Thursday, February 15, 2007

Room Shaking

As I begin my web news review, an operative has arrived in the bathroom next door, and puts on a fantastic sniffling noise when I change web pages or mouse click. His timing is perfect, right through the wall.

More pounding of the front door, and shaking the hell out of this room, some 20' away. In other words, the assholes have upped the ante, and are looking to exploit every angle to create noise and "associated" vibrations.

I had yoga earlier, the one male still of six female class members, which was the make up of the cardio-kick and aerobics classes I took when I was in Everett at the Paine Field Y in 1999 and 2000. The woman with the extensive green tatoos on her arms was pulled after the first class, and tatoos and other body coloration/adornments is a perp obsession. Somehow, the perps must know I don't care for them, and are able to monitor my reactions in significantly more detail than I am aware of, and remove the person. It was the same on the absurdly overcrowded bus yesterday; they pulled a black man two rows ahead of me within 2 minutes of bus travel. This has been noted in past blogs, but this was the first black person planting on a bus in months.

I don't profess to really know what their problem is, as the real issue is, why am I being monitored as to every dislike or like, down to levels that I am usually unaware of? Whatever the experimentation objectives are, it is NOT my problem, so why am I being relentlessly hounded over it?

The perps went into noise and vibration overdrive while I was reading With her past bowel and septic pipe problems, I can only speculatively wonder if the sickos are't driving her to distraction, albeit covertly. It is no secret that the perps have a brown color obsession, and that they sabotage every visit I make to take a shit, an example from yesterday's blog will suffice.

The never-get-better nearby coughing jags are erupting again, they are making a comeback even if pathetically forced and affected. The timing is when I read certain key words the fuckers like to focus on, having made me to associate with this particular one in the past by way of illegal means. It is about time they sickos quit playing games and get their gutless and sick asses out when they supply me with boundless cash. And as I repair the typos, the coughing starts up again; the obvious association is that this is letter or word specific, and thats when the noise eruptions occur. This coughing stunt must be at least three months running now, and it is the same perpetrators.

I also had some each side coughing at yoga today, and the lady in the brown and pink workout outfit (you read that correctly) also seems to fall into the never-get-better category. And it so "happened", we clashed hands once, something certain swimmers would do to me when I was with the local Victoria Master's Swim Club, the locus for at least six operative hires it seems. (It is the "go back East" disappearance excuse that repetitively erupted over the 12 years I swam with them.) Never mind the bounty of new vehicles and extensive home renovations that "happened" in the club.

The overhead pounding at highly selective intervals has been ursurped by a suck job, a vacuum cleaning that is another hallmark of being stalked. These have erupted in every location that I have lived in the past seven years, and it is simply amazing how so much time could be devoted to cleaning one room. And for that, I get a fuel oil smell jammed in my nose.

Now a yawning assault has started up; I am not tired, and yet these keep coming on. I also notice this when I go into new situations/locations, and it is not just me that it is happening to. It is, as reported in past blogs, the perps demanding to see, or measure energetics, inside one's mouth in comparison to that of others nearby, the gangstalkers. Normally this is done outside by the spitting, open-mouthing and eating activity of the operatives/gangstalkers, but when inside, these are more problematic. As before, not my problem, yet I am harassed at every move.

There are more details to this harassed existence that I keep "forgetting" to add, and it is becoming greater in number. I hope that this doesn't mean the beginning of the end of my blogging as I have found that motivation is highly manipulatable, and that it may come to pass that the mind-controlled "I" won't be able to summon the effort to blog. This is an pre-emptive warning, just in case the fount of reportage on this inanity/depravity dries up. If it does, you can be rest assured that it was a mind-controlled cessation of blogging, and not my choice. Unless of course there are other plans for me that I am unaware of.

Past readers will also note that I have raised this point before; that I cannot be sure, with the constant incursions on my PC for every session, that I am even on the web as it truly is, and not on the perps' governed web server. I have encountered some very strange PC/system names and put these examples in this blog, but no technical comment was recieved as to what it meant. And, as mentioned, I have no hit counter availible to me to even have an inkling that this is being read.

The overhead pounding is on again, all to noisestalk the digestive period after dinner. Never mind it is the same food nearly all the time, with minor variations, and that they have imposed dietary simplifications by way of mind-control, the perps still want to pound noise into me at this juncture. The energetics of food digestion has been their biggest obsession after gangstalking me all over town when I had my vehicle. They must have a few hundred objectives at least, and the most attainable looks to be 100% mind control given their incremental improvements each day.

More phone fucking; the call with no one on the line; often strategically placed between room shaking which is recieving extra vibration tonight. Then a second prank call, as if Mastercard were phoning me, with forced coughing going on outside my door when I answered it again. The assholes put on quite a flurry of action there, and I wonder what it is that causes them to erupt like this?

The perverse steady procession of loud mufflered vehicles transiting in the distance is being replayed, and some motocycle noises added in too. It would be difficult to concieve just where these noises are originating, as there are no traffic arteries close by, except for the louder one, close by. Like last night, the authenticity of the noise is becoming less of an issue for the perps.

More irritable bowel games all day, despite being given a colon cleansing crap of substantial proportions yesterday. This began last night, only one meal later and has been playing all day today without any relief.

More room shaking of the more aggresive kind. The supposed causal agent, the closure of the front door, hasn't changed any, but the amount that this room shakes as a "consequence" has. Which does give a good idea of the latest jerkarounds and which are currently successful.

I am becoming rather demotivated tonight, as there are a number of details I could incorporate in this blog for today's harassment and gangstalk stunts. Somehow, I am not interested, and perhaps there is some book reading to do instead.

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