Tuesday, February 27, 2007

An Operative Herd Noisestalking Again

This is the post lunchtime noisestalk period; it is lunch digestion time, and the operatives have been exiting this house in frat house style. They leave every minute or two, tromp loudly in the hallways, slam the front door which "causes" this room to shake. Other noises such as loud mufflers, people speaking, outside vehicle egress and next door bathroom "activity", complement this train of operative action, usually concurrently. And it is usually coincident with web page display, mouse clicking, vision assaults (as I type this), the mouse actions of select. cut and paste, sending email and related PC use.

The same tiresome routine, which seems to be more animated of late, following on from yesterday's high intensity gangstalking.

After the above blogging, the herd noise abated for the most part.

I got the approx. 0400h thoughtstalking again. This utterly consistent association of me being awakened for no reason but to hear overhead floor pounding should I have any thoughts that are not planted at that time. Usually they keep me awake long enough to get some, and may even feed me ideas to contemplate, and the instant my thoughts go off-script, the hammer, or hammer-like pounding of the putative tenant upstairs upon the floor, makes its noise. And last night, they added in some new noise into the nightime mix; at least two operatives serially visited the next door bathroom and flushed the toilet, exited the building and slammed the front door which is ascribed (by the perps, not me) as causing this room to shake. It would seem that the perps are mapping one of their daytime noise events to that used for nightime thoughtstalking. And as I type this, more noise is on/off-ing, and the imposed (mind-controlled) typos are getting out of control.

Before lunch I did my subsidy begetting duties by going to the wildland restoration under the auspices of a day program. It was digging up cyclamen again on the grounds of Government House, that patch that has occupied me and my co-worker for at least three visits of an hour each time. Because it is not a native plant it has to be eradicated from the wildlands area.

Today on the Government House wildland site I got a visitation from a confused elderly duffer that somehow found us, called me by first name, encircled me, and then introduced himself as a volunteer and had a badge to suggest this was in fact the case. He could of been a morph-over for my father; the same build, UK accent, asking dumbshit questions, packing a white plastic bag, making himself to be out of it, doing some ineffectual activity emulation, doing the "what?" act, shook our hands, and then fucked off. Very strange, and no doubt I was being cranked by the perps to have that unwarranted uncomfortable sensation that this was a total plant. It was most strange as he had all the gangstalking and activity replication moves perfected as well as "somehow" knowing my first name and recognizing me from 35' away. He didn't belong to our party which has a clear hammer-lock on strange behaviors, all likely operatives doing the mental deficiency act, one of their favorite cover stories.

And I note that the large parking lot that sits behind Government House was chock full of silver grey, grey, black and deep metallic red vehicles plus Volvos and arranged in places as to uniformity of the vehicle's rear design. They put on five hatchbacks in adjacent stalls, all lined up for me to see the last third of the vehicle, and then moved onto the SUV rear hatchbacks which are larger, but of the same general design. More and more the perps are arranging vehicles from different manufacturers and displaying a portion of the vehicle, usually by masking it with another.

And the perps are also planting ugly colored vehicles in close to me, and place favored colored vehicles aligned with the first one, but further back. They have been doing this with red vehicles, arranging two in file with a gap between them, and filling the gap with another red vehicle, but at least one lane width further away.

And my lastest harassment aid, the street sweeper, had swept half of the parking stalls at Government House, but left the other half uncleaned. That particular maintenance equipment seems to precede or follow me most everywhere I go.

The noise flurries have started up again; this time dropping things on the floor in the next door bathroom. Another new one, and as it was nearly the same noise as that heard from overhead, I am sure there will be more of it.

And the walking route from the day center to the Government House where we undertake the wildlands restoration activity was duly marked with a soft green pastel color on the streets, sidewalk and the centermost 3" of the manhole covers enroute. This is the same green color that "happens" to show up on mylar packaging that is littered along most routes that I now take. It is meant to be the pull strip but strangely, is not used as such. This particular piece of garbage first showed up around my vehicle at the last residence location in 2005, and is now occuring outside my window as well on the street. Invariably, this same color of green also "shows up" on some vehicles that are frequently parked outside my room in the adjacent parking lot.

And now, the glass bottle bashing act has started up, as the perps gave it a rest for two days.

An afternoon of web surfing and troving; with less of the vision impairment hacking of earlier (while blogging the above), and some in-house gangstalking.

