Friday, February 09, 2007

Coffee Games

For the second time this week, the coffee self-ejected from the Bodum infusion coffee maker and" blew past" (read extra conventional physics applied remotely) the lid onto the work surface in a near identical eruption as the last time. And note, my now precautionary thinking over the possibility of another occurence has been nixed, as it was another "surprise". Also note that the slotted spout would be the normal or easiest route for coffee to erupt from, but it "somehow" didn't happen. And note, that I have been making coffee with the same equipment in the same way for over 4.5 years, and never had any problem until recent weeks. With the number of coffee bearing gangstalkers going around, and the planted coffee cup 12' from my window, the perps coffee games are far from over. Past readers will note that this is just another stunt in the brown color capers that plague me by way of perps' intrusion into every aspect of my life.

And if that wasn't enough to piss me off, the self-ejecting bar of white soap (from my hand) stunt played for the fourth day in a row when in the shower. What is the matter with the perp assholes that they won't come out of the closet and instead, resort to another round of juvenility?

Another game of suck-and-fuck; I walked 25 minutes to my case manager appointment and "somehow" it was a day off for her (a Friday). This was to be followed by a half hour of Qi Gong, but the perps made sure I didn't feel like hanging around for a half hour until it started. This is the second such stunt from the person who said she wouldn't ever mess me around. I kind of think it was meant to be set up this way, as the perps always like to create disappointment aka dashed expectations.

In the process of that 50 minute walk more of the gangstalking games erupted. Not in the least were some >600 vehicles in color and size formations, and ambulatory gangstalkers who were also color coordinated with the vehicles in their clothing color.

Another magnificent piece of timing was the 5 tonne delivery truck parked outside only 60' from my door in faux delivery (there are other locations nearby for delivery to the few retail stores near here), where the driver was "wrapping up" (closing the tailgate). This same truck surfaced 10 minutes later from a residential neighborhood on my walk, having taken a convoluted route (the only possibility) to place his truck in front of my walking path, the now usual jerkaround standard that has become the norm. Before, vehicles would wait for me to cross in front of them before projecting from a side street to view the traffic; not any more, as they all place their vehicle in the way and rudely cross in front of me. Funny how city-wide driving behavior has changed.

The the coffee klatch gang as I call them, the supposed workers of the women's used clothing store some 30' away who regularly take their coffee breaks 12' outside my window on the adjacent building's staircase, "somehow" showed up a half mile away, all of them (~5), and were jay walking in crossing the street near a busy intersection. Another amazing coincidence.

Another amazing coincidence was the placement of a "just-stand-there-on-the-sidewalk" gangstalker for no apparent reason, in the idential location of three days ago when I was walking that same section of the sidewalk in the same direction. This fucker in a leather jacket and luggage tote (both extraordinarily common now), wasn't even waiting at a passenger pickup location outside the apartement building.

The gangstalker of three days ago at this identical location was doing a pacing back and forth while on his cell phone, and then when 10' ahead of me, proceeded to lead ahead of me until I caught up to him with my faster walking speed. Another fucker pulled this same stunt today at different location and without the cell phone or other gangstalking accouterments. A now standard gangstalking move; even on the streets, as it is very common in the grocery stores.

On a sad note, it is easy to disparage Anna Nicole Smith and her unfortuneate demise yesterday. I don't watch much TV, and I am not a celebrity follower, and was only minimally aware of her activities and especially the huge age disparity between her and her first husband, the billionaire oil-man. But I note, as I read about her, the perps have launched a huge noise barrage, and seem to have an inordinant interest coincident with my viewing of her image and reading about her circumstances. Was she another iconic blonde getting the snuff job from the perps? I won't make a call on this one, but will only relate the aforementioned coincidence of noise activity as I read about her. If I were Paris Hilton I would change my hair color.

