Friday, January 29, 2010

Kitchenware Ordering Follies

The hit and miss of online ordering now extends into kitchenware; yesterday's parcel was unwrapped and the five items duly cleaned. The essential items were the two pot lids, ones that fit the two pots I bought new in spring 2009, and really haven't put to use, save the saucepan twice. And all was well; the pot lids do look nice, glass with a metal handle, and fit the 8" and 10.375" (26 cm) like they were originals. I only mention this as yet another facet on the perps' long term plans; having me get two copper bottomed pots on sale in spring 2009 with a nice discount, to make it $24 each before sales taxes. But no lids though, even for the saucepan, which is absurd, but that was the best model there if I didn't get into the multi-hundred dollar sets. I have yet to understand why I even bought them as my cooking abitions were minimal then, and still are. But it does go to show the amount of planning they do, as in having me get lids for them some 8 months later. No doubt another 8 months will pass by before I attempt some consistent use with them.

I ended up adding three items to the order to make it over the free shipping threshold, and that is where the sillyness began. An oversized barbeque spatula in stainless steel has a blade that is the same length as the frypan's diameter. And the handle is one and a half scale, which puts the food at some distance from one's hand when using it as I found today. The 7" skimmer is huge compared to what I was expecting, and the 6" mesh strainer is one of those "what was this for" items. The latter two a much bigger than what I expected, and in all likelihood, even with reviewing the stated dimensions with a tape measure in hand, I come away wondering if these kitchenware items weren't for giants. I have noticed in the past that the perps like to play games with scale, arranging small vehicles leading a cluster of gangstalking vehicles, and then slowly building up to monster pickup size. So I see this kitchenware utensil order as yet another example of the ongoing abusive insanity that I am subject to, albeit much moderated and less injurious. The major jerkaround is financial; if these items piss me off enough I will toss them and search for something much more like what I was looking for in the first place.

The third day in succession of get-up times after 1000h this morning, as it pisses me off that my morning is essentially shot before I get up. I haven't been using the alarm clock due to its noise and the coordination of other nightime (manufactured) noise with the clock noise. Which is their way of saying for me to use the clock again. I suppose that will have to be. I noticed that my mother rested her arm over where the clock was two days ago when she ended up here because the intercom isn't working.

The enforced low light levels have already begun; the dinge as I call it, making this apartment extra dark in the afternoon. It started at 1450h and was apparent after I exited the bathroom, which is the usual pattern for bringing on the dinge; force me out of the room, decrease the light levels and have me adjust to the imposition when coming back out. I have been through this dumbshit stunt at least 15x, and with low light levels at this time of year, this is when they indulge in this the most.

The clunking and thumping has started up as I read other TI's blogs, and then continued for celbrity sites, one of my minor diversions. This while the earmuffs are on.

Earlier at a mid-afternoon lunch I got screwed again by an imposed "forget" to take the turkey meat from the freezer. This is Christmas leftovers, and only six days before I got screwed over this same thing, and utilizing the canned refried beans as a substitute. No doubt they wanted me to eat something from a BPA lined tin can, as I rarely eat canned foods, and don't expect a BPA coating inside. Today, I shaved the frozen turkey meat so I could get it to thaw in mind-cooking on the stovetop and then under the broil elements. This utilization of frozen foods is very rare in my case, which demonstrates that anyone can be fucked out their more primative and common sense instincts. Just to do the simplest of things can become the biggest hassle. It is not enough to eat the same food day in and day out for seven years, it now has to be disrupted and jerked with. (Actually, the base may vary from guacamole, olive tapenade of varying kinds and pesto sauces, all ready to eat formulations).

