Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Daily double Gangstalk

As I type this I have the overhead clunking anytime there is an uncontrolled thought that comes through and maybe a zapping thrown in there for piss-off purposes. That is the number one jerkaround, to keep me vocalizing while being incensed, especially while reading or doing something else.

And my PC with two new hard drives now makes a new noise; a slow onset rattling noise cycling every three seconds as if it were some kind of vibrating ductwork or an oscillating fan. It is fucking absurd that this is attributable to hard drives spinning at 72oo rpm.

The follow-me glass bottle bashing "showed up" while at the supermarket checkout earlier by a "customer" who had just entered the store, and without anything to purchase, parked herself behind me and clanged them together. Meanwhile, still at the checkout, the incredible frizzy haired (a loathsome hairstyle) ditz show in front of me "somehow" couldn't collect her one bag and exit ahead of me, as she was still ditzing at the checkout when I walked by to exit. I haven't seen this act to date, but have seen many of the ahead-of-me "customers" delay their egress so they are just seconds ahead of me when exiting the store. The usual three swipes to get my debit card to work; the payment for goods is one of the perps fulltime noisestalking/gangstalking moments.

Earlier this morning I accompanied my mother downtown, and I am also doing the driving for her, to Murchies' 10% off tea day for seniors. We had coffee afterward, and then gangstalking games began. Three men were jawing at the next table on the other side of a doorway, and later the intervening door was opened and one became isolated behind glass for the next 20 minutes. Somehow he didn't mind being isolated from his pals in this way, though from my angle, he was totally behind the safety glass. Later, another operative walked over and put on the Cheers show act with his "pals" at this table. He then moved the glass door back and began speaking with the man who was formerly seated behind the door glass. This newly arrived operative then placed between the seated operative and me. In effect, the latter operative was performing the same blocking like action as the glass had been doing before he moved it. It appears the perps were measuring the energetics difference between glass between two people, and inserting an known operative between the same two people. If this is the level of resolution the perps are working at, they have a long run ahead for their continued harassment of me. And as far as I can tell, I am one of the most regularly harassed TI's going.

And it was geriatric time again; there were at least twenty of them for the 40 minutes we were there having coffee, and at least 10 walker devices, the latest in gangstalking accouterments. The other contingent was from the working age males demographic, as there seemed to be the usual surfeit of them not working before lunch but instead jawing at coffee. And I also got my former colleague gangstalking while downtown, now 5 for 5 on downtown visits with my mother.

My mother requested an extension of our downtown visit on short notice after coffee; to go to the Bay department store across the street and look at beds to replace the one she has. That was 30 minute excursion, and I don't really mind save the gangstalking activity. This time it was looking at beds with an Asian male sales assistant who was very knowledgeable and helpful. Though it did seem like my mother might have been through a rehearsal, as she uncharacteristically made a decision on a major purchase. Thankfully there was a dearth of gangstalkers or other "customers", save the last 10 minutes when a fruity large gutted maintenance dude/"employee" was strutting about as if on show. The sure giveaway these days is the excessive arm swinging as they walk, almost like a soldier and bringing the hand up to the chest in a cross body style. Even the women are getting into this affected comportment (meaning; assumed artificially; unnatural; feigned) .

I suspect today's visit to the Bay was a Feral Family exposure to an Asian for an extended period (30 minutes), and this skin color in the sales assistant had a more yellowish cast to his skin. Yesterday, the Asian girl with our group of Government House wildland restoration workers was of a tanned brown skin tone. So it would seem, especially with all the brown clothing variants I now see, the perps are now sampling various brown shades on various surfaces, e.g. textiles, leather, steel autobodies, skin color and so on.

We parked the vehicle in the usual location, and this time were allowed to park on the third floor. I reckon of the >200 parked vehicles we passed by, some 60% were white or silver grey, 20% were red, and the rest were variants of light brown, black, green and the odd navy blue. There were locations in the parking stalls where four silver grey vehicles were lined up side by side, then a deep red colored vehicle, and then another silver grey vehicle. In other words, they were embedding a deep metallic red vehicle in among five silver grey vehicles. At the ends where one turns 180 degrees to go up another level, there would be four red vehicles parked there, seemingly for a reference with the change of orientation.

When on our way upstairs in the parkade, the woman in the elevator with us, the only other person, walked out ahead of us to her identically colored vehicle which was beside my mother's. I have never seen this kind of copy cat activity before, where the gangstalker has the same vehicle in the next stall as well as putting on the ambulatory gangstalking as well.

Another never-before event was in the parkade where a group (all males of working age) standing in the middle of the parkade throughway when all the stalls were taken up on that floor. And as I approached (driving my mother's vehicle) these assholes oh-so casually wandered only a foot or two out of the way, barely leaving enough room to get through. I suppose they don't need to worry about me running them down because they can mind control me to not even think of it. And I do remember their vehicular games in testing me and "working me over" in 2003 to get me mind controlled for total vehicle control, as origninally I wasn't.

This is the first post-chocolate consumption time in two days, and the noisestalking has ramped up, along with an all-quiet order for other noises. Currently, I have the overhead clunking tracking me as I type this, and some voice noise coming in from outside.

The glass bottle act is coming into play, the second time this afternoon in this so called "residence".

Now, next door bathroom door slamming to vibrate my desk, LCD display and serve as a noise coincidence for overhead clunking.

I wrote a response to Sharon Weinberger's Washington Post column; here it is:


A thank you for exposing this form of non-consensual experimentation in your article titled, Mind Games, Washington Post Magazine, Sunday, January 14, 2007. As a TI of some 4.5 years of ongoing harassment I would like to say a few things that suggest that the problem of organized and unprovable harassment is usually not of clinical origin, or at least in my case.

If a large number of people are describing an apparent delusion in similar detail and with repetitive and often predictable events, then it cannot possibly be of clinical origin. This is what I learned from one doctor I saw who will suggest there is the possibility of organized harassment and possibly mind control. He first realized this when his patients of no mutual association were describing the same activity (of organized gangstalking, planted noises, plasma and maser beams, outside control of bodily processes. etc.) In my case, after three years, my doctor even agreed that the circumstances were “persecution” in our last appointment before he retired. But that wasn’t good enough for the next (now current) doctor.

Anyhow, if you want to catch up on my story (>20 pages), though not current, it is at this site:

And if you want a few samples of my blog to get some perspective on the details that I deal with daily, try these two:

I sincerely appreciate the work you have done to cast light onto this vile intrusion of TI’s lives.

John Hughes

That should cover the basics and put that exercise to rest. I wrote an email to her to be included in her research, but I never heard back, and I assume the email was blocked. This happens frequently.

A relatively quiet evening so far; this is approaching near normal except for me swearing at the absurd number of typos that are going on. Such a quiescent noisescape almost makes me nervous.

I caught up with my finances and the perps put on the extended showering gangstalk in the next door bathroom. At least 25 minutes of showering while I got to fuck with the changes the perps make to my bank account on the fly when I am in Quicken. Nothing new there.

Time to blog off, and call it a day. The emanations off the LCD display are very bright tonight.

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