Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Operatives Herding

In fact, they are frequently engaging in serial arrivals or departures like a frat house with classes on the go. Each time the front door gets slammed/closed, this room shakes 20' away, and as I typed that, the overhead pounding started up again.

Earlier, there had been a 25 minute run-up of the aforementioned egress noise plus voice noise from both outside and inside this seeming rooming house, and then the pounding began. This time, the perps made me/let me yell at them for doing this, and the noisestalking continued for another five minutes, and then all was quiet until I was eating chocolate (read brown colored food- perp obsession). The the overhead pounding started up again until I had finished the dishes. They also scripted an extra runny nose before I started the dishes and I was obliged to clean it up with kitchen paper. Once the dishes were done, the overhead pounding stopped until now, 20 minutes later.

All the above mentioned run-up of noise was coincidental with me reading my new book, Suburban Spies, which is the story of a business excutive being harassed and followed, as well as having his own words repeated back to him, by individuals who weren't party to the conversation. Anyhow, I was hoping to read it through, but the perp script was to pound the ceiling and have me change my activity in an attempt to end that ruckus. It worked, but only until I did something else that they sought to noisestalk, that being tea and chocolate consumption.

I will supply a review of this book when I finish it, but clearly it is the case of yet another person being hounded by organized parties with similar methods as I experience. Put that in your clinical hat you sickos that hound me/lie to me over medical reasons.

The ambient light has been manipulated constantly while eating and digesting the tea and chocolate. Regular readers will know that the perps have an obsessional fixation with the brown color in all its presentations, and that is in addition to their other color games over deep red, deep green with typically white, black and silver grey as adjunctive reference colors.

I got my fill of specific colored vehicles as I walked 20 minutes each way to Trafford Books to pick up the above title; this is a on-demand printing company is well established with a huge selection of titles. There are at least three titles in reference to Einstein and did he get relativity wrong. From what I have read, and experience, he either didn't go far enough, or didn't want the hoi polloi (every day folk) to know. And there is a huge gapping hole between classical physics and quantum physics, and many hundreds of unifying theories. The two web sites on the right are two of the better theories, though Bearden is a tough read, but his physical descriptions and predictions fit the harassment profile of application of extra-conventional physical forces that are controllable from a distance. And that includes time reversals, age regression, which is what they did to me, although I don't complain about that very often as vanity prevails.

It was a 20 minute in-city walk crossing four thoroughfares in town, and as I walked along the last arterial street, there was a red or deep metallic red vehicle coming from a side street, either in front of me, or behind me, for four side streets in succession. The habit of stopping one's vehicle at an intersection in the crosswalk is still as ubiquitous as ever, and stopping over top of the broad white stop line is almost mandatory for the shills to collect their vehicular gangstalking pay it seems. Never have I seen such mass rebuking of the traffic laws on this side of the continent, not even in LA.

Deep metallic red color vehicles was also the theme at my Government House wildlands restoration activity this morning; in the car lot next to the tool shed, of the closest 8 vehicles, six were deep red (no scarlet reds) and the other two were black and white. Of the eight, four were Volvos of varying model type; a 240, 740, 850 and the V70. When I got back, there were even more Volvos surrounding the tool shed, but less red vehicles. Past readers will know that I had a silver grey Volvo for 15 years before I gave it to my daughter (who hasn't used it yet) for financial reasons.

I don't have any particular theory as to why the perps prefer me, and my vehicular gangstalkers, to drive Volvos, though I do note they also supply Saabs as well in undue proportions. So it would seem, that there is a distinctive electromagnetic and/or energetic signature of the Swedish steel, that the sickos like to monitor. For the last 12 years of being married , we each owned a Volvo 245; mine was silver grey, and hers was.... you guessed it.... brown (!).

