Monday, February 26, 2007

A Huge Gangstalk Monday

Finally, I am allowed access to my blog on the internet, after being shut out for the afternoon. I have mentioned in past blogs that Mondays, especially following a Sunday night stay at my parents, the assholes that cast me into this hell, are unusually heavily gangstalked. And today was no exception.

My mother nattered on and on at breakfast, and delayed my day's start, while keeping my used dishes in front of me, and eventually around 1015h I was able to free myself and complete my shower and shave. And she "needed me" to help her with the new boxspring and matress, as she had to put a boxspring skirt in between them. This afforded more close-in activity, and where I was supplying the exertion to raise the matress for her to work over top of the box spring. And while I was in the shower, a bright mid blue pair of socks arrived on the dresser that I use to place my belongings in the bedroom I use there, my old one. All this was the setup as I saw it.

And as she needed a quote on the minor damage to the tailgate of her vehicle, and that I knew of a local place that did a good job on my Volvo four years earlier, why, I could drive her there for the quote and then afterward, onto my residence location to drop myself off.

With us both in her vehicle, and me driving, the hordes were all over the roads, including a tractor trailer unit to turn the intersection corner where I was travelling straight through, this is a residential neighborhood. There were strings of 10 or 20 vehicles, all with headlights on, in close formation, and color and vehicle type coordinated. There were a spate of grey range vehicles, from white, silver grey, mid-grey, charcoal grey and black vehicles ordered in a grey scale file, and every so often they tucked a deep metallic red vehicle or a light tan brown vehicle in the cluster. There were also pairs and triplets of deep metallic green vehicles, and the odd blue colored one embedded in the ordered clusters of vehicles.

These came in differing directions; first oncoming, and later ahead of me, and later, crossing my path at the larger intersections. And I got mind-fucked into a convoluted way to get to the auto body shop when I know better, but I wasn't allow access to my own knowledge of the most efficacious route.

To make a long story short, there were simply huge numbers of vehicles in formations everywhere I went, it was constant, and I have never seen so much vehicular traffic on a weekday as this, save the highway routes, which we did not travel on. In the latter part of the journey I noted that there was an injection of more mid-blue vehicles, and people dressed in these colors, or even two tone blue combinations. I reckon that the perps put on over 1,000 vehicles on this gangstalk, which is a large volume when one considers that no highway routes were taken, this was all in town.

Later, after lunch, I walked to the grocery store, some 12 minutes in-town distant, and I got a voluminus amount of street (ambulatory) gangstalkers, and then more volumes of vehicular gangstalkers as I walked. Sometimes they put six white or silver grey vehicles in file in the closest traffic lane and then followed with some more grey vehicles. It was as if there were both north and south bound commute traffic, as well as east and west. I reckon this was about 400 vehicles on the round trip.

While at the grocery store, they put at least two gangstalkers on each location I went to, and even arranged four "staff' in their black and white outfits, to file past me, about every 30 seconds. After this, at the cooler case, they arranged some six pretend shoppers to be all wearing shades of blue around me. And lo, if one of them didn't show up ahead of me at the checkout, also wearing brown pants. Brown being the perps' biggest color problem. Another trait I noticed was that the perps were very big on having someone step in my path, or behind me, often wearing brown, and also having them start up these conversations in the aisles, pretending not to notice that they are blocking egress.

More gangstalkers appeared wearing these brown tradesman pants when I walked back, and another ambulatory gangstalker was pretending not to notice where he was going, and almost walked into me. And the fuckers do anything they can to have their sickos pass me on my right side, as well as walk in my intended track, coming straight at me on the right side of the sidewalk and averting a collision within 10' or so. At least 200 ambulatory gangstalker were on for this show, going to the grocery store and inside it, the busiest I have seen it. And the assholes are becoming more rabid as to getting closer, stacking more gangstalkers "in conversation" at each store location I want to go, and then have them obstruct aisleway access in their oblivous act, of which I get at least 5 per outing to the grocery store. It is fucking absurd that anyone should be hounded like this anywhere, never mind invoking the huge volumes of gangstalkers and vehicles in this depraved charade cum freak show. Why are the perps so fucking sick?