At these early days of the event, the story doen't add up; having a full time nurse and being careless about taking non-prescribed medication, per today's declaration from her mother. Could this be setting the public up for a predisposition as to the coroner's findings? Who knows, and as above, I am not going to pass judgement on circumstances in which I am not party to the facts. It is another interesting coincidence. (And as I write this, both my towels are wiggling away from no ostensible reason only 18" from me in this tight room).

A helicopter story of sad note; it is utterly stunning that the US forces in Iraq are repeating the same folly as the Soviet forces did in Afganistan 25 years ago with the same result. Is it mandatory, by way of secret government dictate, that superpowers must launch a pointless war they have no hope of winning every quarter century? There exists no credible reason why the US forces are in Iraq when all the precursor activities are scrutinized.

This is the post tea and chocolate time, and there is steady but low key noisestalking. As usual, the noise flurries started up when I logged into my bank account and paid my bill. Any financial transaction brings out the assholes for noisestalking, smell up my nose, skin hits, plasma and maser games and other events to get closer to me. The grocery store is the worst, as they have every aspect of it covered to the last detail; where the plastic bags are, the cashier "helping" with the debit card not working, noises at the moment of password entry, more noises when the button for acceptance is pressed and on and on. It is fucking depressing when they let me in on what is going on, but nowadays the perps make me "forget" about their lurking behavior and multitude of gangstalking components "happening".

One time when cashing a large check at a bank some two years ago, they put at least 40 "customers" on and kept this at a steady stream, and one of the metal queue guide rails, hanging from a chain at each end, became mysteriously kinetic and occilated back and forth for over ten minutes, covering the duration of my transaction, while all the "customers" and staff pretended not to notice. It was fucking bizarre.

More smell jam up the nose again, an all-day on/off event. The "furnace" is the putative cause, though it barely puts out any heat nowadays. The reading impairments are such that I am not allowed to read a paragraph, two lines maximum before they crank up the impairments to "cause me" to pull my eyes away, shake my head for "relief" and then re-establish where I left off to resume reading.

All my link visit annotation (purple color font) has been stripped from the link visit file as a consequence of the two-at-once hard drive failure of last week, and that spells more recall games and testing for the perps. They like me to re-visit past links being "unaware" (read mind-controlled knowledge depletion) that I had read it before. If I trip upon a recall trigger phrase, the perps launch a minor coincident noise flurry. They seem to be able to fuck 95% of my recall currently, but not 100% yet. I figure another month and they will have the last remaining brainstem area to their needed level of total control.

And now, more glass bottle bashing in the streets, now further away than before. Yesterday they parked the septic service (shit tanker) about 80' away from this house, which might be the "brown detection" limit that they are attempting to enlarge. Even the parked vehicles in the adjacent parking lot are getting fewer, except at nights for their red and white lights.

A 10 minute outside yakking session is in progress out in the parking lot outside my window. This is to expose me to voice from my right side. And amazingly, the house has been quiet save the odd coughing jag that erupts.

I got the noisestalking flurry and plasma activity when reading about another underground base at this site: Tehachapi Covert Underground Complex

In addition I got the overhead clunking noise with included zappings which pisses me off extremely.

The overhead squeaking has started up and is relatively constant and isn't its usual highly selectable "self" (coincident bound). This might be to let me know that I am being surveilled, or possibly has some kind of remotely applied neural activity significance. It is fucking tiresome to say the least, along with the new PC sounds that erupted since it came back with two new hard drives.

And a huge overhead pounding and a zap when I placed the first letter of lastmost word in the previous paragraph, making a "typo" (read mind controlled stunt) repair. Don't forget, the above noise is from the "new neighbor" which is identical in habit and kind as the last one.

More erratic Windows and Firefox behavior triggered by an apparent Adobe Reader "problem". It seems that the SATA drive is slower than the IDE standard, which should not be the case. The perps get no end of fun from planting extra dialog boxes and leaving them hanging in a frozen state. This stunt is way tired, as I have been a Windows user since 1990, the very first release of Windows 3.1. And as I am getting severe typo sabotage, it is time to blog off.

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