More vehicular gangstalkers are stopping nearby me, parking, and usually open their doors and trunks than ever before. Today, while walking to the day center to marshall for the wildlands restoration activity, the sickos set up two identical Post Office vehicles (red, navy blue and white) on a back residental street to be contra-turning (concentric arcs in opposite direction, e.g a vehicle turning left and another, 90 degrees offset, turning right, making the same arc in opposite directions). As one was backing up, it apparently collided with a pole to get out of the other's way. Then he proceeded forward to made the turn, enough for the other vehicle to get by, and then stopped in the middle of the intersection to get out and "look" at what possible damage he did. This was all about getting maximum color-vehicle action (backing up and contra-turning), then getting out with the vehicle-color body energetics (my theory as to why they like to walk perps through my vacated parking stall), and having me walk by the driver to determine our mutal energetics interaction. I did recognize the driver from past gangstalkings, but I did not know him from Before Overt Harassment (04-2002, BOH) days. Though the driver could of been a morph-over of someone I knew, which I suspect is common as that offers more specific energetics interaction possibilities.

I am getting noisestalked again, down to every last mouse click and anything I might say, instignated by the noise in the first place. A never ending cycle of noise intrusion based on the smallest of actions; turning out the halogen light, mouse clicking, swearing at their noise and coincident zappings etc. There is no human behavior explanation for the timing and nature of the noise, which is just like the last "upstairs neighbor", which past readers will recall my interpretation as a projected noise incursion. Not only that, the same noises have tracked me for all of my apartments with overhead neighbors since BOH, now three of the last three. (Of the apartment with no upstairs neighbors, I had loud downstairs "neighbors" that the manager also heard but didn't do anything about). Fucking sick, that is all I get all day, and no reprieve.

Another round of earmuff fucking; I put them on so to not hear the rumblings overhead, and then they shoot louder noise through the earmuffs of the same annoying kind. And as I now have them sitting in front of me (of green plastic construction), the operatives have herded downstairs outside my room and next door for their token bathroom visitation of standing there, and flushing the toilet without benefit of using it. Just like always, they come to flush it only.

Now, ass jabbing as I read a specific number; what it the matter with the sickos tonight?

Earmuffs are back on, and still the assholes are pumping somenoise through; they are still on their obsession withn noisestalking the word "the". Nearly five years over this alone.

More overhead pounding through the earmuffs; do I put them on or off? Which has the angle that the assholes are hoping to exploit?

More transitory vision impairments, one after the other and in concert with the overhead clunking. The long standing practice of starting to cough, even if a blatant put-on, right outside my door, is part of tonight's harassment scene. The overhead squeaking, without earmuffs, continues. The PC, in its newfound oscillating fan like noise, is layered into the noisescape as well.

I am also getting the bimonthly planted notion that they are "imminently ceasing harassment operations", but it is my belief that they are only getting started with 100% mind control to be attained sometime this month. Past readers will note that these planted "cessation" notions has occured before, and the result is the same, I am being harassed all the more.

And more noisestalking timed to specific keystrokes; they either force a typo repair or a short stun-out, so that I expend more effort on this single character/keystroke, and then they pounce with an overhead noise. Fucking depraved and truly gutless that they won't represent themselves face to face. They have every advantage in the world, what is their problem, why are they so relentlessly sick?

And more reading perturbations; the assholes redirect my attention and/or cause it to wane (by remotely applied means) such that I don't get to read what I want, with my own intention, if there is such a thing. Or is it another piss-off among many tonight to keep me cranked up and using interrogative sentences, like this?

More intermittent overhead pounding over the last hour or so. Now a siren noise and coinicident vision fuckery, masers and plasma games are constant.

And another website on gangstalking, though it seems to be corrupted in some way, as the links are inactive (or my version is). My case manager attempted to plant some doubt as to whether I am being gangstalked, so this one is for her. Here it is. Another one, if the links are broken is: http://www.gangstalking.ca/. Read it and tell me it isn't happening.

And look at this, a list of gangstalking sites at Whosarat. And again, eat this from a Google search; 18,400 English pages for gangstalking.

It is fucking absurd I cannot engage anyone in a genuine dialog over this, with some TI exceptions. This is on par with Holocaust deniers, that is the extremeness of their position; this means family, doctors, health professionals and all the other assholes who contribute to this Potemkin village, with me as the centerpiece about which this depravity hinges.

Enough venom spilled tonight, but that is the nature of being under noise assaults and the rest of it, tempers get real short real fast. And the above perp helpers know it too, as they never make another reference to any of my blowups or logical arguements for that matter. I am blogging off before I short circuit over another typo, as there has been far too many.

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