Monday, February 05, 2007

Two Hard Drives Die At Once

I learned of why my PC failed; both the boot hard drive (10 months old, a Seagate) and the backup hard drive (4 years old, a Samsung) both failed together. Unbelievable, but true, and the PC technician has no idea why. If that doen't say "blatant sabotage" then I don't know what does, as it would be like the fridge and the dishwasher packing it in on the same day.

I am on my parent's clunky PC with the cathode ray tube, so it is likely that the perps want me to do time on it, instead of my LCD display. And having a malfunctioning mouse never hurt the perp cause either. No end of games are doable under that stunt.

There may be some recoverable data on my boot disk and I am crudely backed up on an external USB hard drive. I see a week of application loading and customizing to be conducted before I will be back to operational. The Firefox browser and the Ad Block Plus extension are two must haves, and will need to be reconfigured again, and the lists that they keep.

And as it "happens", the mind-controlled "I" backed up the very important Firefox Bookmark Manager only the day before, another amazing coincidence which might of told me at the time that the perps has a double hard drive take out planned. This is the display from which I launch nearly all my bookmarks (aka "Favorites", I loathe that moniker), and serves as the display I see the most in any given session. The reality is that the perps can block all my knowledge about their habits on a situational basis, and as much as I know about the "odd coincidences" and their likelihood of erupting, there is nothing I can do if they have depleted that knowledge in advance. It is being a like a total doormat, instead of a partial one as the BOH days were.

I hate to sound so resigned to this, as it is not my nature, but it is the reality. This morning the perps had me place my detal floss container upside down, and "I" did not notice for a minute or so. Never in my life have I unknowingly put anything upside down, especially when I want to use it shortly, and "somehow" it happened and I didn't notice.

Anyhow, I drove from my parents to my room/cell and phoned in the Windows key to the PC technician, though I wonder why they don't have it written down as this must be the fourth time that I have done this in the past three years when I got the PC running again. And as one hard drive was not covered under warranty, "I" elected to replace it with a SATA standard drive as the new motherboard can accept it, and the warranty replaced drive will likely be a straight IDE replacement. And no doubt, having a SATA and a IDE drive is something else the perps see exploitive value in, and that they aren't going anywhere soon. (As in getting off my back and out of my life, and facilitate payback to all the sick assholes who have enjoined in this depravity).

Time to look at the comments and moderate them, as I am way behind on this, and as usual, wasn't informed of the changes made to blogspot, and equally clueless on how many hits/reads I get as there is no counter on my version of Blogspot.

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