Saturday, January 02, 2010

2009 Review

A rather short review I suspect, I will  have to see how this goes for this shut-in day in the making.

My always-wrong prognostication that the perps would finally attain 100% mind control came to pass again. I don't think they are able to exert 100% mind control yet, given the interest they initiate in the way of noisestalking and maser hits to the neck when I am attention shifting. They seem to have progressed in controlling imagery that comes to mind on recall, and have gained control of my self-talk, and self-analysis. In the latter category, I would nearly always characterize someone or an agency in the negative as an "asshole", "jerk" etc. if in fact they deserved such attribution, and this kind of self dialogue has largely atrophied over 2009. I can only assume that they slowly encroached upon this particular brain activity, likely at the brainstem area, and can now mostly control it. Of late, I get the noisestalking when attention shifting, something they seem to be still interested in.

Plasma, maser and light flashes are getting to be more common, that is, more than the elevated levels I already experienced going into 2009. They cannot get enough of banking light flashes off the inside of my glasses, especially if it is in my peripherial vision.

I did my month and year end Quicken/accounting update, and this time without the intense fuckery I usually get. Though, there were plenty of misreads, and cognitive fuckarounds where the amount would change when I went back to the web page as the totals wouldn't tally before. The big deal for the assholes was to have the sun go down with attendant dinginess of this apartment until I put the lights on. They also like me to have my green earmuffs on to obstruct the absurd noises from outside, though some gets through somehow. One event that really got them noisestalking and flipping dialog boxes in front of me was creating new account in Quicken for 2010. Usually the checking and the cash account bring a balance forward for the New Year, just to keep the files smaller and save on extensive paging through the account journal.

Other excitement for the perps was to have me head out for a year-end newspaper, and I thought it would be at the convenience store below. But they were sold out, and onto the supermarket which is only a block away. I should of suspected that something was up with all the newspaper litter enroute, and when coming back. And I didn't take a plastic bag, but kept the newspaper in my hand. The perps seem to be more beserk over newspapers for the past month, my mother plonking it down on my place mat at breakfast as one fucking rude example.

I am getting the chair vibrations after having dinner, making tortillas from scratch. And at least 40 provocations to have me rant or scream at them. They pulled objects from my grasp, aplied myriad of fake touches, even where my fingers were retreating from placing something down, a noise, a movement and a touch would simultaneously occur, and yet my hand and fingers were at least 8" away and still being pulled back. Noncausal actions from a distance might be the succint term, or maybe the one they use. They also put on the food flicking, having it hop sideways some 15", or like variants to create more mess. And plasma flashes; yellow enhanced lines briefly show in my visual field, usually clustered around straight lines, and now carrrying over to this PC as I type these very words.

Their excitement might be over the fact that I was adding a shallot into the tortilla, sliced and gently cooked to bring out its natural sugars an flavors. They cut me off from using red onions or any other bulb vegetable back in 2006, and I have been making the same dish with variants since 2003 when they let me out from their incarceration follies. Only in the past six months have they let me eat garlic, and that has been sourced from Keremeos and Gabriola Island, though I wouldn't put switching of food in the fridge past them.

And after six years, I finally get to learn that it is a quesadilla I am making, using two tortillas, top and bottom to contain the live tapenade, diced cooked chicken, cooked shallots and then a melted cheddar cheese over top. Once melted, I put a cooked tortilla on top, then slice this layered dish into quarters, and eat one per meal. The sickos cannot get enough of me when I get things wrong, and especially when they planted the notion in the first place. And then they pour on the noisestalking when I get planted with the notion of the appropriate name/understanding, usually at an odd moment.

The perps nearly always enrage me while cutting up the cooked chicken, and tonight was no exception. I don't know what they get from this exercise, but it is at least as consistent as cranking me up and noisestalking me when I slice the whole quesadilla into quarters. As I do this, and pull the cut apart, they put on more hassle and more noise. I read in Avery's book (The Dimensional Structure of Consciousness, at the right, a difficult read), that there is a energetic signature to aggregation and disaggregation, and it would seem that the assholes are onto this.

A find of a kind; I get to browse topics on DU weapons, and the author has a most interesting story at this link. Thanks to the Iraq conflict, we have radioactive dust circling the world, and coming to visit all of us in some quantity. I haven't figured out the perp angle on this one, but I can only assume it is an aid to their research and diabolical agenda. In the before overt harassment days, they once had me go on a holiday that "happened" to be only two miles from the Windscale nuclear plant in the UK. I was a little pissed about this, but the holiday was arranged by my ex-wife's relatives and I didn't know until I got there. I also remember my Gr. 12 chemistry teacher seeming so conflicted when answering a question from a class member as to the determination of prediction of nuclear decay being Nobel Prize worthy. I couldn't figure out why the teacher looked so guilty by way of being bug-eyed and stammering at that time, as he was immediately in front of me. Anyhow, not a big deal, and I really don't know where ionizing radiation (the poisonous kind) fits in all the harassment/abuse agenda. But based on the book, there is a huge and entrenched denial lobby and they aren't coming forth with a position that fits the facts. It takes perp power to have such an obdurate position for so long with so much influence. I read elsewhere that the US Army researched DU weapons and decided against using them from the environmental pollution perspective. And lo, if they didn't change their tune before heading off to Iraq. Funny how that happens, except the consequences are anything but, in Falluja or anywhere else.

The evening tea and chocolate was concluded with yet more provocations and then vocalized "reactions". Jabbing me with a forcefield in the nipples is always erupts should anything be within 6", even if no actual contact. Pulling my hands from drawer pulls as I am about to grasp and pull it open is always going on, likely some 50x/day on this alone.

