Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chair Vibrations

vibrations are coming up the center column of the chair, likely to add a litle more Fuckover action at ths very listless time.

The sickos pulled a near-all-nighter; having me awake for most of the night while in beb. I got an hour worth of shuteye from 0600 to 0700h before the alarm went off. They had me in this bizarre dream of being able to make objects materialize simply by wishing it to be so. Perhaps a little too close for comfort, that suggestion.

A forced nap for an hour after the above was crafted. And lo, if vibrations didn't "happen" while lying horizontally for a spell of a few minutes. It is rare that I am given a "recovery nap" from a prior sleepless night, as they can somehow influence me to not be tired in the least.

I was doing gardening maintenance work with my in-town brother's place. Back to the sickos hounding me over doing pruning and leaf raking. This time his new Thai girlfriend came out to do pruning as well. Normally my brother skedadles when I come to do his requested gardening work, but I suppose his girlfriend came in his place. Anyhow, we get along fine, have many things to talk about, and helped each other out in getting the pruned branches cleaned out. There seems to be some kind of perp interest in even the branches, and in past similar situations, my in-town brother has been known to follow me deliberately with the prunings, timing his doorway entry twice in succession to follow my exit.

After my lunch, his girlfriend put on this absurd mid-blue ball cap down to her eyes, silly enough. But it was splattered with brown housepaint of some time ago, so I assume it was a brown (paint) on brown (skin tone) color reference on blue (a Favored color). Later she gave my a recently imported Thai cocanut, some Thai noodle soup packages, and mushrooms from her sister's job site at a Fraser Valley mushroom farm. And it so happens that I have been compiling a recipe to use up the hazelnuts from the 09-2009 travelling, and the recipe includes mushrooms. How convenient. But I will use them all the same, as well as eat the cocanut up, though I don't do noodles much so I am wondering how to use them or else give them away.

I drank at least a half liter of cocanut milk from the cocanut before I headed off, getting a ride to the bus stop. I couldn't believe it though, some 15 other passengers/gangstalkers there, which is very unlike that location and route at 1500h, headed to downtown. At least there was space on the bus to sit down without a cluster of yobos hanging over me. The city bus freakshow/gangstalker emphasis was the long and scraggly haired mig-aged male, at least six of them by the time for me to get off. I suppose this is a variant on yesterday's shiftless mid-aged males, though with tidier hair. But there was a pair of attractive blondes close by, one strangely leaning on the front wheelwheel of the low floor bus, standing with her back to me and in front the wheel wheel that also had a brown cardboard box on top of it (standard bus issue). It was curious that she didn't attempt to sit down in the availible seats, but what was more odd was that she was leaning forward over top of the wheel well, arranging her head to be almost over top of it, and not standing straight beside it.

I had my usual coterie of redcoats when getting off the bus and having them rotate around me on my way back to my apartment from the bus stop. They are big on reds these days in the latter part of an outing, either in vehicular form or as clothing of ambulatory gangstalkers. Yesterday the red treatment was in the form of a large suitcase outside my apartment building with a back-to-me Fuckwit standing around in front of the keyed intercom. I used the door instead, and there was a big redcoated woman with her back to the door on the other side, visible through the glass. I went in, she turned around and exited, and hung near the red suitcase for an extra 20 seconds or so. This seemed like a "red test"; outside and through the glass to the inside, then inside, and then having the mobile gangstalker in red then hang about on the outside through the glass from the other direction, and near the red suitcase which seemed to be a reference. It is fucking beserk this insane shit is going on, and the assholes won't get out of the closet.

But I note from yesterday, and today, there is more emphasis on the ambulatory gangstalker doing a back presentation. One TI I talked to once said that they are reading people's spine like an aerial, and I think there is much to this, as unscientific as it sounds. Time without fail, the assholes are stretching and flexing their spines, doing bend-overs and spinal twists as they turn a corner (usually 90 degrees).

