flurries; relative peace and quiet for the past hour, which suggests they are continuing with their iterations of noise and vibration, and then imposing an all-quiet order. This might be related to what Tom Bearden calls "vacuum structuring", where it seems, the energies of the vacuum are identified and quantified in successive sessions. That big word was no doubt perp planted, though they have been tight on allowing a good definition from being posted to the web, the last time I looked.

Last night there were a few awakenings to ses the perps' grainy picture show and then they let me get back to sleep. These are where they render the light as if it were in a old grainny low light level photograph. Except last night they added a difference I hadn't seen before, and that was the graininess was variable; there were extra grainy clumps, separated by the usual grainy light games. Not a big deal, and they are happy with a two second look at it, and let me go back to sleep.

And more dreams are being recalled of late, which suggests perp intrusion, which I know to be one of their games. The dreams were about memory foam matresses in an institutional-like bed setting, where "I" seemed to be a manager and was overseeing their arrival and installation in this dormitory. Where, I don't know. And while "executing my duties" in the dream, I had a woman draped over my shoulder in a romantic fashion though I am hard pressed to recall her facial features, something odd in itself, as I don't forget faces if left to my own devices (never nowadays).

There was a recalled dream the night before, where I was acting in a capacity of a data manager related to biometric forestry data that I was involved in for most of my past professional career. I suspect these dream plantings might be a way to subconsciously elicit some kind of energetics association which they could compare to real life situations.

Recalling dreams two nights in sucession is unheard of for me, as I rarely recall them at all. This just may be a new method of causing me to "experience" situations that appear real, and measuring the neural energetics correlates from it, which maybe at a more fundamental level as I am not awake and there are no other inputs into consciousness.

Another family experiment; we are all going to my in-town brother's for dinner tonight, and he will likely make a good meal as he usually does, though clearly it is an event he doesn't relish. Call it another First Feral Family experiment, and there have been at least 10 or so of these. There will likely be some 300 gangstalking vehicles coursing around the family Ford Escape, and this is all the more attractive if I am being cooped up in my room until then. The dusk onset time will occur then, an important diurnal perp condition for which they invoke endless games and stunts over. Not my problem, why am I being harassed over it?

The perps have been buzzing my feet since lunch; this is where they set up a small vibration over the entire sole, and it sticks with me no matter what the orientation of my feet are. On the scale of harassment, another minor event thankfully.

The overhead clunking and squeaking noises have increased, as has the in-house coughing and hacking (same perpetrators now for three months, never mind the notion they haven't got better), room shaking, and now the adjacent night club is seemingly sponsoring a drummer's session, with progressive beat that is unattributable to listening music. And just for fun, the assholes have put loud motorcycle noise on too, one of their regualars of the noisescape.

A few other stunts are plasma and maser beams in my vision, playing with the sunlight levels in rapid cycling and creating more typos that would ever happen if left unfettered.

Today's blog is going to end early in the day, as my parents will be arriving soon, and online access from their place is problematic owing to the wretched mouse they never replace.

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