Saturday, January 30, 2010

Playing With Weather + 01-031-2010 Update

To get out of the 1000h morning get ups of the past three days, I set the alarm last night after turning on the clock again. No synchronous clicking between it and "ambient clicking" thankfully, or overloud faucet dripping noise from outside the apartment this time. But they did wake me up at least twice in the night for no seeming reason and I had to vocalize my annoyance at least once. It may come down to them doing this more often to get a voiceprint for every minute of the normal nightime sleeping period, building a series over many months. And, if they haven't already done that, another round with my voice changed, something they do routinely, even within some 10 seconds or less.

Plenty more PC hangs and freezes this morning, which does seem to be a run up for taking the PC apart and testing the hard drive. Past blog postings have noted the perp's need to go back into the PC after some three months of the last build, and I wouldn't be surprised if this was going to be another upcoming event.

Still the quest goes on as to loading Linux on this PC; the old hard drive will accept partitioning from Partition Magic but the new one with 500Gb of storage won't. I looked in the Event log and there was a reference to corrupted data blocks. The MS event logs are not entirely intelligible as to what is exactly going on, and why events keep repeating.

Steady rain today, just when I was hoping to make a 20 minute walk to sort out the kitchenware hassles as well as get cuphooks to hang them from. The sickos know I won't be able to get this done tomorrow, and late Monday will be the earliest if it isn't today. Funny how that happens; a half day delay spawns a two day delay. The weather is a significant component of the perps' methods, and based on past coordination of highly unlikely coincidences with my activities, I stick with my assertion that it is manipulated at least on a local basis. The site, Etheric Rain Engineering even permits one to purchase their services, though I don't think they get much of a call for whatever reason given the droughts in Australia.

More disruption games; just when I want to dig down into some Oracle study, relentless images of snakes and snake mouths comes to mind. Surely planted there of course, as there is no association I can make between this disparate topics. And this is what it comes to, not even being allowed to read or study, never mind later sabotage with cognitive dithering where one suddenly finds them in a "what did I just read" situation.

After last night's pissing match with attempting to put on a movie disk on the PC, I did get Windows Media to come up, all ready for me to insert the DVD disc. Funny how they want me to walk the ground they denied me before, but as I was so fed up I did not put the movie on.

Another round of screaming at the sickos when they pulled the DVD drive drawer in before the disc was inserted, causing to jam on the disc. As I was about to place the disc the drawer moved by itself when ordinarily it would of stayed in position and only responded to the button being depressed or pushed in by me. That is the way they work, and ditto for this one the entire time, save twice yesterday. And "somehow" I forgot this fuckery might occur and got sucked into it again. I don't forget any of their Fuckover stunts, and had a suitable defensive armoury of preventing getting jerked with, but all that has been comprimised and removed from my  cognitive repetoire. The Linux boot install shenanigans still continue, as the aforementioned aborted DVD loading caused the boot sequence to be misssed. All day to load O/S software; about right for saboteurs.

A sort-of game for the last few days has been attempting to load Linux on this here PC, and just when I expected it to occur, the disc of files in the DVD player before starting up, why, it never happened. This PC booted straight into Windows again. Something to reset or modify in the BIOS, the device order listing. So... another round then, starting up the PC and intervening during boot-up, always prone to be messed with due to its time-limited availlability.

Another round of screaming at the assholes who sabotaged my attempt to watch a movie; we did this last night, but not with the same displays. Just another Fuckover vexation. I am allowed Youtube though; here I have a freaking Blu-ray player and a Blu-ray movie on hand, and the assholes are only permitting  slow and progressive functional use.

Now more inadvertent breaks in Youtube; I am done before I tear this place apart.

No, it didn't happen, and after dealing with more PC hangs and obstructions this morning, I am now allowed to see some of the pattern. In usual perps form, there is more than one thing going on but with commonality. It is all about the Plextor Blu-ray DVD player; attempting to play both movies and load Linux from a fresh-minted DVD, aka, swapping between one vexation or another. And I am sure the quest to get to the bottom of the current Lightscribe, (DVD labelling with the same laser in the DVD drive), dysfunctionality is also part of this entire panalopy of DVD vexation.