Before that, I was expecting that the bookmarked assemblage of cheap sub $10 DVD and Blu-ray discs from was going to be just that, a faux shopping exercise. And then when in the site, even with the "Buy" button removed by the assholes along with many others, clicking the web page location where it ordinarily would be worked, and before long, I had an order assembled. Another trick the perps like to do is obstruct ordering so I figured it was just a continuation of their fucking games, but lo, if the order didn't go through. Now I can join the rest of the world in owning a DVD, though why it took so long when I have had a DVD player since 2005 in my PC and never used it.

Other fuckery on the bait and obstruct circuit is that they are still wiping me out from studying my Oracle software courses. I took two evening time 45 hour classroom instruction courses last fall, and there was nothing else I wanted to do rather than study the material, but it just doesn't ever seem to happen. This is the single greatest and continuing vexation going; I want to study but I am not allowed, even with all the nominal free time I have. They won't let me work out or exercise, they constrain my employment, and keep me cooped up doing squat when I could at least study my course material. This all seems to lead into the broader concept they keep noisestalking me over; employment, work, and their corollaries, not having a job. I am sick fucking fed up of being a test bed for these vague notions around which these insane assholes think there is so much data to collect.

Lo, if I didnt spen the last 50 minute looking online for jobs; I suppose the above rant was a lead-in. Which also tells if that is what they must to as a topic introduction, then this harassment and abuse has a long way to go. I don't think they will stop at 100% mind control, whenever they accomplish that milestone in 2010, but will persist in the rest of their themes; red, yellow and brown colors, employment, war and insurrection, and the pursuit with soil and plant roots, plastics, aggregate concrete and petroleum products and the rest of their too-tall order.

Enough for a dull day, and I might tack on more tomorrow as it will be a partial day at my place with a later First Feral Family visitation and an overnight stay tomorrow (Sunday), taking me into Monday where I am likely to do some more weed digging as part of the Perp Theme Show.


Anonymous said...

Here is a news item that kind of reeks of perp influence:

But she later told police her son had started acting strangely on Wednesday, and said he appeared to be "under stress for reasons she did not know," Lt. Herrmann said.

Read more:

Interesting that he was under stress for some "odd reason". In my situation, spousal abuse (especially the violent kind) is one theme the perps can't get enough of. The Tiger Woods "incident" is one everyone around me has been talking about; their interpretation is that he got the crap beat out of him by his wife. Again, these are people being handled or influenced by the perps themselves.

Anonymous said...

Lately, my dad is yawning out loud more than usual. In fact, I can never recall him "vocalizing" so much while yawning. My mom is constantly whistling, all day long, and into late evening. Again, this is a rather odd "new" development: my mom's new infectious whistling habit (all the time), and my dad yawning out loud all the time. It's so odd that none of this happened, until sometime in 2009. It's like these behaviors erupted out of nowhere.

AJH said...

Answer to: Here is a news item that kind...

Gruesome, but exceedingly strange that someone would start bashing another with a witness in the house, one's mother.

But the perps do like to have blood samples, usually in the form of being spattered or draining from the nearby victim. As much of the perp fuckery is enabled with magnetic energy (over 1600 Gauss in 2009), and that blood has magnetic properties, it could be that they need a terminal sample of the blood outside the victim. And they also need the blood to also interact on a longer term with the immediate environment of the victim, especially if their brain energies are diminishing.

And not forgetting that the cattle mutilations nearly always have the blood drained from the animal along with their incisions.

Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Lately, my dad is yawning out loud...

Yes, the open mouthing, yawning in this case, is an important perp requirement of gangstalkers in the proximity of the TI victim, and the yawning noise is an added neural signature, as heard by both. The perps seem to need to know the energetic nature of the mouth and tongue as it proximate to the brain, only a half inch away through the roof of one's mouth. The colors of the tongue and mouth, (will vary by blood delivery rate), are important as part of their mouth contents research, as is the color of recent food and beverage ingestion. Which is why one will often see the gangstalkers eating food as they are walking along the street, or otherwise have objects stuck in their mouths, e.g., plastic stir sticks for a drink.

And the whistling thing; I get plenty of it in public, sometimes in absurd locations like supermarket checkouts. I suppose it is part of the "open-mouthing" games, this time with air being exhausted as well as the audible signature that will be heard by all parties. I don't think anyone else has mentioned this before. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

There must be something about whistling in general. Whistling produces nearly pure tones (no overtones), so I imagine it somehow is stimulating a part of the brain responsible for sound processing. Also, I get plenty of horn blowing while walking along the streets... seems to me that they need me to be at "full attention". They keep mentioning about the state of mind being "open" vs. "closed".

Also, you probably get a lot of people holding cups in their hands with straws sticking out.

AJH said...

Answer to: There must be something about whistling...

The whistling has it own particular way of being heard; some sounds are heard through the jaw and facial bones as well as the ears, and it is my guess that the higher pitched noises are heard mostly through the ears only. In other words, high pitched noises have their own neural-audio stimulation profile. And it is also clear to me that the perps like to have varying pitch to ensure that TI's auditory responses are keeping alert. If a tone doesn't vary, one doesn't pay as much attention once the anomalous nature of the steady tone is identified.

I get the "Coffee Corps", the Fuckwits carrying paper cups of coffee (brown color reference), though not usually with the straws sticking out. Perhaps that is true for other drinks more, I hadn't noticed. Maybe the slushies and cold coffee drinks more.

I don't get any mind plant games on the concept of open or closed, be it my mind or anything else. Though I do get noisestalked plenty when opening and closing doors, latches, locks etc. I wonder what the perps mean by this concept as it applies to you. It must be one of their broad themes and they plant a portion of it in multiple TI's at the same time to attempt to determine some commonality among them all, and hope to identify the neural energetics of the base concept. Just my take on what they are up to, as so many of their themes of interest are so broad. Thanks for the comments.