I had major ambitions to get outside today and get cuphooks to hang up my new kitchen utensils but that got sucked out of me this morning and it has been a shut-in day for the very special event of using a stainless steel bladed spatula for the first time ever. (Twice today- big stuff). The assholes had been keeping me on the flexible teflon spatula since 2001, and for some reason they want to now minmize my use of this implement with an oversized stainless steel model. I haven't figured out which is more preferred for perp fuckery games, metals or plastics. They took out my new network router that had a metal case and had me order a plastic case one instead that has lasted some six years. They stole or trashed any of my woven metallic cloths I had, especially the anti-EMF ones. They have me hepped up to get a stainless steel wallet, but it seems to be a long term thing and that it could be just a covet exercise that they like to put me through. What is the TI consensus out there; do the perps prefer one to have metal objects or plastic ones where they can be substituted for each other?

The lowdown from the perps is that the ingestion of plastics creates big problems as they behave differently from the macro molecular level to the quantum level. And this inconsistent elecromagnetic and other energetic inconsistencies plays total havoc with them attempting their remote assays and control on us TI schmucks. They also claim to have purged much of my endemic and ubiquious pollutants, "cleaning me up", that not only course around my circulation system, but those that are deposited in my brain, the central site of their 55 year long research project (me). Ask me if I care about their technical achievements, and even in my sleep I will say that I don't give a shit, I want to be left alone, and don't want to be sabotaged in any way, shape or form (read, cognitively, extra-conventional gravitic fuckery, or other).

One will, or at least I will, see hordes of gangstalking Fuckwits out  there toting plastic bags, vinyl covered binders, driving PVC pipe around, driving fiberglass stringered ladders, hauling their clean and plastic covered drycleaning TO the drycleaners, and other plastic (BPA's) and rubber objects just to keep the show going. And too, the old carpets and couches which are likely coated wtih PBDE's (polybrominated diphenyl ethers) as flame retardants. Well so what; you assholes could of figured out this bullshit in months instead of over 7.5 years and counting, and you fuckers are still taking the long route. I don't know if past perp ineptitude is any more forgivable than the First Feral Family handing me over to you assholes, but just let be said both are unavenged.

I tried to do some Oracle database studying today and I got dithered in my reading, it wasn't making any sense. This is my most important initiative since 10-2009, with the technical challenge now greater, and still the assholes lay on the cognitive sabotage. I am not allowed to read what I want for as long as I want or even to the depth of comprehension that I want. Everytime and place, no matter the associative importance.

And I see that a Tea Festival is on for the weekend, the next two days. I get roundly gangstalked by the First Feral Family games when drinking tea in their presence, so I would not be surprised that the sickos are sponsoring a Tea Festival for all the wonderful shills and operatives they have embedded in this sick town. No, I won't be going to a massive gangstalking event, even if I need a new stainless steel basket for my Bodum pot instead of the clattering nylon one. Here we go again, metal or plastic.

A screaming rage show for 10 minutes as the assholes wouldn't let me run a movie on this PC for the first time. Straight out of the sicko's book; fuck any new event if it has a likelhood of being repeated. Windows Media Player wouldn't display (was installed), the entire suite of applications froze up and hung, then some games with an ersatz collage of panels of three software applications was created (look, see what we can do), and then a dialog box hung, and after screaming at them to effect the commands, it dropped out leaving a small 2' square patch of green grass from the desktop when all the rest of the display was white, and so this insane bullshit goes; odd juxtapositions of differing display portions in a mash-up collage for me to see for whatever the fucking reason is. I was so pissed I shut the PC down, which was likely in the script beacause as I was doing it they reminded me that I wanted to put the Linux CD in before shutdown (so it was ready for boot up in the drive). So this fucking PC can boot up fast enough to prevent me from getting a disc in the DVD drive in time, and then has a total slow down when Windows is visible and should be launching the applications that I requested instead of getting sabotaged. Pointless, needless, insane and gratuitous abuse, I am so fucking fed up. This Core i7 920 D0 CPU is now a total dog and my three year old PC was faster. (And it got amazingly faster when I put it in its own case and gave it to my mother). Why in the fuck cannot I be left alone instead of this continuously managed stream of arranged adversity? Even my keystrokes are routinely sabotage. And after reading that, I get a three siren cascade with extra variations, heard through the earmuffs.

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