Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Digging With the Noise Force

I spent the day digging a 6'x20' bed at my in-town brother's place today. It was covered in invasive periwinkle which needed to be removed to give any successor plants any hope to grow. As always, I attract extra noise attention when I pull and rive on plants, and any other kind of treatments such as pruning, planting, digging and of course, composting. I am sure this is all connected in some way, and for now, I will speculate that there are life force energies that must be in play, and they are screwing me over to better assay their interaction with me by remote means. I know that is a stretch, but can anyone else offer any plausible explanation as to why I am hounded over gardening activities.

And for a diversion, here is an interesting book I came across last night, "The four ethers: Contributions to Rudolf Steiner's science of the ethers" by Ernst Marti. I read there are warmth, chemical, light and life force ethers, which is where I got the above inspiration from. Which also brings in why the perps are so obsessed over colors, and especially presenting unpleasant ones or combinations to me.

My brother lives in suburbia, but that didn't make it noise free by any means; a near constant noise train of aircraft noise from helicopters, fixed wing float planes and all the way up to high altitude SAC aircraft. As if that weren't enough, I then get loud mufflered vehicle noise in the form of hot rods and badly maintained mufflers along with the odd Harley Davidson motorbike noise. Then I get to hear much of it when I get back to my apartment after a city bus freakshow, though muted. The bus has been travelling a route that is dug up with new sidewalks poured and only two lanes, both shifted one lane northward to allow room for the equipment to dig, compact, pour concrete and other road work activities. And have I mentioned how often the perps like me to be in the proximity of foundation digging, earth removal, rock blasting and the like? At least once per week, and all the better when there are dayglo plastic lane markers to pass by.

I got "duded" on the outbound bus; at least eight of them in front of me as I sat in the very last row of seats, four of them communicating in sign language, all to legitimize the waving of hands nearby. And at least ten vagrant acts at the bus stop, making me wonder what in the fuck is going on at 0940h downtown, before the stores open at 1000h (most of them), that attracts so many vagrant acts. Anyhow, it could of been payday for the welfare types, or could of been another orchestration focus, seeing that the shiftless dude show got so much attention on the bus. And only a month after the Winter Solstice at 0940h in the morning on a cloudy day, and what is with all the Fuckwits wearing sunglasses? Especially the fucker in a red jacket that tailed me into the convenience store and then onto the bus, and only became apparent when he got off and I see the asshole through the window.

And I suppose I was extra gangstalking bait as well, because I wore my mid-blue fleece vest for the first time, having it under my black jacket. The fleece vest is handy for working outside, and I had been using my in-town brother's black fleece vest with brown leather shoulder patches. Talk about a red rag to a bull. And they also go beserk the day after a nut shave in the bath last night, along with the extra noise while in progress. It seems like a long haul yet, and I don't even know the significance of all these seeming disparate obsessions they have, never mind the integrated picture. Not my problem, so why am I getting hounded everywhere, and why the extra adversity at every move?

Another managed coincidence when outbound this morning was meeting two members of my yoga class on the street. One was at the crosswalk that was highly swarmed (Blanshard and Yates for locals), and then after I got off, the Montreal born woman "happened" to be jogging by. Give me a break; how many coincidences do I need in a day?

Major bummer news from yesterday; no more Anna and Kate McGarrigle, just Anna now. One of my very favorite music groups going back over 25 years, and I have seen them twice. Not heavy metal or even rock music by many standards, but poetic and current day folk. So it won't cut it in the meavy metal or punk scene, but I have long defined my own bounds to the music I like, and they were central.

My parcel arrived by unusual means tonight; the assistant manager came by to give it to me, first I had to answer a skill testing question as to what my last name was. He had an Asian woman sidekick with him for whatever reason, and maybe she was the brown skin reference to the brown cardboard envelope object as it passed from one Caucasian male's hand to another. It is all very odd how the perps have been so bent out of shape over the color brown for 7.5 years of this depraved abuse, and they would rather noisestalk me when filling my face with chocolate 3x/day rather than show up in person and cooperatively expedite this insane life rape. I am sure there is much more than just the color brown to their objectives, but it does cut across many categories/materials; skin tone, soil color, excrement color, wood color and a few others that are prevalent. They tell me even petroleum products too, as crude oil has a brown cast to it as well. Maybe it does, but I don't particularly give a shit, I want to be left alone instead of being mind invaded for someone else's fucking sick games.

A nap earlier tonight; a sudden demotivation and tiredness came on after I launched a test of my hard drive, estimated to run for 50 minutes exclusively on this PC. So while the blue lights of the PC, and the green and yellow lights of the router and modems were flickering, I was rendered snoozing some 6' away. I am sure there is some kind of energetic correlations they are seeking with the light sources and me, especially noted by the plethora of outdoor lights that are being left on all over downtown and even in suburbia. This is supposed to be an energy conscious city, and yet a parkade will leave its night time illumination on the entire day. Invariably there is testing where some are turned off in rotation with others, but it smacks of being yet another putz job by the sickos.

I am attempting to do some reading tonight and am getting roundly dithered; Conversion of Gravity Field Energy - Revolution in Technology, Medicine and Society (1985) by Hans Neiper and I am not allowed to read more than a few paragraphs before this foreign restlessness and jumpy vision behavior starts up. Maybe my readers will fare better if they are of the inclination to follow the history of scientific energy research, and how this coal and oil centric civilization has been defrauded by malevolent interests that would rather pollute the planet than allow the incredible benefits to develop from this knowledge that is constantly being hacked from public purview. Hard not to be a conspiracist when dealing with the imposed alternate reality of the sickos every minute.

This is done for the day, and off to bed for another day of putzing, though I do start my Oracle 11g DBA class tomorrow night.

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I will speculate that there are life force energies that must be in play, and they are screwing me over to better assay their interaction with me by remote means. I know that is a stretch, but can anyone else offer any plausible explanation as to why I am hounded over gardening activities.


Hurricane or earthquake

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