Monday, February 01, 2010

DVD Player Hassle

I did a overnight stayover at the First Feral Family home, getting the vacuum cleaner treatment before getting up. Last night's TV was 60 Minutes, an interview program, the news and a documentary on a family of boys using steroids to one degree or another. Something like Bigger, Better, Faster and Stronger. Like is often the case, the steroid issue is overblown, and lo, if Congress didn't enact a law to make them banned substances without a prescription. Just what the country needs, another law for no purpose to keep another whole population under control.

But I would no be surprised if the topic of steroids isn't a perp planted one; someone in the class last week mentioned a software product as "xxx on steroids". Maybe just a coincidence, but we shall see.

An attempt to read my Oracle software documentation didn't last long, some 10 minutes, before a sudden nap attack came on. Once I put that window to rest I perked up. I ended up at the Victoria Linux User's group website but haven't found any listings as to getting help with an install. I rechecked the Oracle LInux install instructions, and despite the strange English, I am doing exactly what the instructions say. Obviously this is meant to be a hassle no matter how I aproach it.

A motivational slump/imposed dysthymia it would seem for the most of this Monday, usually a kept-state once I get back from the First Feral Family home.

This one is done, after the futility of looking at removable drive racks was researched with the same makes and models coming up no matter how I crafted the Google search.

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