Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Smell Jam Again

I am getting continued smell jammed up my nose, purportedly from the furnace, though this only began in the last few months, long after the furnace began running. As mentioned before, the plausibility of the various incursions is not the big deal it was six months or more ago. It is more of a "fuck you"anytime they want.

I did my laundry today, and that exercise has endless perp fascination and stunts associated with it. It was the usual parade of freaks, color coordinated at usual, and then the vehicle color combinations in the parking lot. And too, certain colors of vehicles loitered outside, while the passenger or driver loitered near me inside the laundromat while the sole laundromat attendant "went missing" for a few minutes. The perps are very big on having vehicle passengers hang about me, usually with the vehicle nearby. It is the realm of boundless color games and feints.

They also like to have their operatives wave their hands over a vacated seat beside them I noticed yesterday while at the communal video show in lieu of outside work because of the wet conditions.

The in-house coughing and hacking has started up bigtime today, even before I got up I had a round of protracted and obviously faked hacking, only to get another round while eating chocolate at breakfast, one of the perps' very favorite brown colored foods for me to eat. They seem to want to assay the act of me eating a favored brown colored food, one avenue of them dealing with their brown color problem. And that includes a typo assault as I write this and nearby chatting, then more jammed smell in my nose again.

A new harassment method is to back up my drains, in this case the sink in my room, and have it foam and splutter. This is likely more games related to their dishes and washwater obession, as I get regularly noisestalked, masered, plasma-ed and touchstalked (fake but felt touches on me from no conventional cause). Just another game, though once per week is the current rate of it.

This is the post tea and chocolate time, and this is when the perps lay on extra noise and comotion, which is what is happening. After tea, I repaired the PC's sliding case panel by causing it to contact more tensioned members of the case when slid into the case. So far, so good. It is all about taking away the excuses, and playing the scripted game.

Now it is overhead pounding time; and especially so that I am reading about their favorite subject, the word I use to describe them in my written journal, psychopath.

The PC's noise and vibration came back again, essentially unabated which is very curious as my efforts should of made a difference. Just another cover story for the assholes.

More reading on the web and a moderate level of noisestalking going on. The masers, in this trailing filamentous form are continuing to occur in front of almost anything in my field of view. These are the cover story "floaters" and look like this found on a site that details this anomaly. Anything that I reach for, and even my reach trajectory of my hand has proximate masers or ones that my hand passes through.

More moderate level noise and gangstalking, but the assholes have started up the knee torquing torture. This is where they remotely apply forces to turn the bottom part of my leg, twisting it to a degree that causes knee pain. I lift my leg up to relive the pain, and put it down, and the torquing torture starts up again. This time it is the right leg getting the "treatment". It is my theory that this pain is sensed in primitive parts of the brain, those areas where they cannot yet fuck with. At any rate, it is impossible to do by myself sitting at a desk, legs in a single position, so what could be the clinical cause of that?

Once when I was out running, this was in 2003 when the perps still allowed me to do that, they crashed my lower jaw into my upper jaw so fast that there was teeth chipping. I cannot do this my myself, crash my jaws together that fast, so how did it happen? This is a question for the assholes who are claiming this assault is clinical in nature. Wiser and/or uncolluding minds know better.

A new round of front door slamming and room shaking plus some coughing and hacking into the noise mix. Concurrently, the assholes modified the text display on my LCD display, "thinning down" the size and spacing of text, a font change unbidden by me.

And with the myriad of typos that are "happening" as I type this, I have just learned that the perps know how to mind-fuck me out of repairing the typos on the fly. They would somehow fuck me into pressing the wrong key, and somehow I would know that almost right away, and then backspace and repair it before moving onto the next letter. Now, they can fuck me into pressing the wrong keys altogether and only let me in on noticing the typos many letters and words hence. Another small step of fuckery on top of all the depraved harassment they apply currently.

Time to blog off.

Noisestalked words du Jour;
socioeconomic (overhead pounding as I read it)

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