Friday, January 22, 2010

Dayglo Coconut

That is what happens in the land of the imposed extra-conventional reality; spots of coconut meat, in the shell, turn into a dayglo yellow on the white unaffected meat. Don't ask me why, but it is not a sign of rot or decay, it smells and tastes fine and cannot be scraped off with a spoon or a knife. It is as if some asshole dumped yellow dayglo dye and had it sit long enough that it sunk in some 1/16" or so (2mm). And also, vertical and horizontal pieces alike, so it wasn't as if the dye were a liquid pool for a time.

Given that I am constantly besieged with yellow plasma on white background on this PC, and many other white objects that I view, this escalated yellow/white contrast fuckery over a freaking coconut in the fridge is a mere extension of the depraved perpetrators, who among other things, trash the living shit out their overt victim's lives. And eating some of the dayglo coconut meat, I began studying my 4" thick Oracle Software book, and lo, if there wasn't a visible edge of the hardcover back that is white but with a 1/2" thick yellow line on it, perhaps as an external reference to those same colors I ingested in the form of aforementioned coconut. I think the Marx brothers film by the same name is more akin to what goes on, but I wish it were as funny.

A gardening day at my in-town brother's place, likely the last for a while, finishing up on trimming his hedges, doing some pruning and leaf raking, and then putting up with his designed vagueness as to what else there was to be done. He said I could work as long as I wanted today, and I said I would if he could tell me what else had to be done. He goes all vague, and when I suggest something that needs attention, like digging up some of the grass infested garden beds, he says not to bother. After chasing him for a few more specifics, he still was vague. Later, he says to me, "since you want to go early", attempting to tie my departure to my needs which wasn't the case, I had to remind him it was the other way around; I would love to work all day if there is something that needs doing, but there wasn't given the vague-isms that still kept coming.

But it is not the first time that the story gets changed on me and some kind of determination is attributed to me, when it was not the case. The doctor pulled this on me; trying the latest neuroleptic (which only lasted for a week before I had to stop as the effects were so dire), was entirely of my own volition, per his suggestion. About a month later at the employment counsellor's office, she shows me his letter of recommendation, and it ties my medication intake to the recommendation which was not true. There were two separate streams of discussion, and at no time did he link them, (e.g. "you take these pills and I will furnish you a letter of recommendation"), and nor did I expect that he would. And yet, the letter of recommendation tied these separate events together. Fucking bizarre, but this attribution and association of information (true or concocted) topic seems to be getting a whole lot of more play with the sickos orchestrating it all.

Studying Oracle database administration tonight and I got congnitively scrambled after 30 pages, about 1.5 hours max. And they won't let me resume after a tea and chocolate break. Back to blogging again, though I do have higher priorities, but am not allowed to effect them to the degree I want. I never had this problem before in all my studying career.

Other bullshit today was obstructing the LD Rx counter. I was the first in line, and even with only one desk tech up front, the rest of the seven Rx techs did squat, even if the line built up after some 8 minutes of the one customer dorking around. At that line, one is supposed to pick up the RX and skedadle, but no, it almost seemed it turned into a counselling session. A dude Rx swapped off the fat woman Rx tech, and after she disappeared for a few minutes, she came to open up the till for me, making it look like she was helping out. The thing was, I delayed my Rx visit when I first entered the store as there was some five odd dudes just hanging out in the line up. So no line later, but guess what, a problematic customer an indulget Rx tech at the till, and the rest of them standing around. Freaking bizarre to say the least. One dude was 4' behind me hanging around the whole time while I was waiting, but wasn't in the line, another bizarre state when there was a sit down waiting area around the corner.

The way the LD Rx area is constructed is that the pick up line faces the row of Rx drop off booths from the side, and each one has a Plexiglas panel on each side of the booths, four of them or so. From where I was waiting in the Rx pickup line, I could see through the successive Plexiglas panels, and it is here they plant the Fuckwits; see the Fuckwit through two panels of Plexiglas, then later see the next Fuckwit through five panels of Plexiglas and so this dumbshit parade of the Unfavoreds passes by. And none of them stay long enough to be transacting an Rx drop off as they like to ask all kinds of questions then, to make sure you know what all the warnings are, and the rest of that careful stuff the Rx techs and pharmacists do.

And too, the sickos fucked me out of my usual caution of not wearing anything unusual; I had just got off the bus from my in-town brother's and was wearing my blue fleece vest underneath my black jacket with a black toque on and black gloves. Normally I don't wear the blue fleece vest around town, only for gardening work. And so... "forgetting" that, I end up being a major gangstalking magnet. When I was finally done in the Rx area I got a baking sheet as I don't have one, and then took it and my chocolate to the front counter to also get a bus pass, and lo, if there wasn't a pair of Fuckwits hanging out there, waiting after their transaction for some staff member to do something for them. And of course, more  customers backing up behind me for a major clusterfuck, as always, making a financial transaction is one of the most hounded activities that I engage in. Another most hounded activity is when I take my coat on or off, scarf, hat, gloves etc.

And on the way to bus there was four seeming disparate dudes loitering around; the long coated white haired male sucking on a cigarette and the rest of them looking just as shiftless, though all younger, 20 to 20 y.o. I take in this "dude cluster", note them all looking extra obvious/queasy (or sleazy?), and then one of them gets up and starts walking toward me, eventually passing by. By then I was within some 10' of them, and they were all staying in place and not closing in on me which they like to do sometimes, and from behind the corner of the adjacent building arrives an oversized Caucasian black haired babe in black clothes who paused among the cluster momentarily and went into the bank. Nothing too unusual in that alone, but it is interesting that they have the babe, even if tubby but nominally attractive, accompany the dudes.

Last night on the return bus at 2145h or so, a slimey dude with stooped shoulders wearing brown leather with a brown ball cap was doing his obsequious strut by boarding the bus, and behind him was an oversized black haired babe wearing black. She shoots me a short glance from 15' away, and I did wonder how/why she picked me out as there were at least two intervening dudes as seated passengers. It seems they need to have me compare the Unfavored dude Fuckwits in all their variety, to that of the adjacent babe, also oversized and wearing black. They do this with blondes often enough that I call it "auric co-opting", but it seems that they are doing a series with oversized black haired babes. Similarly at the local supermarket two days ago; the short mop haired cashier is ringing up my groceries, and the oversized black haired babe siddles into the cashier area, and needs to talk with the cashier for a half minute or so. Translated, that means they need to be seen together for whatever reason, though I couldn't detect any major differences in attractiveness, save the size differential. As always, and given my exposure/learning as to morphovers, aka, shape shifting or feature manipulations, I wonder if it is the same black haired babe that keeps on showing up, albeit with differing facial features.

Enough putzing on this blog for tonight, and I am calling this one done. An all day Saturday Oracle DBA class tomorrow.

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