Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Clunk Attack

Just when I had been rendered mellow and sleepy, eyes still open and attentive to this display, the perps pull an overhead clunking that penetrates the earmuffs I have on, put there to defend myself from this absurd clicking noise that accompanies keystroking. Then off with the earmuffs, as they aren't doing the job.

One never knows when an through the earmuff attack will come, but having them render me soporific in advance, suggests a high degree of coordination. And as usual, the PC is making its vibration noise that arrived with it when it came from the shop after a simultaneous double hard drive failure.

I was to go to the day center and do wildland restoration work at the Government House grounds, but it was called off owing to the wet conditions of an 18 hour rainfall that ended only a few hours earlier.

Instead, me and the "crew" (read gangstalking operatives in morph-over) watched a video on wasps. And it is interesting to note that they got into the head scratching, hat adjusting, arm behind head raising and the rest of the twitching and head spinning that goes on. And they placed two red fleece vested types nearby, and one in black. Ten minutes later the native Indian arrived with his pink colored fleece hat. They have to give him as slow introduction time for some reason, possibly related the perps' brown color problem, in this case, skin color.

After that I went to the grocery store, and the infamous (to me) London Drug Store where supreme gangstalking is in place all the time. And it was no different; all these stooges and twits, and the gang of four, acting like sentries in that they were so still, in front of the dental hygeine section where I look for the GUM rubber tips, still "unstocked" in over ten visitations in three months.

For some reason, with one exception, the perps put on the ugly gangstalkers today; the lard asses, the plain buck ugly ones from all over. As usual, the phalanx of working age males came on, this at 1100h and of no conceivable reason as to why there would be so many except to fulfill the gangstalk quota/theatre script. And sure enough, more spitters, just as they make a right angle turn in front of me. One oncoming asshole put on territorial games on the sidewalk to get me to vocalize my annoyance, which is becoming a regular event now.

And the one exception was a 30-ish woman who was pretty with jet black hair, the seeming "favored" appearance, in comparison to the ugly brigade, many of them reprising for more gangstalking pass bys, either in-store or outside some blocks away. Perhaps she was the only decent-to-look-at bait, all to distinguish the psychic energetics of looking at her versus the uglies. She was the only gangstalker to reprise in both stores, and this is common now, when I make a two store visitation.

Some noise, smell jam ("furnace smell"), and moderate typo harassment.

As it was a Monday yesterday, it wouldn't be complete without being stopped from sleeping for the first two hours when in bed. Then they still hadn't finished their sleep disruption games this morning is keeping me awake to hear the morning's ructions in the hallway and nextdoor bathroom until allowing me to get up at 0825h. The rain abated this morning, that made it about 18 hours of rain, more like a Vancouver deluge. As mentioned before, these sleep disruptions rarely result in a need to catch up or serve as an excuse to to have an afternoon nap.

It is the post teatime and chocolate that must be stirring the operatives to slam the front door and their cohort vermin to make this room shake as a "result". And it was a frat house levels, and is annoying in the extreme, though not as bad as zapping, and I have had a few of those today.

More room shaking and front door slamming. And add-on tinkling of glass and crockery, and even into the bathroom next door. A series of it for the past 20 minutes, one/five minutes. The overhead clunking started up, as did the coughing and hacking routine nearby. A normal fuckover in perpland.

Some relative quiet for the last hour as I peruse yet more 9/11 theories, something the assholes like me to look at while they go quiet. The PC is still making its horrid vibrational noise, something that I intended to fix today, but "somehow" lost the momentum.

Time to blog off and call it yet another day of being fucked with.

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