Sunday, February 25, 2007


I have my overhead floor knocking and squeaking action again; anything I think begets a noise from above. This is a continutation of last night where the perps woke me up in usual fashion for a round of this. Related to this is anytime I see/read a familiar celebrity or politician name, the overhead noise also erupts. And it can also be the content; topics related to strife, wars, disasters, death, mayhem and the like also get the overhead commotion momentarily.

I heard the City streetsweeper outside earlier; this is a Sunday, and they never do this routine activity when the workers get double overtime. And it was out yesterday on my walking route to the drugstore. It is simply amazing how often this rarely seen specialized city maintenance vehicle sweeps the streets in my proximity. This includes other walking paths, the route to Government House on my wildlands restoration activity.

The endless jerking around over anti-virus software and the browser capability continues; my Firefox updates are getting stopped by the firewall when they were never before. And it seems, is an excuse to pop dialog boxes up on an as-needed basis, as this little game has been going on for years. Sometimes the perps crash the browser altogether just to get a dialog box up that is sitting over the insipid Windows desktop that I never use. This time they have a better cover story with the added bonus of red, green and yellow bordered dialog boxes, the reason why the PC tech loaded this software suite on my PC in 09-2006 after I got the new motherboard, memory and CPU. It is not a big deal, but the ever changing functionality is getting to be a piss-off, now that I discovered that the updates to Firefox are not downloading. Last week's computer hassle was all about getting the ISP's instant messenger loaded, and it was never solved, even with the firewall temporarily disabled.

A trip to the First Feral Family. i.e. the parents cum assholes who cast me into this nightmare, who then never told me about the documented (in 1960) learning disabilities that were incurred, and who carried on as if I didn't have any, which came with abusive measures. And about age 45 or so, I figured it out with the help of my school records. Strange that I visit them and that in itself is a tribute to mind-control.

Enough rants, past readers have heard all about it, and time to blog off early.

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