This is the dinnertime digestion period, near and dear to the perp's hearts to be noisestalked with overhead pounding, coughing and hacking, tromping in the halllway, outside hollering, outside vehicle noise from the ubiquitous loud mufflers, and now a new one, drumming from the nightclub next door, only heard when the stairway door is left open. There are masers and plasmas like always. And it seems that one of the perps' quests was also met tonight; making, eating and cleaning up during dusk onset, especially with the sodium arc lamp onset over the adjacent parking lot that my window looks out on.

And I noted at Government House today, as in other locations in this city, the outdoor sodium arc lamps were left on in the daylight, a "just-for-me" experience. At my last residence location, they had a sodium arc lamp trained on my apartment 24x7.

I am doing some bookmarking and adding yet more titles to my Amazon.com wish list, and this seems to be a big draw for the perps as their operatives are moving in the hallways, slamming the door (3 per 5 minutes), shaking this room and otherwise going silly on the noise front. In addition, they have installed the male jocularity stunt outside in the parking lot which can be heard from my right side. This last mentioned stunt was vogue over 8 weeks ago, but coming from this putative rooming house, the left side as I type here at this PC. No end of small matters are of huge consequence to this continued depravity, including faux burps as I type this.

The noise flurries continue; there is no intrinsic reason for anyone, let alone a group, to congregate in the evening in a nameless backstreet parking lot, especially where the arrival, departure and parking of vehicles is highly coordinated. And as this "group yap" continues over many nights (as noted in past blogs), and many different groups, I submit that the male jocularity that I still hear is organized as yet another contribution to the current noisescape. That is to say, all noise or other sounds are highly governed in my existence, as to volume, duration, audio frequency, mechanical vibration association, degree of transience and decay, source etc. This has been detailed in an introductory blog,

By way of a fellow Targetted Individual victim, I came across this piece of interesting Gestapo behavior in the UK. This unfortuneate subject, Elena Cook, had done nothing illegal, or in any way deleterious or threatening and ended up with a party of 8 arriving with no warning to take her away to mental hospital. The percieved "crime" was to advocate a contrary view that Lyme Disease is a state (US) sponsored biological warfare agent which is shared by many others outside the established orthodoxy.

Having had similar forced incarceration "happen" to me, though not Lyme Disease thankfully, I found this article a trip down memory lane, except that my "friends" were the ones that set me up for incarceration, something that I hope the fuckers rot in hell for. So yes, both Canada and the UK use the psychiatric hospital system as a means to quash dissent and to park and besmirch individuals they want to silence or punish. It is an utter outrage that this goes on at all, never mind being supported by the police, physicians and other clinical staff all working in concert. The word must of come from on high, and the authorities essentially mugged her.

And I will concur, that providing Risperidol (Risperidone) to non-psychotic patients, or even worse, Attention Deficit Disordered patients (me being one), will sap one's energies and abilities and render one in worse condition than when one went in.

And, if Lyme Disease isn't believable as a state sponsored biowarfare vector inflicted upon the populace, there is Morgellon's Disease which has some interesting parallels to the harassment activity that I mentioned in this blog. Hopefully none of this "exposure" (this blog) will get me hauled away, though I suspect that keeping me confined to an 80 sq. ft. room and shared bathroom facilities serves their purposes better.

And I cribbed this definition from the above website on Elena Cook's story of her detention, as my shrink has me down for the same putative condition;
In psychiatry a delusion is defined as "a false belief, rigidly held, in the face of incontrovertible evidence that the belief is wrong"
As it so happens, my fucking doctor hasn't had the balls to tell me anything about the definition of delusional, and "somehow", I (read mind-controlled me) didn't research it either. Anyhow, I am putting this quote in for myself more than anything, as part of the harassment record.

I also wonder if this ham-fisted effort to slam Elena Cook and make her the poster girl for current UK Gestapo tactics, and thereby add credibility to her arguement over the true cause of Lyme Disease, isn't something also related to mine, and other's, harassment with unconventional energies and mind-control from remote locations. Call her hospital stay "experience replication", and having the toilets blocked and flooding in the hospital seems straight out of the perps playbook and their obsessive investigation into all things related to shit. My toilet time harassment has been documented in these blogs, as well as their related obsession over the color of brown.

Time to call this a post; most of the typos should be cleaned up as well as syntax; I must re-read these blogs at least four times as the perps now can, and do, dither my abilities to detect grammatical, spelling, syntax and logical construction/composition errors, all since 2006.

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