Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why Didn't I Get Started Sooner

This late in the day, and plenty of goings on too, and here I am just begining to start this posting. Which might get rolled into a two day one for tomorrow, as it looks to be a dull shut-in with the wet weather forecasted.

I got double fucked when getting up; "somehow" (read, malevolent mind planted notion) when I looked at the clock when I got up it was 0830h. After breakfast I saw it was 1020h and then I knew I got screwed as it was a 0930h get-up time. Then when in the bathroom and attempting to figure out what day of the week it was, I got screwed into "thinking" it was Wednesday when it was Thursday as I found out afterward. Hence, the plans to do gardening work were dashed as it was a yoga class today. It was 1055h when I had finished in the bathroom, showering, shaving and all, and I leave for yoga at 1110h, so it was silly to even contemplate going online as I had originally intended. No big deal, just not what I expected, to be double clobbered by the wrong time and the wrong day of the week.

It was a special Ying yoga today, long pose holds (4 min.), but simpler poses. Not my thing, but it was good to try it, and the instructor likes to have more active classes as a rule anyway. And I see they brought the fugly negro woman in again, she giving me the woeful stare when I walked in, and not even bothering to say hello, like the other regular there. Interesting that they kept the negro woman as far as away from me as they could in that room (20'), but didn't pull her out early as they have done every time before. And to make the scene/her more absurd, they covered up her hair (probably tight and curly) with a black toque no less. I thought it was most odd that anyone would wear a toque to a comfortably heated room, never mind engaging in body temperature raising yoga. The toque was very much the same as the one I own (but did not wear to class); thicker knitted fabric, same color.

And I noted they packed the Montreal woman next to me when there was plenty of room elsewhere, meaning I had my own little crowd around me with the negro woman at the other end of the room. Just a curiousity, never minding that there is some perp interest in having me exposed to Montrealers for whatever reason. As mentioned before, I lived there for two years before the age of five, and I suspect there might be some commonality between them and me that the sickos are looking for. On the New Tricks TV detective show they mentioned that bone mineralization is correlated to water source mineralization in one's formative years to the degree that they can forensically determine bone provenance. The provenance thing again. Anyway, I don't really care, except to note that some friends and family have made trips to Montreal in the past, though it always seemed legit at the time, and really isn't any signficance. At last year's employment site I noted they had a negro male as a laborer for some three weeks before he went back to Montreal, raising the question of why have someone from there come out here for minimum wage job? The airfare would wipe out all one's earnings. There are some other recent world events that I note Montreal born and raised individuals have been involved in, but I won't get into the details as it really isn't that significant from the random chance perspective.

It was a good yoga class, even if many of the strange background noises there were identical to the odd ones here at this apartment building. Just one of those TI things again. And a rare forced pee immediately after the yoga class, and lo, if the one other male class member didn't join me there. Funny that he didn't change his clothes there, as he had done when he came.

I got my usual cell phoning street vagrants tailing me in both directions, and too, a crush of Fuckwits outside the bakery, ostensibly waiting at the bus stop, creating a pinch zone, a near swarm. And there might be some electrical transformers below the sidewalk as there are some heavy duty covers as well. And have I mentioned the perps obsession over bread, baked goods etc.? At least once per week.

I had some phone calls after lunch, my in-town brother doing his same grumbling schtick, and then I heard that my training grant was approved, and later I registered in the two classes, furnishing my credit card details on the phone, as the online course registration links were "missing", unlike the last time I registered. No big deal, it is all part of the plan, getting me on the phone more often, along with concurrent noise levels being elevated.

Later I went out to get some supplies for my to-be-performed baking, a first in over 8 years, and lo, if there wasn't a yellow and white fire truck outside the apartment and the red lights strobing me as I passed through the door and walked in the opposite direction. Some 10 minutes later when I came back, the same fire truck was parked on the wrong side of the street, with the front door open (sheet metal panelled), and two firemen in their yellow outfits were putting on the nattering act. This time, the yellow-orangelights were flashing and strobing, which aren't as bothersome as the red ones for whatever reason. Which makes this a first; the assholes placing a firetruck outside the apartment lobby without the usual palaver of staging an emergency. Regular readers will know that these same fire trucks, as many as five at once, have been parked in this neighborhood for my egress to/from my apartment building, but that they always put on show, or in one case, there really was a fire that burned out an apartment in another building nearby. Anyhow, as gangstalking and staging goes, it was tame, and that is the best that I can hope for.

There were a few more goings on today, the LD store visitation for above mentioned cookware, and I was duly gangstalked there yet again, alway a heavy Fuckover scene. And cooking my hazelnut-mushroom loaf, but it is getting late and I am going to call this one done; if I add more later I will modify the posting title.

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