On the Linux DVD side I fixed the BIOS to have it look at the DVD player before the hard drive and still the PC booted from the hard drive. Before that, on the second attempt, Partition Magic was permitted to create a partition on the old (second) hard drive, but not on the new one with over five hundred Gb of space; I had to "settle for" 40 Gb on the secondary hard drive. Which ups the oddity factor; why did Partition Magic fail to create a partition on the new 640Gb hard drive and not on the older smaller one? The BIOS change was aided by looking in the Asus manual, and I made sure my BIOS change was tested twice before I attempted the Linux boot disk/install attempt, but to no avail. That was bad enough that I cannot take the first step in getting serious about an Oracle install, so I can study, but then there was more on the movie disc playing attempts this morning and last night.

The fuckers hung the PC on attempting to play a movie via PowerDVD last night, and even tagged the screen with a tool bar that was persitent through other applications like Firefox and could not be deleted until a Windows one finger re-boot. End of that, so on with Windows Media Player, and after one round of getting fucked into "thinking" it was just a music player, why, I am allowed to know that it can play movies too. (Which I suspected, but wasn't allowed to find out the specifics). With this new found "knowledge" the appropriate box/icon was found, (or more likely, was displayed for the first time as I am new to the WMP application), and I find the movies section, and then attempt to play a movie. Should be easy right... I insert a DVD and nothing happens, the drive doesn't even spin up and Windows Media Player pretends there is nothing in the drive. Get this; the Windows movie player application is open, and when a movie is put in the only DVD drive, nothing happens. The most  likely source location for movies in the entire PC, the DVD drive, is totally ignored and doesn't register with the freaking media player, Windows of course.

How many DVD sabotage related games are in play so far, the last week say?

-boot up attempts from wrong file type, an iso instead of its contents,
-above Lightscribe dysfunctions, cognitive sabotage to become highly vexed as to why it wasn't accessible,
-BIOS update, incorrect Boot order specification,
-at least six boot attempts to get the Linux CD bootable and Linux installed,
-PowerDVD powered out into a total hang, even with a DVD added while it was fully displayed,
-Windows Media Player did the same thing last night, but "progressed" toward expectable "normality this morning but still refused to recognize the movie DVD in the DVD drive,
-update the Plextor Utilities software,
-update the Plextor firm ware,
-update the Lightscribe sofware,
-then as of (1447h) explaining my DVD player travails to my mother,
-countless web searches to find the "problem" elsewhere, but it seems Plextor drives are too good for that rap,
-and a few more that I haven't detailed in this too-long running pissing match.

Needless to say, along with other prior system hangs, and Windows Medial Player hanging when I wanted to add the DVD player into the "library", I am totally enraged. Then the next time I attempt a "library" addition, to add the DVD player, it is looking for folders, not drives. This is fucking insane that I am not allowed to use a DVD drive in my own PC in the benign ways that anyone else would. That the fuckers have largely kept me off the DVD drive for the past five years has nothing to do with it; just leave it and me the fuck alone and let me use my own gear as I want. Even the simple freedom of being allowed to operate a DVD drive in the (sort of) comfort of one's own home is not allowed in this Fuckover World. This is a major escalation in sabotage of my functional environment

Now the quandry; take out the freaking PC and get someone else to install it/"fix it", or dick around for another rage show. Or, to go down the predictable path of "finding", weg surfing, that the drive has some kind of "problem" with its firmware and can be updated. It is predictable as it is relentless; insane and beserk intrusion and obstruction down to the smallest level of my functional existence, and all the better for the deranged party to render me into a screaming fit. No neighbor complaints in nearly three years at this apartment, so this must be the First Torture Pit for delivering on whatever the sickos have in their depraved minds.

