Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Feb. 14; An Excuse to Plant Red About

That is my ascerbic take on Valentines' Day, and owing to the social isolation impositions, that is what I have seen so far today, planted red sweaters, coats, vehicles and today only, roses. Dressing the gangstalkers in red and then planting them around me in the aisles, and then have the same ones "show up" beside me at the checkout. And that still wasn't good enough, because one of the two red dressed gangstalkers then encircled the checkout to arrive at the exit end and waited there, so I had one of the pair behind me, and another in front. They put a male cashier on with white shiny fabric gloves, and they also had an East Indian gangstalker enter the exit just before I used it. And as usual, the gangstalkers get all close and noise prone when I make my purchase, this time via debit card.

If that wasn't enough action, I also got some more hairdo freaks; a woman gangstalker in close-cropped hair, no more than 1/4" thick, in grey no less in above drugstore visitation, and then another like haired freak at the laundromat 20 minutes later. I rarely see this hairstyle on women, as women don't like such short hair, and two in one morning at each location. What I don't get is why is it so important to lay on this for the perp sickos?

More strange events; I had a haircut appointment this afternoon, and just before I was to depart, the perps pulled a "need" to take a crap. And they did their usual stunts, block the toilet and create "mess" enough that I had to take a shower to clean up. There was still enough time to walk, and lo, if a pelting rainstorm didn't arrive a day before forecast and unload just before I was to go out for the 20 minute walk. And so it was, that I was forced to wear my green ball cap to keep some rain off my head, and then my raincoat "somehow" began letting rain in. So I arrived soaked, but was reasonably warm enough that I didn't get chilled for being wet.

And hats are a big deal for the perps, and that includes the rare instance that I am forced to wear one, such as described above. So the stylist had the honor of cutting my hair with the green auric "glow" of my hat. And that is no coincidence.

And the rain was still pelting when I set off after the appointment, and by dint of fluke, a bus was coming and I was at a bus stop. With me was a blonde woman with roses wrapped in mylar and an extra cardboard cover (brown color, note) over the heads of the roses. The bus was jam packed for some strange reason, as there was no reason for all these people heading into town at 1500h with steamy windows. And one fucker on board even had sunglasses on. But, there was a seat that no one was using by dint of another fluke, and I sat next to a blonde woman. And when I got off, the first blonde woman who got on with me was getting off at the same stop, and the blonde woman beside me was also getting off, right behind me. So, in other words, my bus exit was covered front and back by a blonde woman, each about 25 to 30 y.o. (I also had a MIB stand next to me in the interim of waiting to get off- he backed himself toward me, knew when to stop, waited, and then removed himself before the bus stopped and I was bookended by the blonde women). The first mentioned blonde woman with the roses also "happened" to be going the same direction as me and lead me for two blocks before she disappeared. Those that get on and off at the same stops are called "fellow travellers", and it is increasingly common that this happens, this time extra street gangstalking was added on. Past readers will know of the heavy perp use of blonde women gangstalkers, and I first identified this facet of my Fellini film-like existence here.

As a short note on yesterday, when I about to leave Trafford Books to walk home, about half of the 15 ambulatory gangstalkers were blonde women, beginning with the sales assistant. Then a Anna Nicole Smith lookalike was next, who lead me, and who I later passed as I walked faster. Then two more blondes in the next three blocks, just standing at the edge of the sidewalk, almost as if they were hooking, which they didn't seem to be. The last most woman I saw on this leg of the journey was black haired, in a black suit with a red shirt. A test case to see if "blonde goodness aura" could be applied to her possibly. Who knows.

All this suggests that the perps are going heavy on the blonde women lately, and that just might be the only welcome intrusion of this nonstop nightmare.

They are also adding more vehicles, in the vehicular gangstalking mix, that I find aesthetic pleasing; the 850 and V70 Volvos before 2002 and the side panels were given a kicked-in appearance (since rectified in 2006), the Nissan Altimas look sharp, the VW Jetta, pre-2007, and the late model Audis, A6, A8 and the TT. Why all this I don't know, as I have remarked in past blogs as to the indefinable "blonde goodness aura", though there might be similar "aura" over inanimate objects, e.g. the above mentioned vehicles.

I did laundry earlier this morning, after a night of wakefullness, all to listen to the "residents" coughing and hacking, the next door bathroom use, and a few other aural incursions. Mostly, the perps like to have me lying on one side of my head, and then have me flip to the other in endless cycling, at least two hours worth. Then another round from 7 to 9 before I got up. So far, like any other time, I "somehow" don't miss the sleep.

The perps put on an distant excavator noise for the 2+ hours they kept me awake; it was the varying noise of the hydraulics without the bucket rattling. There is nowhere near here that this noise would originate from, especially after midnight. Just another sonic imposition.

The usual freak show at the Laundromat was muted some; atrocious color combinations of clothing on some of the "clients", and the Asian owner was on navy blue seat removal duty. There is a row of five navy blue colored blue chairs, and after a half hour, he pulled one away, then 10 minutes later, the next one, and following that, placed a very large lime green luggage item beside the vacated space, and then then after 10 minutes, a navy colored seats were re-introduced. All this was 8-10' away from me, and it was the first time the Asian owners (seemingly) stayed for all of the duration of my laundry. A very curious progression of selective exposure to Asians, this weekly game.

But they did put on a 300lb "boy" in brown shorts and shirt as a customer, and he wore the same color brown as the Asian owner, a "work clothing" khaki.

This is the dinner digestion time that is becoming a significant noisestalked period. I attempted to block out the train of loud mufflered vehicles parading by with the ear muffs, but the assholes added a louder droning sound when they were on me, so I felt better off without ear muffs on. This is exceptionally blatant, as normally they don't defy the physical action of the earmuffs, but just "modify it", so they don't work as well as planned.

The typo sabotage is on the severe side today; this is quite annoying, and may limit blog length if it is going to be the continued pain in the ass they have made it.

More proof of the above; the ever-odd visitation to the bathroom next door to wash glassware and crockery is on again. This person has a sink in their room, and yet goes into the bathroom, which is closer to me, to pull the "ceramic bashing action" that the perps so love to plant around me. When walking to the hair stylist earlier, the recycle garbage truck "happened" to pull up beside me, and the worker took the blue plastic box to this truck. As I walked by, he "somehow" managed to drop a glass object that shattered to pieces. It is fucking absurd to keep hounding me with all their stunts; why can't these gutless assholes front for themselves?

The crockery clattering has taken on a new coincidence; it occurs just when I bookmark a site, the familiar pattern of all other noises of the noisescape. Then the fucker slammed the wall between me and the bathroom where he is to add to his glass bashing noise/vibration. More of the "sick vibrations" game.

Another pounding crash overhead and a coincident zapping to piss me off. I am looking at 9/11 pictures and the perps seem to have an inordinant interest in my activities when I do so. Time to give this one a rest and find out what else they are going to pummel me over.

Another overhead pounding and a coincident zapping; no seeming "causal" that the assholes were after, just a general principle fuckover act.

Onto websurfing cinema, and bookmarking yet more promising films should I ever be allowed to see them again. This settled down the overhead clunking and zapping, and the evening was near peaceable save for the relentless smell jamming in my nose.

Time to blog off, and call it a day.

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