Saturday, January 09, 2010

Tapping Noise From the West

All week I get this tapping noise, as if someone is tapping a long wood beam about 1x/second from outside, the E. side of this here apartment. And now, someone has complimented/augmented the identical noise so now comes from the W. side, the hallway. And too, it can get through my earmuffs somehow. Earlier, there was a high pitched vacuum cleaner whine while attending to the bedsheet laundry, so I assume this noise from yesterday has come to track me again today. It is simply amazing how these noises can persist, and then be replicated identically from the opposite direction from where they usually come from. No big deal, just the regular imposed abuse.

The putative apartment neighbor (the third such strange one in three years), the quintesential dweebe (nervous, hunched over and submissive looking) "happened" to be outside in the hallway when I exited my door to take my laundry to the laundry room. He does about two showings a month, nearly always "happening" to be crossing my path. But today I just about freaked out as his head was totally shaved bald, as in a skin-head, and worse yet, with red spots on his pate. Bigtime fugly. Then he stops at the elevators and one "happens" to be there and opens up as I pass it by. He crosses my path to get in it, and I keep my eyes on the silly 1960's carpeting so I don't see this disgusting aparition any more.

Then on my way to the local supermarket this afternoon, why, there he is again, walking toward me. Again, I avert my eyes so I don't see any more of this digusting freak than I have to.

And I am recovering from the five minute shopping trip for a Saturday newspaper. As expected, after a prior day of shut-in time, they went beserk with the number and placement of gangstalkers. I was only in the store for two minutes, and it went from no checkout lines to all of them backed up five deep when I was ready with my few groceries. They had four gangstalkers ahead of me at the frozen goods case containing the tortillas, and then the Ezekeil tortillas were mixed with the former kind I liked, some kind of packaging comparison/interaction thing. I had gangstalkers at every turn I made, and I was glad to get the fuck out of there.

But first, the checkout game; I picked the one that promised to be the quickest to get through, and after a few minutes the one next door opens up, declares themselves to be open, and I move to it. This time, they jerked me around, and as the cashier wasn't as ready as she made out, and so I had to wait another minute or so, and suffer in the knowledge that if I had stayed in the original checkout I would of got out of the supermarket sooner. Anyhow, I had the usual extra noise and close-in of others while I did my PIN on the keypad and paid by debit card (magnetic swipe has to be interesting for those keeping me in a densified magnetic field). And I still had more gangstalkers to get through, dithering at the exit seems to be a bid deal of late.

Then while waiting at the crosswalk, the sirens started up, and lo, if it wasn't the police in their white Dodge Sprinter van and lights flashing blue and red, coming from the S. to make a L. turn onto the street that this apartment block is on. And if that noise assault on the ears wasn't enough, another white police Sprinter van came from the N. and made a R. turn, to follow the first one. Sirens all day yesterday, and a few earlier today (noise only), and then two of the real thing making turns ahead of me walking the same street. All very interesting that they came from opposite directions, and this is highly consistent with the gangstalking goings on in having the same ambulatory Fuckwit do back and forths along the route I am walking. Another variant is having a vehicular gangstalker make a U-turn in mid-street beside me. As mentioned before, cardinality and direction of travel are exceedingly important variables for the assholes, getting back to the anisotropy of their seeming energetics assay activities.

Another tip-off of a very important outing was the attention they give to a set-up at the apartment lobby on the ground floor. This time, the door was propped open with a piece of brown furniture, and a plastic water bottle was placed on it. And four Fuckwits were making out to be wandering around or talking, as if they were taking a break from moving, even if there was no moving van. Then at least another four, one being the walking the bicycle act again, this time arranging it so he passed me on my right side, wearing brown. Anyhow, not a big deal, save another 50 or so Fuckwits in the next 120' or so until I got to the local supermarket. It just astounds me as to the degree of effort and planning that goes into scripting me me for a five minute return trip to the supermarket, all of the above being the example today.

When in the lobby, I find a notice ffor attempted parcel delivery at 1130h. I was here all day, and the phone did not ring for anyone delivering a parcel. Back this bullshit again, which seems to be mostly about having to pack a brown box from the post office back to my place, a self-referential color prop  instead of the loopy Fuckwits packing flattened boxes on their heads as they pass me by.

Enough dull events for today, this one is done.

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