Saturday, February 24, 2007

Rapid Daylight Fluctuations with Street Whistling

Currently, the sunlight level is fluctuating radically, sometimes within the minute; in all my visits to other countries noted for changeable weather, I have never seen anything like this before.

Earlier, there was the no-rain walk to the store, and the rained upon walk back stunt, about the 20th time in five years of harassment the sickos have pulled this one. Changing the weather while in the store from dry to wet, usually in that order. Weather engineering is doable and is commercially availible and was mentioned in this blog posting.

The perps had me in a 15 minute wait for my prescription to be submitted, and stacked the lineup area with three just-sitting-there shills who didn't have any particular business being there. One might have been my mother in morph-over as she had the same habit and countenance as she does in these gangstalking situations. And a scarlet red hat, one my mother has or had. The other fucker gangstalking me from the seating arrangement was in brown and light brown and with a child also wearing some brown. The Rx pharmacist was Asian, possibly another instance of the managed brown color, that being his skin color. There was an East Indian (more brown color for the perps) two people ahead of me, and a yellow coated gangstalker behind me who made sure to come up the aisle I was facing for a in-lineup distance dependent gangstalk before hanging around me, with obvious vibrational energy emanations.

The Rx lineup area also had a seen-before shill or operative, and I wasn't allowed to recall any more details than that. Before last year, when they learned how to fuck my recall, I never ever forgot a face and the circumstances associated with it, especially the fucking sick-minded gangstalkers. It was my form of protection that the perps now routinely fuck with.

As usual, there were a horde, some 20 or so, of shiftless assholes on pretend shopping duty circulating around me, up to 20' away. Back and forth, and then again, walk in one direction but look in another, never shopping, save the open-mouthed gangstalker in red. Some arrived from behind the aisle, possibly a teleportation arrival as I never saw the fucker arrive at this cul-de-sac area in the store. No in-store spittings today, another method of revealing the energetic contents of their mouths in my proximity. But there was lip licking, and that body area has a huge perp obsession to the extent that cattle and human mutilations are usually stripped of lip tissue. Not my problem, why am I being fucked over for it?

Another as usual event was the plasma and masers flitting about the store and the pharmacy waiting area. Typically these flit parallel to surfaces and edges, but I noticed today they also offset the plasma beams to make them more visible, which is what they do all the time while working on keyboarding blogs, like right now.

This is the post tea and chocolate time, always of interest to the perps as they get another opportunity to solve their brown color problem.

Another oddity on the way to the gangstalk at the drugstore earlier was a woman dressed for exercise, running toward me and carrying a pair of white runners with red laces in one hand, and a plastic bottle with orange juice in the other. I have never ever seen a fitness runner so absurdly encumbered in all my life. And the big question about the footwear is; were those the same pair that were dangling from the power lines two blocks away upon my return from the doctor's visit, 02-22-2007? The answer is I don't know for sure, but there is a lot of similarity between the two sets of runners. And by the way, these runners were too big for this girl's feet, so whose were they? When I next take the route where the pair were stranded on the telephone line I will have a look to see if it is the same pair, but all indications of color of runner and laces match. Or course they could of been "borrowed" for the few seconds of display time today and will be replaced for yet another pass-by some weeks hence.

More of the bizarre bullshit that goes on all day. Another four deep metallic red sedans were in formation today on a major artery into downtown, this time a diamond like formation spanning two lanes, and the gap between one lane pair was the area that the lane behind vehicle was arranged. Another distance dependent game with colors and vehicles.

More games; there was a file that I downloaded and the extension was lopped off and was not displayed in that wretched file manager, Windows Explorer. And the search "couldn't find it", even if correctly copy/pasted from the download posting on the web. The most basic of PC operating systems and functions are fucked with.

I read the Saturday Globe and Mail earlier today. There was hardly a page that went by or an article or name that I read that wasn't noisestalked typically from the overhead floorboard squeaking noise. And reading the newspaper is a big game to get various colors and text blocks to be placed close to me. Another perp interest is the fold in the center of the page which becomes an harassment game as it is higher than normal and leaves a deeper shadow than if the perps weren't playing plasma games with the lighting. And true to form, as I attempt to read the text over top and down the fold hump, some noise starts up at that instant to noisestalk my ability to interpret what to read. It is fucking sick and absurd to be under the surveillance microscope for reading a newspaper.