More mindless web surfing after going to the local supermarket to gather the ingredients for my hazelnut loaf that seems to be the butt of major interest, e.g., above mushrooms becoming availible in advance of telling anyone I was going to need some. I had my negro lead-ahead gangstalker in shorts and sandals and no coat when it was raining out, a surge of male Fuckwits from the Unfavored (bald, long hair, facial tatoos, mohawk haircut, seedy and the shiftless), some making five gangstalking reprises for crissakes. I am on record that I cannot stand the sight of these shits, and I now get more of them.

Enough, onto manana and the likely mindfuck scene.


Anonymous said...

I'm on the train home right now. They put on a cue ball baldy right next to me of an indiscriminate race. They've been doing this for a couples months now. Its the mixed race, (usually black and white) buff shiny bald headed men. They put two of them on machines next to me at the gym two weeks in a row. In addition to a hispanic older woman who appears at the gym whenever I go, no matter what time of day or night or holiday. Its like she has radar.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to tell you about an incredible incident in my building's elevator. I live on the second floor and the laundry is in the basement. In order to avoid (embarassingly) riding a couple stops to my floor with others, I tend to walk. And its faster.

This time, having a rather large load to carry upstairs, I decided to take the lift. I thought the coast was clear but a woman with a stroller and tons of packages showed up and necessitating a bit of a manouever into the car. I let her go first still planning to ride. But, as if on cue, a perp showed up. A skinny, hyper looking little man with orange self tanner, makeup (!) heavy cologne (which I hate) and too much hair gel. Perversly, he smiled at me knowingly.

I motioned him to get on before me, deciding at that point to wait for the next car.

Tell me why when I rang for the next elevator the SAME elevator with the SAME people came down AGAIN!

Not only that, but when I finally got my own car going up, the SAME little man got in after the elevator stopped at the lobby!!

If his original destination had been the lobby he could have walked one flight, five stairs!!

Instead, he took the elevator one floor, came BACK down when I rang for the next one, and then got back on with me as I was finally riding up alone!!

What makes it so annoying and incredible is that I was specifically irritated by the sight of him.

By rights, he should have been long gone and our paths should not have crossed again considering the amount of time I waited patiently in the basement for the next car!!

He forced me to ride with him when I had specifically tried to avoid him!

What made it even more amazing was that he smiled at me in an evil way, as if he knew I was trying to avoid him!

Then to add insult to injury, he bade me good night with a barely concealed sarcasm in his voice when I got off!

AJH said...

Answer to: I'm on the train home right now...

Those bald heads! They either run me, or in some way have me react differently (was indifferent until 2003 or so), but they make sure I cannot stand the sight of them, and all the worse if non-Caucasian. Maybe they are attempting to eliminate hair color from the situation, and get more direct on-head readings off their operativess/shills.

And the Hispanic gym pal; extra browness (skin tone) maybe, or is there some provenance (where something is from) references they are looking to obtain. Who knows, but I had plenty of harass-tainment at the gym in 2007-2008. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Forgot to tell you about...

Funny, getting hounded by a reprising and fugly gangstalker. I think the "irritation" sensation might of been planted on you, as this rather uncommon sensation is happening to me far more times per day/week than ever before. I think the elevator stunts, including the extra laundry load and the woman with the stroller were all set up to have you take another elevator, and yet the male gangstalker kept "showing up" somehow.

I reckon that there is something fundamental about the Earth and some connection (energy/psi maybe) it has with us humans that the perps want to find out. Hence elevator stunts like you experienced, and the many that I get too, though usually much more muted than the one you describe. And this fundamental connection can be revealed by separation in elevation, between us and the Earth. Hence the elevator games, not to mention the extra scrutiny when boarding commercial aircraft (shoes coming off for crissakes), and even the so-called rendition abuses of torturing prisoners in an specially fitted aircraft. Also, frequent exposure to stairs and gangstalkers going up and down them.

But what is an "orange self tanner"?

Thanks for the comments.