And for that, I got jabbed in the ass while sitting in my chair. And while complaining out loud about it, the overhead pounding and clunking started up. Another amazing coincidence.

So far tonight, two LCD display blackouts with simultaneous fridge clicking, even though everything else on the circuit didn't momentarily lose power. More of the perturbation of activity and whatever the perps are measuring in my neural substrate (brain, in real time).

Relative quiet in the last hour, and not because I had the earmuffs on; they punch through any sound they want I have come to learn only recently. Even more evidential is that if they put a noise through the ear muffs, and I take them off, the "source" noise is even quieter without the earmuffs on, the total reverse of what would be expected.

I notice my mother is reading Adrienne Clarkson's "Heart Matters", her autobiography. This was loaned to me by my ex-wife and was read some three weeks ago when my PC was taken out, with both hard drives "failing" at once. It is a good book, but I was compelled to read it only because there was nothing else to do. It would not be one that I seek out as I don't follow her to any degree, as she is much better known in Ontario. She was Canada's Governor General for 6 years, and by all accounts did a credible job. But seeing that my mother has even less knowledge or interest in the life of Adrienne Clarkson, I cannot understand why she would be reading this book. Is there a connection that the perps are seeking amongst the three of us, or even others I don't know, in reading this book, and possibly with Adrienne Clarkson herself? More of who knows.

The perps let me have a rare unfettered crap today; no plunging the toilet, showering to clean up or hiding the plunger. It is simply stupendous, and might be the second such time since I moved in here since 09-2006. If past is prologue, that will be the end of it, all for another round of shit intervention in all its manifestations.

Enough for a blog; I am running out of time here, and am calling this done.


James F. Marino said...

I don't get to stop by your blog as much as I used to, but I still keep tabs on the stalking freakshow that you are subjected to daily.

All TI's are setup in one way or another for nonconsensual human experimentation, whether it's of the covert type or as in your case extremely overt.

All you can do is keep documenting this insanity and the apparent parallel justice system that all TI's are subjected to by the predominant Nazi influence that has now overtaken this planet.

You appear to use your intellect to control your rage and that is very wise.

Just remember never to allow these perp's to get you so angry that you commit an act in which you can be arrested or institutionalized, as that's there goal for all of us -- that or suicide.

The FEDS' attacks on me are just as vicious. Imagine having your entire community told that you are
a convicted pedophile when you have never harmed a child in your life.

And from this disgusting LIE spring numerous others that the FEDS wantonly use to isolate you from your own community, while covering up the fact that they have used you for their own mind control expermentation for decades.

Once their LIE is complete you are now battling with people whom you have never met nor done anything to, who despise you based on the FEDS' rumor mongering and nothing of substance.

The fact that the FEDS themselves have used their spy satellite technology to violate in the most outrageous ways imaginable your civil rights is never even questioned, even though if you had committed any of the crimes that they have claimed, you would have at least been arrested and brought to trial.

Of course this never seems to dawn on those who take part in your harassment, as their is no common sense in regard to its genesis. Just one LIE perpetrated into a great number of others and unending
nightmare of gangstalks, directed energy assaults and the absolute destruction of everything in your life once dear to you.


AJH said...


Good to hear from you; there is a certain amount of sameness to my blog content, and I am sure that gets to be dull. For me, writing them is therapy, although the perps seem to like me doing this too (judging by the amount of concurrent noisestalking and plasma action).

As far as I know, I have not being impugned or slandered, especially by your example of the "pedophile" rap. Though it seems to me, that if this slandering goes on for a long time, would not the involved public come to the conclusion it didn't add up as the "case" hasn't progressed any? It maybe true that I don't know enough about this to make that comment.

Another dubious irony is that the perps have a history of fomenting and protecting pedophile rings, or at least for a time, and then they let it go public with charges.

And the Lyme Disease is another sufferance that has grevious problems. Like any other TI, I hope you can get out of the bind sometime soon.