And I see my regular Sunday visit with the First Feral Family won't be on today, as my phone "happened" to be dead when the coordinating telephone calls are made. But as I had a message, and I have been here all day so far, not even going out for laundry, then how did the message get created? No matter the technical strangeness, it was a very convenient time for it to erupt. And now, the freaking phone is working fine, but the intercom is still on the fritz and the reason why I phoned in a maintenance call, the online support people emailing me to make a call for crissakes. Which will doubtless result in the total dismantling of my desk cum bookcase as all of it was slid against the wall where the telephone wires come out to make some 16" of space to add a bookcase on end. And as I write this up, the overhead thumping and clunking has started up, giving the name "thumper moments". The long standing event of coincident motorcycle noise, the most loathed sound of the all, has been accorded the name of "motorcycle moments" as another example of simultaneous arranged noise with events, even while jamming smell up my nose as I write this now.

On the putz games front, I updated my Plex Utilities, the supposed support software that came with the DVD drive. Ditto for its firmware, that updates the drive directly, outside of the Window world. Maybe this will magically update all above hassles, spreading pixie dust to make them work.

Another post-tea time rage show in attempting to get a Blu-ray movie disc to play in the DVD reader; in its place, Power DVD popped up, and when I didn't want to register it went away. Windows Media Player eventually "responded" by going into a black page and there it hung. Attempts to get anything else to run, even Task Manager failed, so yet another one-finger salute, aka, depressing the stop switch. A three finger salute are the control-alt-delete threesome that gets a warm boot.

I will be off to the First Feral Family home tonight, and hopefully the bus service won't be as bad as assholes have been over this DVD drive. And too, I get to contemplate the ignominious fate of taking the PC to a shop somewhere and having them install Oracle Linux. Pathetic as doing the same over the memory update last year, but that is how it goes. Even turning a screwdriver is fraught with peril.


Anonymous said...

Lately, I have been trying to stay away from dual-boot systems... nowadays, I run one operating system per computer. I've found that non-Microsoft operating systems are very picky as to what hardware components they like.

My Toshiba laptop I bought for $299 at Best Buy in late August seems to not like anything other than Open Solaris, for example. When running Linux, the processor continues heating until the processor fan kicks in, and once that fan is running, it refuses to shut off. Why Open Solaris seems to run comfortably, but it doesn't have nearly the amount of software that will run on it as Linux. For example: I can do OpenGL and have Sun C compilers on Solaris, but Mono may not want to compile.

Yesterday, I got a phone call from a recruiter about a possible C++ programming job working on a flight simulator, but already I can "sense" that this is yet another planned event by the perps. It seems my perps love to get recruiters to call me and interview me, yet I never hear anything more from their client. I've always believed that the perps wanted me to have contact with the recruiter, maybe there is some kind of interaction they're interested in measuring. Beyond that, I don't think they really want me employed on a salaried job with benefits. UNLESS, of course, they can completely control and monitor me and surround me with perp wackos all day.

Anonymous said...

I did have a recruiter contact me, and practically promise me that I am going to get an interview with her client. But I'm certain that's part of the perps' games --- give the TI a promising job "match", and then dash all his hopes by telling him the interview is off or the client never returned their calls.

AJH said...

Answer to: Lately, I have been...

I am not too sure about dual boot systems myself, and the opportunity that leaves for the perps to feign sabotage under this assigned name. The removable hard drive tray option has long been considered, and must be the perps' planted solution since over ten years ago. However, it would be the most prudent, as in taking away the excuses/cover story. I will give the removable hard drive rack another round of research to get the one that I want, without a key that is, as it too is highly prone to perp machinations. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: I did have a recruiter contact me...

My experience with recruiters was that they did deliver, the interview went well, but no offer, nor any viable debrief as to how the interview went. That went three rounds, and then I did get interview and an offer in Everett which I took. The recruiters all delivered, but as you infer, there are many links in the chain, and any one can be messed with. That said, the perps just love to raise expectations and then have the event never materialize. The "dashed expectation" as I have called it sometimes. I also note that they like to reverse it of late; a given regular event is routinely gamed with extra noise, imposed finger fumbling etc. and then the few times it doesn't happen, (to my surprise) why, they put on extra outside noise (noisestalking) at that very moment. Thanks for the comments.