Thursday, February 08, 2007

Vision Hacking

My first hour of being online has been nothing but vision impairment and skim reading, something that I don't ordinarily do when peruse my favorite news sites and selected news. If a news headline interests me I want to read it, all of it, without being forced to skim and "give up" partway through. But that is not allowed so far, as the perps have jerked my reading style down to being fraught with transitory impairments and not reading a whole article through. It is fucking depraved that I am not allowed to read what I want as imposed by unaccountable sickos.

The perps have parked a white pickup truck under my window for 30 hours now. It is white, with a black plastic box liner, and is backed in, the box closest to my room. Some hay was tossed in for effect I assume, never mind the absurdity of someone leaving their truck there for that time. I surmise that the residual energies in the ground will emanate after it has gone. In the past, when I had my vehicle, I have seen the perps walk operatives over top of my vacated parking stall within 5 seconds of departure. Judging by all the traffic lane shifting in this city in the past 3 years, and sometimes only by 18", and the extensive conversion or addition of bicycle lanes, there must be some kind of earth/soil energetics interaction that the perps are working on to quantify. I also suspect that the asphalt and concrete surfaces are giving the perps problems, as there is no end of street and sidewalk digging that goes on everywhere I go. Plus, they seem to be working hard to quantify the effects of PVC (a plastic) energetics, as this is an opportunity to place these pipes in their various colors, underground as part of their study of ground to person energetics.

The coughstalking has been on this morning; one extended 4 minute jag before I got up, and another extensive one while eating chocolate with my breakfast, the first such activity in three days. "My" need for chocolate is totally manipulated, as there have been times when I did not want to see it or smell it. All for the sake of the perps and their color games. And at times, I do wonder if the development of Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola isn't part of the perps brown color games agenda, which would date their obsession over this color to 1885 when the first cola drinks were developed. Another speculative notion, and possibly one that the perps planted, as I never drink carbonated beverages as a rule as I find them too sweet.

The overhead clunking has just started as I begin this blogging; more amazing coincidences again. This is part of a noise flurry that is currently erupting; outside voices, tromping in the hallway, front door slamming and roomshake and the new sound of my PC, akin to the sound of snoring, at about the same rate, as if a vibration builds up and then dissapates.

I had yoga and then I did my laundry at the laundromat after that. It was a first time in the afternoon for laundry, a big deal for the perps who plan everything to the subsecond level. Sure enough, I got the two improbable males coming in within a minute of vacating the location where I moved laundry from washing machine to dryer. They did the same, in the same bay of machines, only 4' away from mine. Then I got them sitting opposite of me, one in a red anorak. Not a big deal, but it is rare for men to do laundry together, but there is always someone to sweep ahead of me or within a minute of me vacating a location at that laundromat. That is much the same as anywhere else I go in public now.

The perps are into hair color games at yoga; there are five women students, myself as the only male student, and the female instructor. The instructor has bright red hair, very likely dyed to be so bright, and today, she had orange shoulder patches on her white top, which of course, moved about her head in many of the yoga exercises.

Needless to say, yoga activity is an entre for being surveilled for energetics assay, as it is all about moving body energy. I won't go into all the details of the energetics/gangstalking potential, but suffice to say, if so many of the gangstalkers are in "bend over" mode around me, yoga is a perp's dream come true. The perps are directing my attention to a woman classmate who also has red hair, almost as bright as the instructor's. (As I type this, and am envisioning their hair colors, I am getting the overhead clunking noise). I also noted that the two aforementioned red heads were having a discussion when I left, though this seemed relatively benign, but I do wonder if it is akin to the grouping of vehicles of the same color that goes on all the time, red in particular.

And as a special "consideration" the seeming "residents" in this rooming house, arranged for a full day of putting the electrical extension cord running the length of the hallway, and outside of my room. Today it is an all-day exercise, and there no devices running off of the yellow power cord, just like the last week. Another longer term "object stalking", not unlike the white pickup outside my window for about 36 hours, having left just before yoga.

When I got back from the laundromat, the perps played a background noise that was identical to the faint sound of objects clattering in the dryer as it is running. To me, that is hilarious, as there is no dryer in this building, and the noise is characteristic of dryers and nothing else. They let this blatant anomaly run for 10 minutes or so, as a windup to having tea and chocolate.

A confab of natterers has erupted outside my window in the back end of the parking lot outside. This is not new, except for the timing. Regular readers will likely recall that this happens during daylight hours, and when I go to bed in the evening, sometimes covering my last hour being seated and my first hour or so when prone in bed. There is no attraction for anyone to loiter outside my room, but I suspect that the perps want to get right side human voice to be heard as I type away or read web site content. This rooming house has been relatively quiet tonight, though that was not the case when making dinner, as the serial herd of operatives was on the move, slamming the front door which "causes" the room to shake.

There are other noises that track me over differing times of the day; an annoying raspy exhaust noise accompanied me to sleep last night, and it repeated having departed, and originated anew without coming back. The "driver" left it idling for five minutes, and then revved it at least twice before starting to leave, twice for the same noise, even if there wasn't any evidence of it coming back to start this annoyance again.

The emanations coming off this LCD display have been annoying to the point of causing me to be unable to finish reading more than a screen full of text. There are also some specific vision distorting emanations/vision impairments going on as well. This new round of vision fuckery began after my PC was returned from the repair shop for the simultaneous hard drive failure. These events maybe related; once I took my Palm Pilot in for repair, and it came back spitting plasma and maser beams, to the "point" (read mind-controlled determination) of not using it any more, something that I am extremely pissed about, as it was the first device by which I could organize my life from one source. Now I use the printed sheet of addresses and phone numbers from the Palm desktop application. So much for freedom.

The overhead tapping was pissing me off and I put the earmuffs on to block it out. Sure enough, another raspy mufflered vehicle "arrives" within 30 seconds and is heard through the hearing protection. A few minutes later, the assholes put an overhead noise through the earmuffs with a body zap. That is the current end of attempting to deal with all this introduced noise, of any volume. I suspect the color and the plastic composition of the earmuffs are serving some purpose of the perp's games that deal with colors and their plastic pollution problem they like me to know about by judicious placement of news pieces on this topic.

More web putzing with this incredible amount of bright emanations coming off the LCD display. That I was engrossed with the IMDB on Micheal Caine, the actor, helped. I read his autobiography when my PC was in for repair, and had a newfound respect for him.

I read three biographies when the PC was down, Micheal Caine's being one, and I was somewhat suspicious that there might of been perp helping/intrusion in each of their lives, but nothing definitive where I could point out the coincidences to detect a pattern with my own highly "coincidence plagued" existence. (I never call it a life anymore). For the most part, I won't look for the perp pattern unless it hits me on the head it is so blatant.

And what is it about cigarettes, often unlit, hanging from gangstalker's mouths, often indoors? There was three such gangstalkers on the way back from the laundromat, a walk of 7 minutes. They even finished this series of "cigarette stalking" with a blonde woman in mid-street with a brown coat on and camoflage pants, about to light up. She was straight out of a bad movie script.

And I found a site that has some pictures of the maser trails that I constantly report on:

Some dark plasma beams that I often see outside are here:

And white plasma beams are also photographed here:

These are good examples of the anomalies that I see all the time, and it is interesting that they got photographs of them as I only succeeded once, and then the negatives and pictures were stolen from my suite in 2003.

Enough dulldom tonight, time to blog off.

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