Some relative quiet over the past hour, save the trance-like noise of the PC "vibration" that "happened" when two hard drives were replaced. No wonder the silent case models I wanted to buy 09-2006 (Antec P180, Nexus Breeze) when the motherboard was replaced were "unavailible".And as "I" yawned, the overhead squeaking noise started up for the duration of the yawn.

I am getting some leg jabbings that are placed on the back of my thigh, which is on the chair I am sitting on. This was is concert with some egress of "residents" and squeaky front door noise, another sound from its extensible repetoire.

I got a simultaneous leg and gut zapping that caused me to jump. I forget what I was reading at that instant, but someone had this planned out, along with me swearing at the assholes.

More select/cut/paste sabotage in fucking the action of selection with the mouse. Five fucking years of pissing with this PC function and the sick assholes are still on my back. Why are the perps so fucking depraved?

Another confluence of noise; the faked coughing and hacking with the overhead squeaking noise. This was coincident with reading about a film titled "Lost Embrace" and there would be a link to IMDB but the assholes sabotaged the selected words seven times in succession. And I noted that I was unable to spell the city name of "Buenos Aries", (ciy in which the movie take place) which leads me to think that the perps must of remapped my spelling capabilities last year, when spelling anything became a problem.

After Thursday's (02-22-2007) double inflicted small wounds on my left thumb, I was allowed to discover the bandaids today, after the notion had been planted that I didn't have any on hand. As I have few belongings little here, there is no way I would of forgotten them without some help from the perp assholes. It seems that the brown color of the bandaids must be interfering with the red color energy readings the perps are making. Hence, this last cut hand round was stemmed with a steptic pencil and white paper towel. And I noticed more brown vehicles parked behind deep metallic red vehicles today, both parked and mobile gangstalking.

And they also created a wound on my left ear in the night, one that is healed over with a scab and somehow didn't bleed all over in the night. At present, I have this and the above left thumb wounds from two days ago, so no doubt the perps will get a simultaneous red (scab) reading off me from two significantly different body locations.

And there have been many more of the "animated dust" placements in front of me; some kind of very white "dust" arrives in front of me and slowly spins its way down me, serving as some kind of localized white color reference. On occasion, these "dust eruptions" have defied gravity and started from my chest area and travelled upward. One of the downward falling dust eruptions arrived when I was in line at the Rx pharmacy earlier today, presumably as a reference to gauge the colors of the other nearby gangstalkers.

I made an attempt to listen to Erin McKeown on a NPR and my Real Player is now fucked; I cannot hear any music even if it is playing, as per the timer count. And is it any surprise that there is intense governing of what music I am allowed and the duration and amount? No, because 3 CD players have "broken down" in the past two years, all within a week of each other, including my ever reliable NAD deck. Other games have been to dither the music signal itself so it sounds horrible, and third stunt has been to knock out one of the channels on the headphones, two pairs of them having the same "problem". The last remaining pair of lightweight and so-so headphones have been allowed to work, but now it is turn for the source to be malfunctioning, either the PC or Real Player. It never ends.

And this was all determined with my remaining working headphones on, and they were being clicked and flexed by remote means in concert with web page changes. I have a notion that this will be the end of the PC Real Player and any hope for music for a while. The perps did let me have a week of listening to Happy Rhodes before Christmas, and then "I" didn't feel like listening for awhile, and now this.

A group of girls has arrived outside my window in the adjacent parking lot. Not that I can see them, but it seems I meant to hear them exclaim and emote. This would be a right side auditory input, which might explain why this supposed rooming house has been so quiet tonight (left side). And while this is occuring, I had been reading Sherman Skolnick's Report. And as I put the link in, the glass bottle bashing act has erupted in the hallway, as it is too loud to be heard through walls. (And I was forced to link it twice because of some errant behavior of this editor.)

The perps do love me to read about conspiracies and skullduggery, which includes espionage and other games.

There is enough here to call this a posting for today; nothing too exciting to be sure, and the same for tommorrow I suspect.

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