Monday, February 12, 2007

A Monday Chicken Run

I took the bus from my parent's residential neighborhood and bussed back with the large herd of operatives in all their guises and acts. Six of the fuckers at this bus stop at 1037h this morning, about six more than usual. But at least there wasn't a trail of spittings on the street marking my route as there was last week. Instead, an exercise class was "winding up" in the park that I passed by, and a brown and a black dressed gangstalker were ahead of the remainder, about 12 of them, to cross my path to get into the ordered file of vehicles at the curb. And there was at least 8 vehicles parked at the curb, in file, and all were variants on the perps' greyscale; white, silver grey, grey and black. Eight vehicles in file in this color theme, and that shows they aren't sticking to their game of pretend as much as they did.

And so when I got back to my room/cell, I unpacked and got onto my mail and a few other things, summoning the courage to go out to the grocery store and get a hot cooked chicken, my allowed protein source, as well as about 5 other items. Past blogs have identified how nuts the perps go over this event, and they have settled it down a little, putting gangstalkers within 10' of my in-store destinations, instead of at them as they had done the last time. And of course they fucked me for recalling all the shopping list items which will neccessitate another visit in a day or two. As I write this I am getting the overhead pounding, timed for post-teatime and chocolate, one of the perps' essential foods for their continued brown color fuckover campaign.

They were positioning brown dressed lardasses in front of me on the bus, and then she moved into the next seat in front for no reason. I suspect these bus trips are all about putting a file of various color dressed ganstalkers in front of me to continue their games. Amazingly, they put a Chinese woman in a dark red coat of a gold metallic tone next to me for half the bus trip. (An emulation of the dark metallic red vehicles that frequently gangstalk me?) Normally, I am the last person they put anyone beside, and this goes back to childhood. I could never figure that one out until recent years.

The overhead tapping drove me bonkers such that I shut down all activity as it didn't matter what I was doing, the ovehead floor tapping kept up, and was sustained through my ear muffs at the same volume. If that doesn't spell "monitoring of my hearing" then nothing does.

All that took place in late afternoon, and the activity continues but at a reduced rate. I will be visiting upstairs before long.

And I did visit upstairs, but the door had the padlock on it, suggesting that they weren't there. I took a break from web surfing and read a book with my earmuffs on and still the overhead tapping noise continued, and they perps made sure I was plenty pissed off. I find that my "reaction" to various intrusions varies enough that they have to be controlling them as I am not anywhere near as variable if left to my own devices.

It is fucking sick that I cannot be left alone in a 80 sq. ft. room to putz on the web; this constant barrage of noise, and mind-control intrusions, e.g. forced typos, web page display fuckery, reading impairments I never had before etc.

I noticed a brown feather was stuck in the sheets this morning when I got up; it was in a looped vertical position, some 6" from my head. And it did occur to me that the brown dressed dude in the ridiculous black felt cowboy hat at the bus stop may have been in "brown emulation mode", replicating the same colors in his atire.

The overhead tapping eventually ended and I had some peaceable time reading Richard Dolan's research work on UFO's, aliens, government coverups and his take on the 9/11 event. For the record, he says there are overwhleming anomalies in the official "investigation" that aren't being addressed. He likened it to the Reichstag fire that through fearmongering, provided Hitler with total control of Germany. That may well be the best parallel. Anyhow, his site is here.

Time to blog off and pray that no more overhead hammering and/or tapping will "happen".

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