Saturday, February 17, 2007

Noise Iterations

It is a Saturday, and I was scripted to go to the grocery store on account of "forgetting" something I needed to get two days ago. It is simply amazing how many times this plays out into a huge game of the gangstalk gauntlet.

And I was to read the Globe and Mail newspaper, Saturday edition, chock full of reading. The stores are often "sold out" of this newspaper when I attempt to buy it in past Saturdays, but this time I was allowed the last one in the stack.

Reading it became a huge noisestalking event; there were iterations of room and window shaking, in-house door closure noises, outside vehicle door closure noise still standardized to the same whump sound, inside and outside banter, loud mufflered vehicles, some over-revving in this new characteristic style, and the near ubiquitous glass bashing noise. There have been at least ten of these rounds where the supposed resident is a bottle collector for recycle money, but has this phenomenal ability to keep finding new stashes all day long. All of these noises cycle, and then an all-quiet order goes out, and for some 20 minutes or so, there is relative peace. Then a new round again, and the same noises, with the glass bottle bashing being in the latter part of the cycle,

In addition, there are specific words or images or colors that I will see in reading the paper, and these are noisestalked on top of the above "background" interations. Often the names of countries are noisestalked, and a story on breast feeding also got an inordinant share of specific noise. That too, is a perp obsession, more than mine it seems.

Now that I have digested tea and chocolate, a new round of room shaking and hallway noise is scheduled. Plus, I am reading about 9/11 and that seems to really bring out the activity as noted in past blogs this week. The distant loud motorcycles noise is also playing, one of the regulars in my last residence.

The constant stream of operatives moving about in the hallway continues, along with the "Cheers" like convivial atmosphere where everyone knows everyone else except me of course. This serves as a cover for more hallway tromping, door knocking and voices, only to repeat again in a few minutes.

The overhead noise pounding has started up, the first today, but it is the digestive period following dinner, and this is prime fuckover time, something that has been consistent for 4.5 years. Plus, I was reading about Anna Nicole Smith's biography, and that too brings on specific noisestalking. It is at least morbid that they noisestalk me over reading obituaries and biographies of deceased individuals, and all the more so when the person hasn't yet been interred.

I have stated in past blogs that the perps are often planting blonde women gangstalkers around me, especially at the beginning of journey leg or in circumstances that are new. And of course, there are plenty of iconic blondes in the news, which is selectively governed in my case, right down to delayed pixel display and everything else that goes on with online presentation. I won't make a call on their possible association with Anna Nicole's demise, and leave at the morbid exploitation level. I wasn't there, and nor have I seen any recent video footage to know what she has been like of late.

I was interested to find out that the bad boy on Enron, Ken Lay, who expired before his appeals were finished and jail sentence was served, was a fitness fanatic, and this is incompatible with his convenient timing in that despicable event. Given the seeming reach of the perps, I find it hard not to think they had a hand in the Enron financial disaster, and they do like throwing a financial bloodbath every so often, speaking from experience. And even this city has had a few major bankruptcies and scams in the past year, (Thow and BC Experience)and they seem to have control over all the city maintenance activities, so I wouldn't doubt that their dark hand was in it somehow.

And while out shopping at the grocery store I got the close-in of the gangstalkers while paying the cashier; the WIB (woman in black) who was also aisle-stalking me arrived, and the woman in front of me pulled a self-pack her groceries, absurdly in a backpack (not seeming to be a backpacker type), and made sure she loitered about packing her groceries at least until I departed, walking past this act. Odd how the extra staff helper didn't assist her, but just stood around. This was the first time I paid in cash in over a month, and that may have got them excited too, not to mention the color of the money, as they have an obsession over that as well.

They have stolen my wallet at least 8 times in the past 16 years, and yet they still keep up this extra close gangstalking while making a payment, though I believe there are at least two things going on for them; the money color energetics interaction with me, through the wallet as it sits in my rear pocket, and the psychic energies of payment. Sorting one out would likely help the other. Hence the extensive use of my debit card for the past two months.

I got "perpnapped" again today; a play on words to denote remote access to causing me to nap, usually for no apparent reason as I get plenty of extra sleep most nights. It was the 1630 to 1720h time frame, and it was not the typical dusk onset coverage that they have been giving me over the past three months. But there was a transition in the weather while I was napping; bright and some cloud to stormy and wet when I got up. (The overhead pounding noise has started up as I wrote that). Then dinner making and eating followed, this activitity took place through the most of dusk onset, as timing that has unknown significance for the assholes who otherwise keep me riled up all day. And by the time I was done, the adjacent parking lot sodium arc lamp was on, and the rain had fully beaded on the plexiglas window I have been given in this rooming house. So it would seem, and there have been many past exercises around the sodium arc lighting in the past, that the perps wanted a full window's worth of lighting, using the adherent rain spatter as the means to diffract more of that special light they like to train on me. (Nearly all public sodium arc lighting is on in the daytime when I am about, even if >500 yards away). There are some particular spectral properties of sodium arc lighting, and a good site was Bearden's, but his in-site search engine has been lifted from the web pages making any reference searching problematic.

More download hassles; the ISP's Instant Messenger won't run and won't uninstall either for a whole new download. If the notion of "it always happens to me" comes to mind, it may well be true. There are entities that run people ragged, and you won't be the wiser unless they go overt like they have with me and so many others. And I suspect, they also have a hand in at least some disasters, possibly even the "natural kind", as past blogs have noted weather engineering can be credibly bought it seems.

And while getting screwed over the download, and when realizing it, the overhead pounding started up and the neighborhood Ukranian Church bells started ringing, this being a stormy Saturday night. Nothing new about the church bells going off at odd hours, this "happens" all week, every week.

A remotely applied slothful effort in not publishing this to the blog site yesterday.

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